Hot night in a train with aunty Part 1

Guys I don’t know how hot this story is,this is my real story,nothing made up.Also a warning this has some weird fetish too.

Well I was traveling from chennai to Mumbai in ac compartment.It was the first time ever I had seat at the end of bogey where only two berths were present,lower and upper berth at one side only.

I had the upper berth.I was just fearing if the lower berth person will be a talkative person and ruin my journey because I usually time pass with my laptop and if there are four berths then the other three talk and I don’t get disturbed.

No one arrived at the station I boarded.I went to the toilet,smoked a cigarette and came out,and there was this chick who was surprised all of a sudden maybe she found me attractive and shied way.She was actually hot but she was a shy girl I could see,she was wearing tight jeans with full-sleeves rolled up and a fancy footwear.I could see her feet they were beautiful.

So I at that moment looked for a way to talk with her when she will get out of the toilet.Okay so here is a thing there are some girls which I think are dumb who just get impressed by coolness,this girl was that type,and the reason I got to know that was because she was impressed and smiled shyly when she got out and looked at me where I was posing in a cool manner which in actuality is lame.

She went back to her seat which was at middle after giving me a final shy smile.I knew it she would be easy, and I came back to my place and sat in the lower berth thinking how to start converse with her,while in my mind I start imagining kissing her,touching her,making her scream.

The train comes to halt at next stop,and I am in my mind enjoying a good time with this girl,when all of a sudden I feel bag put on the seat at my side and I turn and the first thing I look is the navel but the woman covers it up quickly,apparently it it got uncovered when she put her bag down.So finally I look at her and stand up and converse with her if it was her seat and she asked if it was the seat no. And I said oh yes it is.

At that moment I was like oh thank you lord for this.I forgot about the girl because this aunty was so hot ,i was literally smiling at that time in happiness.

She sat down and I sat at the window side.She was wearing this not too light not too dark blue saree.I want to look at her boobs as I want to see how big are those,but she was looking at my side so I didn’t want her to think of me as weird.

I asked her if she was tired and wanted to sleep right now.She said yes but after a little while,no worries you sit there for now.I asked her if she wanted to sit besides the window as it was her seat,she said no.

Still I didn’t get a good look at her boobs to know the size,it were medium for sure,so I went out the bogey thinking she would sit at the window side herself.I came after 10 minutes and yes she was sitting at the window side.I sat down at the other end,and I looked at her boobs,it was a beautiful angle,her saree was not covering and I could see her blouse keeping those big boobs stuffed.

Oh it was tough,i got boner from that.I was so like I want to rub my dick right now.Her bag was between us both,i asked her where are you going to,and she said delhi,oh me too I replied,i pressed hard on my hard dick and it felt so good.You traveling alone I asked and she said yes ,she was giving me dead end answers,i asked I just completed my 4 years of engineering and continued for a while to talk about myself only and asked about her what she was doing in tn,she said she came to visit her parents and her husband was in delhi doing job and cudnt take leave,she was actually in bad time as her sister had died 2 months back from accident,and her mother was sick ,and had to come back home because I guess husbands a jackass and her two kids needed her.

I felt bad for her,and my dick fell soft,but after telling me about the tough life at the end she stood up ,she bended in front to tie her hair and her saree from top fell down,i could see the her blouse all in the open with big boobs in it and from the sweat at her armpits and side boobs I could see her white bra,she then pulled it back and covered it and sat down,i was like oh my god,my dick was hard again,i again pressed my dick and asked her its an ac compartment and you are still sweating so bad here*pointing to her chest area*,i rub my dick while I ask,she looks at me at surprise first but says it was very hot outside,i said yeah ,i have a problem with sweating too I sweat a lot too but underarms only but you have to manage underarms and your chest too.By this she was surprised like in shock and got up and said hmmm yeah,well I think I will sleep now,i said okay and went up ,because I knew it I will be rubbing my dick on top of her.

