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The Cheating Desi Bhabhi

Lakshmi felt the huge hands on her hips and the firm pull that brought her ass hard into a hard on which was quite impressive. The man knew how to get his message across. Lakshmi knew this day would come. She got his message long before he became physical. She had ignored the other messages […]

The Criminal’s Choice

It was stiflingly hot day. Palash and Garima had spent it at the Juhu beach where they’d met fifteen years ago. Back then, Palash had proudly shown off his trim figure with tight swimming trunks. These days he kept his burgeoning beer gut covered with a pale summer shirt. But the day beach had taught […]

Ritu chachi – Ek mast randi Part 2

Ritu Chachi : Samajh gayi sab samajh gayi… Aaaahhh … Aaahhh haaaiiiii bhagwannn meri chutttt …. Aaaahhahahhahah aurrr tejjj aurrrr…..Yeh….. Haannnn haannn busss aiise hiii…. Haaiii aaahhhh….. Aaahhahaha ..Chachiji jor se chillatttte hue thandi ho gayi. Anwar Bhai ka lund apne munh se nikal ke chod diya aur apne pehle orgasm mein pasine pasine ho […]