An Affair with my Boyfriend’s Dad

“So what?” Sati answered defensively and glanced around the room. “It is up to Sooraj and me and we are fine with it. It’s quite good actually, we’ve been doing it for several weeks now and Sooraj loves it.”

Ambar crossed her arms and glared at her team-mate. “Look, I am just saying it’s a bit weird. Not many girls sleep with their boyfriend and their boyfriend’s father. How old is he?”

“Young enough,” Sati replied defensively. “And he has experience where Sooraj has stamina and energy. It’s the best of both worlds, really. I’m getting some of the best sex I’ve ever had, and Aditya uncle is so experienced.”

Ambar sighed and rubbed her hands together. “What does Sooraj really think?”

” Sooraj is fine. I thought he wouldn’t be, but he was. I sweated about it for a few days, and then told him that I’d given someone else a blowjob, as I was playing with him and he came there and then. He thought I was joking at first but I told him I wasn’t and he blinked a bit and said nothing. Then he kissed me and said he still loved me and didn’t want to lose me.”

“That’s just ’cause of the sex,” Ambar teased.

Sati snorted. “Yeah, well. He is getting a lot of it. But I promised him that I could play with a hundred guys but it’s just playing and Sooraj smiled. Then I told him it was his Dad and he just went hard again. Just like that. I think he secretly wants to hit on my mom but that ain’t happenin’.”

“This is weird partner-family swapping,” Ambar replied and Sati scowled.

“It might be a bit weird but I am promising you it is incredible. That night, I got fucked by Sooraj twice and when we went downstairs, Aditya uncle was there and Sooraj told him what he knew. His dad was all apologetic but I squeezed Sooraj ‘s hand and he just said that it would selfish to not share me with his old man.” Her eyes twinkled and she smiled. “I kissed him and then we put on some dirty video and I got spit-roasted. You know what a spit-roast is?”

“Yes,” Ambar snapped. “But that’s just…”

“Fucking incredible,” Sati cried. “Amazing. And since that day, I just play with both but always sleep in Sooraj ‘s bed. I’m barely going home at the moment!”

Ambar giggled.

“And anyway, Sooraj wants me to strip for the Cricket team at the end of season party, and you know that it isn’t going to stop at me taking off my clothes. I think he likes the idea of his girlfriend making everyone happy and I just get bored if I am always with the same guy. I think I need some variety and Aditya gives me that with his Dad and others.”

Ambar scowled. “Well I think the age gap is a bit scary. What is it, thirty years?”

Sati looked around the common room and whispered. “Well it’s better than me and Mehta ji. I mean he was fifty-five.”

Ambar groaned. “Yes I know. And I still think you should have reported him. I mean, how old were you?”

Sati shrugged. “He was dating mum and she said he was a nice guy and that we would be happy.”

“Sati, he took your cherry.”

“Well he had a thing for teenagers, and he just kept showering me with gifts and compliments and stuff. It was easy to get sucked into that. And then he started treating me like an adult, it just felt great.”

“And then he forced you?”

“No, he didn’t. It was consensual.”

“You were seventeen, “Ambar hissed.

“Eighteen,” Sati replied. “And anyway this is different. Aditya uncle isn’t showering me in anything, well except bodily fluids and I am nineteen now so there’s no problem, is there?”

“What would your Mum say?” Ambar asked and Sati crossed her arms.

“What would your Mum say about all the things you and Rahul get up to?”

“OK. Fair point, but it’s a bit weird,” Ambar told her and snorted. “Just be careful. You’ll end up being taken advantage of.”

Sati scoffed. “I don’t think so. They both love me too much,” she replied, somewhat naively. “And anyway, Aditya uncle has a date tonight so it might be the end of it, but I doubt it. He’s already said that I give some of the best blowjobs he’s ever had!”

Ambar stretched. “Do you ever think that this might one day catch up with you?”

“In what way?”