I was laying up and I would see her at times down and she would look me seeing so to make it more comfortable I started to talk to her,about how life is like,never miss on opportunities,she had her boobs covered up ,so I was really getting annoyed, so I asked her looking down at her and she was face up sleeping,do you find me attractive because I don’t find myself attractive but was the hottest guy in my class,and she smiled and said she finds almost all the young men attractive,but then retracted to saying actually now I don’t find anyone attractive sorry,i said oh ,but I knew she said the truth at first by mistake and tried changing it and I thought she finds me attractive at least a little,i was so turned on I was rubbing my hardon so hard.After a minute or so I said I am sorry I don’t want to sleep now can I sit down at side,she said hmm well okay.

I came down sat besides her legs ,she was not covered with blankets ,i sat besides her thought of letting her asleep and taking her pictures later and then masturbating in toilet to pics.After a while she fell asleep and I started taking her pics but I could get her good shots of her boobs but I could manage her legs a little bit.After taking pics I didn’t think I shoud waste cumming to the pics I got,i thought maybe just act to fall sleep on her,so I lied back with her legs between my back and seat,and I slowly started to fall on her side,slowly,my heart was pounding so bad,but I couldnt resist and at the end,my head lay on her butt,i could feel them ,they were soft,i thought she will wake up now,but waiting for tht I fell asleep in real.

I woke up when my head fell down on the seat when she sat up,i realized I was asleep in real and didn’t say anything,she said you fell asleep on me and smiled,seeing her smile I said oh sorry hehe I have to say I had the best sleep in times to which she smiled again.

Oh I knew she was accepting all of it.It was night by then,and we ordered food and ate together,and I again tried to take food from her plate,wanted to show her how comfortable I was with her.

After dinner I thought what to do,i was afraid she will go to sleep,so before she could go to sleep I told her oh man I am not feeling sleepy at all and asked her if she was feeling sleepy ? And I immediately said you might not be sleepy from the afternoon sleep too,to which she replied after 3 seconds hmmm,yeah not sleepy right now,so I said lets watch a movie to which she said oh no no it will be too late to which I said its ok it’s a short movie,after that she agreed.I thought we both could sit laying style with heads on window side and I could be close to her,so I got my laptop out and told her put your head there on window we can lay down and watch the movie to which she wasn’t again hesitant at first but said ok.

Now I definitely knew she was into me cos she would show all hesitance at first but agree to all things I say.

I turned on my laptop and started a short movie which was 15 mins long I guess ,it was a take on corruption,after that movie,but quit watching after few as it was boring.I asked what movie should we watch, thriller, comedy, romance, action but she said no movies to which I replied we will quit when we get sleepy and see the remaining tomorrow,so she said ok,

I asked which folder,she said thriller,my plan was to feel her up between the movie and she her reactions so I didn’t care for any movie she selected but she said she doesn’t watch that much english movies and blindly selected movie crash 1996,of all the 30 movies which had no nude scenes this movie was actually a lot of sex and nude scenes,and I knew there was a nude scene at start,my dick grew bigger so big after that.

So I opened the file,put to full screen gave her an earpiece and the other one in my ear.The nude scene was coming,coming and finally came,and she said oh,oh my ,what is happening.
The movie is actually strange,story-wise and in the sexual scenes,a lot of not so normal erotic nude scenes are there so that’s why she asked.

I said I don’t know I haven’t seen the movie,i had a hard dick the whole time she stayed quiet thole time,we reached the half of movie I got my hands at her back with our legs touching,and then a very intense sex scene came in the movie and she said that heroine is so sexual,she wants to spend night with everyone haha,and then I looked into her eyes and said if I met a girl like that who enjoys sex like that to which she looked at me and smiled.

The movie had to be stopped because my battery ran out and the charger plug-point was not working.I was so angry because I didn’t put any moves on her as it was hot watching hot scenes with her besides me.

We both sat and she said I actually didn’t understand a thing in the movie maybe we should watch some other movie tomorrow,and I was so angry because everything was going away,i wanted to smoke so checked if my cig pack was in my shirt pocket or not to which she said your mobiles down t the seat to which I said no I wasn’t looking for my phone and put my hand on the front pocket to show it was there the thing I was looking for.

She asked me what was in you pocket,i said hmm its cigarettes,i need to smoke right now,ill be back,but to my surprise she said oh you smoke,and I said yeah I do ,do you?

