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Horny South Indian Sibling Couple Fucking

It was a cold winter evening in tirupati a piligrimage in south India where we used to visit in our town, I was in eighteen years old and my sister is sixteen years old, we were sleeping on either side of our parents in the guest room at around night, we slept closer to each […]

Meera fucking Rahul

I am Meera, preparing for my dissertation for my MSc in Bio in a lady’s college. I am quite busy with my work. I go to the library daily and collect data and put it in my laptop and get more data from the net and compile my dissertation. After hours of work just for […]

365 days of waiting

365 days! That’s exactly the number of days she had waited for him to return. And now just a couple more hours and she can be with him. The couple were just 2 weeks together when he was called back to service in the naval force. She had just known how exciting sex was, as […]

Padosi ladka “Laddoo” aur mein “Shero”

Padosi ladka “Laddoo” aur mein “Shero” My name is Shahroz Khan ….and I am recently styding in Post Graduate studies in University of Alaska at Fairbanks since last year…I am 30 years old with high muscular body … my classmates and others in neighbourhood likes my style…6’4” tall with very friendly nature….generally people called me […]

Ohh Riya…cannot forget those days

Hi all the Iss name is Ronnie and I am from Kolkata.let me tell you people something more about me I am 30 years old with a semi blackish complexion and a good body hence my looks is not so attractive but my physique gives another indication.I am a worker in a reputed MNC […]

Amazing Sex with BPO Girl

My name is Rajesh, aged 30 years, living in Bangalore. I am energetic, handsome, sweet, caring and horny male with 8″ tool. This sex story has happened 3 years back. I was working in Bangalore in an IT company. I am married and I have a kid, however, I thought that there is some spice […]

Biwi Ne Mere Dost Ki Last Wish Fulfill Kiye

Hi,mai ajit hu.mere biwi ka nam manali hai.humare shadi ke sirf 16months hue the.mere biwi bohut pretty beautiful & cute se hai.humara love marriage hua tha.7 years relationship mei the,then shadi kiye.student life mei sab manali pe fida the.sab use pana chata tha.manali bohut acchi ladki hai,uske character bhi accha hai,wo bohut frank hai sabse,sabko […]

Omana marriage son

Ente mummyude name omana Omana ente eppam wifeum annu njgalude marriage kazhiju 2years ayi…Kannan super hot…Colour white…Height 5.4..Size 42-36-40 ayirunu but eppam size 42-40-42 ayi omanayude kundiyude size eppam 42ayi bcoz njan njagalude marriage kazhiju eppam 2varsham ayi njan ente ammyude kundi akidum othiri ath konda soze 42ayatha..Ath kond kannan supera figureum super…Njngalude sex lifeum […]

New house New affair

Hello friends, Vinay here with one more narration of how I was able to convince and unplug the deep desires of a wonderful hot, sexy lady, with mutual consent. Enthusiasm can help you find the new doors of sexuality, but it takes passion to open them. If you have a strong urge in life against […]