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Sex filled holiday of Kishan – I

I am Kishan Singh Chaudhry. This is my story. I am now 20 years old. The incident I am going to relate happened when I was 15 years old. My Father was working in a MNC and was posted initially in Singapore and then in KL before being sent to Frankfurt. As he had been […]

Anil fucking cousin Megha

it was the time when I went Chennai for my college or my Mama’s family live their..My self name change..Anil… I uncle have two daughter one is of my age and other was 4 year younger then me..Her name is megha(name change)…i was new to city as I went their from U.P…as my education […]

Horny guy fucking Foster Mother

Things had progressed to such an extend that the message was quite clear to me. She wanted me out of the home. Forty days since father died and all I got from foster mother was get out of the home. The irony was not lost to me. Father married my late mother’s younger sister Q […]

Sex with dear horny aunty

Hello to all readers! I am rahul from nagpur (maharashtra). It was my real life experience. I am very thankful to this site which opened way to share life experiences to others. There must be some mistakes as my english is little poor. Lets come to the story. Last year I completed my ba & […]

Hot sibling sex

My sister Priya got married recently. For the first time she came after marriage along with jijaji. They were really beautiful and made for each other type after couple of days of their arrival, to our house once my kid and innocent sis Anjali came to me when I was studying in my room and […]

Fucking sisters daughter Rabina

This story is about my 9 years younger niece and me. In March 1997 I was 20 and she was 11. There was a time of my sister’s marriage we did not have enough space to sleep separate. This incident happened first time on that night. Let me introduce myself first before going to this […]

Shashi fucked by horny father in law

Dear readers, this is shashi here again who works as a secy and have wild sex with my boss, and here is one of my personal true episodes, I have read so many episodes and yet to read anything similar to what I experienced with my 55 year old father in law. This happened 4 […]

Fucking horny engaged babe

Hi, I belong to lucknow.Few years back I was selected for admission in NIFT.In Delhi my uncle also used to stay. He had 2 very beautiful daughters and my auntie at 43 was a sexy lady. Both my cousins were nearly my age. Whenever I used to get bored I used to visit them and […]