She said well I have smoked before ,what brand is it,kings? And I replied no its goldfilter.She said oh ok,but I said hey why don’t you try it,it will give a good kick I promise.She said where,i said lets go to the toilet,to which she said what together,i said yes of course together its 11 everyone asleep,to which she said hmm ok.

I went out to see if there was anyone out,there wasnt so I called her and told her to go to the toilet with door unlocked ,so she went,and after a while after no one was there,i went in and locked.

That was really hot me and aunty together in a toilet.

I got the cig out and said don’t mind but I have only three cigs left and I want to smoke tomorrow too so cen light one and share and she was like ok.

She was now more straight ok,like ok to everything,no problems.

I lighted the cig,and gave her for puff,and she smoked like pro,we did smoke rings and tricks and when the ashes were about to fall I deliberately put my hand forward in taking the cig from her directly from her mouth and spilled ashes on her big boobs,and then I quickly put my hands on her boobs to rub it away,i said I am sorry.

This was the turning point she didn’t use her hands to rub it away and let me continue and said its okay with a smile.

I looked at her while still wiping ashes off her boobs,and slowly stopped with all my fingers laying on it fondling with it and I said ,you have massive boobs.

She said I know,its hard keeping with its weight too.I was happy and shocked because she was straight forward now and I thought its time to get things hot now.

Me: how big are those

Aunty: she removed her saree covering it and standing in her blouse said its pretty big.

I was now sure, okay now we have to get things hot for sure

Me: I can see its pretty big, do you like me pressing them * and got both my hands on them pressing them *

Aunty: its okay but would you mind if I touched something of yours.

Me: what do you want to touch?

She came closer and hugged me tight and grabbed my ass.

Aunty:not that big.

And then grabbed my hard dick.

Aunty:okay that is big.

I got all nervous.

Aunty:have you ever had sex before?


Aunty:hmm,and you have the guts to you know what all you were trying with me

I thought she was angry with me and wanted to teach me a lesson of some sort and I got really scared at that moment because her voice tone had all changed.

Aunty:remove your shirt now.


Aunty:do it come on,don’t you want me to see you.

I remove my shirt.

Aunty:pink nipples,i love it.

She came closer and bit my nipple

Aunty:do you like that


Aunty:you know I actually do find you attractive do you find me attractive?

Me:yes,you are the hottest woman I have ever seen,your hotness made me do all this.

Aunty:even though you know I have a husband and kids you still want me?

Me:hmmm….Yes,i swear to god you are hot

Aunty:what if my husband comes in search for you

Me:i just know that I am ready for everything,but right now I want you

Aunty smiles

Aunty: take your pants off

I remove my pants and underwear.

Aunty:i have never had a white dick before,wash it off with water

I wash off with water

Aunty:you have nice dick

And bends down grabs my cock and puts it in her mouth,i am uncircumcised so when she does it fast it was hurting me

Me:please slowly it hurts,i just started movie my foreskin back few days back,it will take time.

Aunty:you want this or not


Aunty:shut up then

I am enoying in pain but still its worth it,she is giving me the best blowjob I could imagine,spitting on it ,stroking it with wet hands,grabbing my balls and sucking dick and then sucking my dick,but then while sucking all the spit on my dick

Aunty:open your mouth


Aunty:open your mouth

I open my mouth and she spits all that in my mouth.

Aunty:swallow it

I swallow it

Aunty:you aren’t going to cum yet right?

Me :no

Aunty: good

Aunty:show me your ass now

I turn around and show her my ass

Aunty:hmm,its nice

She swipes her hand in between my ass cheeks and then spits on her hand and rubs it between the cheeks again

Me:can I see your boobs please

She tells me to turn around,she is smiling

Aunty:what do you want?

Me:your boobs please

Aunty:you want to see my boobs

Me: yes please,please

Aunty:what are you waiting for ,unrobe my blouse

I get excited and try to open it from the back

Aunty:hello ,the buttons are there in front


I unbutton the buttons and the front side open up,i remove the blouse by myself, I can see she wants me to do all these things,and start pressing them,i bite them

Aunty:remove my bra

I start to remove it from back and do it easily which I thought would be, beginners luck I guess.Now her massive boobs are all out in front of me,i put my head in between them,while my head is in between her boobs,i lick them badly and I grab her ass hard.

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