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Meri pyari beti

To the casual observer in the hotel lobby, Shanu might have been a secretary or legal assistant. She carried a lightweight briefcase and wore a stylish blue blazer, a tasteful matching skirt, and a bright white blouse that did little — not that it was supposed to — to hide Shanu’s curving, bountiful breasts. Her […]

I married my daughter

I wanted to write to you because I felt the desire to share my experiences and to tell the world how my daughter became my wife. I was only nineteen when Bharathi was born. Her mother and I studied together in a result-oriented school at Park Road, Anna Nagar Western Extension, Chennai, but we were […]

Mera beta Raj Part 2

Unconciously I walked to Raj’s room and knocked. My breath was heavy, voice chocked and throat dried. Raj opened the door. I asked Raj I have a lot of mosquito in my room. Can I sleep here tonight? Raj gave way, I walked to the bed and lay. Raj also came and lay beside me. […]

Mera beta Raj Part 1

I am Suman aged 35 living happily with my family consisting my Husband Amit, my son Raj aged 18 and a lovely daughter Deepa 18 years. My husband is an executive in a MNC. At this age I am having a fantastic figure of 36-24-36 and well built physique. My complexion is white and a […]

Dipty and her father

I have to change the name for secrecy. So now let’s start with the story. Everyone knows Drinking is a big problem for so many rape and many students and females losse their virginity since they drink in party or so. But here Dipty was only 18. She use to stay with her uncle after […]