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Encounter with bhabhi Part 1

This story is an account of my sexual encounter with my elder brother’s wife (In India referred to as “Bhabhi”). This is part fiction and part real. “….oh my god….am cumming….ahhh…am….so…bad…” She almost screamed into my ears. I collapsed on top of her and we both lay there panting, without uttering a word. As we […]

My aunty Sujata Part 3

As my tongue swept and licked the lower most area, I suddenly felt a dip into which my tongue was darting in & out. Soon I realized that it was her asshole which I licked and I rotated my tongue all throughout her inner circumference as if clearing the ketchup firmly stuck to the bottle […]

My aunty Sujata Part 2

Now I started bringing in magazines that had many sexy stories. I used to purposely read that magazine in front of my Aunty. I would keep those magazines purposely in such places where my Aunty could find them. A couple of times my Aunty found those magazines but she didn’t let me know that. I […]

My aunty Sujata Part 1

I am Rajat and here I am sharing my experiences with my Aunty. She is Sujata and by the virtue of relationship, is my paternal aunt (Father’s younger brother’s wife}. I stay with my Aunty alone in an apartment in Kolkata. My parents stay in Cuttak and what is interesting in the story is the […]