“Well, I dream of threesomes and had one as they sound fun, but I wouldn’t want one just yet with Rahul. We haven’t be going out too long, and we aren’t ready for it. But you, just dive straight in. And with your boyfriend’s father.”

Sati looked at Ambar and giggled. “Well you know Aditya uncle and his wife used to be swingers?” Ambar stared at her friend and Sati shrugged. “Aditya uncle told me about it a few days ago. Him and his wife used to swing all the time, and isn’t even sure if Sooraj is biologically his, he was conceived at a gangbang, but his wife got killed in a road accident coming back from work when Sooraj was three. And it really knocked him for six. Me coming on the scene has rekindled his desires, which is cool and he is doing more stuff.”

Ambar sniffed and Sati put her hand on Ambar’s. “So honestly, I’m fine. Just enjoying myself and not spending enough time doing work, but we helped him re-tile the bathroom last weekend and it was such fun teasing them both all day. And Sooraj and Aditya uncle both reckon they have stronger relationships with each other. And I have made him a promise. He has a job interview tomorrow for a promotion. A very good promotion. I’ve been mock interviewing him all week and said if he gets it, he can take my back door cherry.” Ambar gasped and she shrugged. “Incentives. You know they work. It’s just better being at Sooraj ‘s house than mine at the moment. I don’t like Mum’s new boyfriend.”


“He keeps trying to hit on me or spy on me in the shower and stuff, and he is nearly 50 and has a beer belly and it’s just gross.”

Ambar sighed and rolled her eyes. “And…” she started and then decided that she wouldn’t be able to finish that question without offending her friend. “Well, any problems and you come and see me, OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Sati dismissively said and was interrupted when the bell went to signify their next class.

“I know, but I can see you getting royally fucked up,” Ambar told her and Sati giggled.

“No, just royally fucked. But you should try it – father and son is just awesome.”

Ambar grinned and got up. “You know, Rahul’s Dad is pretty cool and relaxed but I don’t think Rahul would be if I propose a threesome. Well not with him anyway.”

Sati bit her lip and rubbed her nose. “You know I wonder whether it’s me or Sooraj that’s the lucky one. Sooraj is proper dirty pervert, his Dad is too, but I can service their needs and I love it.”

Ambar held the door open and grinned. “Ya know, maybe you’re both lucky. I mean, when I set ya up with Sooraj I never thought you’d be compatible like that,” Ambar added with a smile. “I didn’t think you’d do all this, but you’re happy.”

They stopped outside the classroom and looked inside, it was empty and there wasn’t anyone else in the room. “Last night was just incredible,” Sati gushed. “I came home and the boys had made dinner, we ate it which was nice and Aditya uncle went upstairs and ran a bath for me and they just left me alone for half-an-hour.”

“Came out, and Aditya uncle had gone off to the supermarket and Sooraj and I had really nice, deep, lovely sex, he was gentle and loving. And then just as we are doing sixty-nine and he’s loving the taste of us, Aditya uncle comes home and plays with me ass. I’m coming and I turn around and Aditya uncle’s got a twinkle in his eye.”

“He slides some lube into my butt and something else. I tell him not to take me back there until he’s got his promotion, but he starts fucking me really going for it. Sooraj is underneath still licking me out and I can feel it. A burning, a really intense burning. My butt was on fire, my pussy get fucked and I’m squealing and screaming into Sooraj’s cock. My body is spasming and it was like nothing I had ever felt or had before, it was amazing. And Aditya uncle squirts into me and I am still writhing. Sooraj is just going for it, and then he comes into my mouth. I’m fuckin’ spent. Reach around and Aditya uncle had only gone and stuck some ginger up me ass.”

Ambar bit her lip and stared at her friend. “What?”

“Figging or something. They use it on horses, but it draws loads of blood down there and makes everything warm and burn. It was still tingling hours later. I couldn’t believe it.”

Ambar took a deep breath and stared out of the window. “You need to be careful,” is all she could muster but Sati was still grinning, reminiscing of the day before. Suddenly, Ambar began to feel almost guilty at setting them up all those months previous.

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