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Romping with elder sister Sangita-4

she teased me. “Yes I have seen them before, But with bra only. I mean.. I want to see them naked.” I said shyly. “So! You want to see your didi’s breast naked, haa?” “Yes!” I replied sheepishly. “Ok! Go ahead and see them.” Sangita’s said daringly. “muhhh… Meee… no! You show me” I asked […]

Romping with elder sister Sangita-3

I was finger fucking my sister’s pussy and she was jerking her brother’s cock. Every time when my hand touch hard knob above her pussy lips she would twitch her body lightly. I realised that must be very sensitive part of hers. I removed my fingers from her pussy and started to play with that […]

Nikunj fucking sister Amrita

I am eager to put up my own real life incest stroy with my younger sister amrita we are real brother sister, we are marwari staying at kolkata( india). Our parents work for government and now on deputation to another city since 4 yrs. They do visit home on weekends and holuidays. I am 21 […]

Hot encounter with elder sister

I have stumbled into this site by accident last month and since then I have become a big fan. This incidence between my elder sister and myself had happened 18 years back. Now I am 35 yrs of age, married with one child as well as my sister is also married living abroad. Though she […]