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Sirish fucking hot cousin Sofia

This happened at my age 19, I belong to some college, so we were advanced in getting new new horny stuffs, I was eager to fuck a girl in my age, this is what happened. I had my vacation leave that year, only of my relative called my mom and said they are shifting their […]

Suhail fucking cousin Huma

Hi, I am Suhail Khan from Aligarh. Here I am going to tell an honest and true tale of sex between me and my cousin sister Huma. This goes back to 2001. I was 22 and she was 26 at that time. It was a hot afternoon of May. I was alone in my house […]

Manish having sex with cousin sisters – I

Today I am narrating my true fucking experience, with two sisters. It is been quite long since then but thinking about that day I can still visualize every single details and recollect more or less exact words we had at that time mainly because I wanted to write down my experience from the day one, […]

Guy fucking hot cousin sister

Hello dear readers, I am Yash, 23years, well built. I work as Manager in Private Firm. I am going to relate a story that I have experienced with my sister cousin, Sudha. (Dad’s Brother’s Daughter). She is same age as me; in fact she is some days elder than me. She is slim, dusky complexion, […]

Sex with hot cousin Reny

It was around noon, I was waiting for Sabari to pull into the secunderabad railway station. The stench of urine and really loud messages through the PA system was giving me a bad migraine. I pulled out my handkerchief and covered my nose. Ignoring beggars without limbs every few minutes was aggravating me. Maybe I […]

Rahul fucking cousin Nisha

I am not new to this site and read every story posted. I am big fan of this site. Today I am going to post my story which happened some 3 yrs back. I am Rahul 27 yrs now from a town who came to Mumbai after my college.came there to search job. Due to […]

Karan fucking cousin Rekha

Hi everybody. This is Karan from Mumbai. I have been reading a lot of sexperiences of others and that has inspired me to write my own. It happened two years back in diwali vacations when she, my cousin sister Rekha (name changed), came to stay with us for two weeks. I am writing this with […]