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Having sex with beautiful Chachi

I m vicky (all the names are fake), 21 yrs old handsome guy…. this is a real incident between me or my gorgeous chachi which happened about a month ago. lets go to the story now…ever since I came to know about ladies and sex I have got attached to my beautiful chachi, Rama. she […]

Rajesh fucking beautiful Chachi

Dear Friends, hi, this is Rajesh again from Chandigarh. This is regarding my desperate try and success (?) with my own beautiful Chachi. First I want to tell you me more about myself and my dream fuck i.e. my Chachi. Myself is a Govt. officer, living alone because of my job condition. I am lively, […]

Fucking Hot Chachi

Hi I am a regular reader of this website my name is Vicky age 21. I got a chance to fuck my sexy chachi last month. let me describe first how she looks she is around 30 yrs of age and got married to my uncle 6 yrs ago she has two kids her figure […]

Me and my hot chachi

Sorry, first of all bcoz I am not so fine in story writing I have tried to share my feelings to u in bad English. I will also like to share my story with u this entire incident happen between me and my chachi (my uncle wife).we started our relation for last 1. Yrs back. […]

Fucking sexy Omana chechi

Omana Chechi was my ammayi’s sister. She was unmarried at the age of 34. I don’t had any sexual intentions towards her. But all changed in one single night. 4 yrs back when I was studying for degree my ammavan called me asked me whether I can stay at night for 2 days at his […]

Dream cum true with Chachi

It all started when I was 14 or 15 years old, studying in 8th Standard, when I bunked the school for the first time to see an adult movie. That day has changed my life. I was one of the most sincere and simple guys in the school, for whom almost all the girls were […]

Chacha ka pyar

Ufff aaa sssss ki awaje poore kamre me phail gayee. Mai chachu ke muh par apni chut ko lagae hua ghutno ke bal baithi thi aur wo meri chut ko aam ki tarha choos rahe the. Unki geeli jeeb meere ander jak jaa rahi thi aur woh apne haaton ko meri skirt ke neeche se […]

Relative Made My Wife Pregnant

My name is Sagar and I have a wonderful wife. Pathvi and I have been trying to have a child, but every month she is right on time with her period. Our doctor has tested my sperm and thinks it is my problem. He has suggested we consider a sperm bank if we want to […]

Manasi’s Incestuous Calcutta Affair

“Manasi get down at the Calcutta Railway Station, and we will pick you up.” That was the last command given to me by my aunt, who is married and settled in Calcutta. This was the first time I am going to Calcutta, although I have been to Calcutta several times with my parents when I […]

Meri najuk si chachi darling

Dear FISS friend’s, I have read many stories on this section so i decided to share my true incident with u all.Frist i tell about me.My name is Ch.Ahmed Frome Lahore Pakistan i am 21 yrs old with average built boby and 5’7 feet of hight. dear friends I would have written this story in […]