Hot night in a train with aunty Part 2

Aunty:i like you grabbing my ass,do it harder

I grab her ass hard but its tough with the saree on

Me:take off your clothes


Me:ummmm(confused),feel my hard dick inside you

Aunty:you want to fuck me?

Me :yes

Aunty:you have a condom

Me:umm … no ….. I can get off when I cum

Aunty:well in that case do me in the ass

Me:hmm okay,have you ever had anal before

Aunty:hold on,and yes I have had anal before,you cant get me so easy,wait

She starts taking her saree carefully without touching the floors and she is now semi nude,with boobs in open,and her waist below covered with petticoat.She takes out her panties in her hands

Aunty:smell them


Aunty:i wore this for two days now,smell it and tell me about it

Me:smell for what?

Aunty:you want to fuck me?


Aunty:smell me and tell what do you think

I thought I have to fuck her and I smelled her panties,it was smell like when guys will have in there undies after wearing but it was still better,and she smiles so I look at her and lick her panties

Me: it smells good

Aunty:i can see why you licked it,you know I want to spit on you


I now doubt if she will let me fuck her or is she just playing with me and ditch me,but its so hot and hard to leave whatever is going on.And then she suddenly spits on my face and smiles and then I rub it off,but she holds my head with both her hands

Aunty:open your mouth

I open and she spits in my mouth and says

Aunty:don’t swallow ,let me taste it,spit in my mouth

I get so happy,because it feels nice doing that,it did feel nice doing that

Aunty:are you ready for me

Me:can I see your pussy please once

Aunty:actually,please make me cum licking my pussy


I am so excited,she pulls her petticoat up and I can see her white pussy,it has hair all over

Aunty:start at slowly from bottom and when you reach middle put your tongue in and then at top take it outside,do this continuously.

I start and do exactly as she told me,i am licking a pussy I cant believe it,i spit on it and lick it and then put a finger at the bottom while still licking it.I do that continuously and I also grab her ass in between.

I look up and she is enjoying it I know it I can see it.

Suddenly she grabs my head

Aunty:just stop ,hold on

And she while grabbing hold of my head moves her pussy up and down against my face.I am liking this,i don’t know why but the hair on her pussy against my face is so good,i feel so good from it.But she lets it go after a while and I continue with licking it fingering ,

Aunty:oh yess,yeah like that,oh yeah(in low sound),wait for it

And all of a sudden water gushes out from pussy onto my face but stops

Aunty:haha,move away,sorry,hahaha

She goes to wash basin and pees I guess

Aunty:sorry but it was so good I could control it haha

I actually didn’t mind that I was so hot for it

Me:i don’t care ,that was hot

Aunty :oh you liked that,you to piss on me


Aunty :sorry,some other time,its so long we took lets just finish up with some sex

Me:ahh okkk

She turns to wash basin and washes her butt

Aunty:before you get it in spit it nicely in my butt hole


I spit a lot in my hand and pour it over her butt hole and she fingers inside her ass to lube it with my spit


Turns to me

Aunty:i want to spit again on you but this time don’t rub it off

She snorts spit from the back off her nostrils,i am shocked and disgusted

Me:wait what is that

With the disgusting spit in her mouth

Aunty:look its hard spit,i will spit on your face it will stay there,don’t wipe it off

I am not able to understand her,and her spit fetish,that’s the only thing I was disgusted at that moment

Me:mmmmm …… ok

She spits on my face below my left eye,it stays there,i feel angered but after that I am going to be getting anal sex so I said to myself lets starttttt

Me:ok can we start now

Aunty okay

I wet my dick and slowly get my dick tip on her butt hole,its so nice.And then I slowly start to put my dick inside,it was actually a little painful to insert in her,but slowly I got it all inside her

Aunty:ooh !

Me:how is it

Aunty:oky it feels bigger inside me

Me:haha great ,you will enjoy this

I thought she was just dirty talking,so I grab her boobs,and its all doggy style standing,i press her boobs and fuck from behind in her ass,and I kiss her from side

I don’t know what happened but at that moment I felt like I had all the power and I just started doing it faster,and it didn’t feel painful at all,and I grabbed her boobs so hard

Aunty:ooohh aaahh wait don’t,not that hard,boobs-press no ,not,no hard,not that aaaahh oh hard

Me:you will like it

Aunty:no not that hard

Me:shut up

And I i grab her neck ,pull her hair and

Me:kiss me,kiss me,take that tongue out slut

Aunty: wait ohh ,hey,no,wait,oh aaaah aaaaha aha ahha hhaa

I finger her pussy at the same moment now and put my four fingers inside her and then put her in her mouth.Oh I am loving it,i sense I am about to cum,i feel like cumming inside her ass but

Me:i wnt to cum,in your ass

Aunty: no no,aaahhaaa,no,notaaahh aahh in the aaaahhh assss

Tries to push me away now but I grab and hug her from behind so hard she moans a little louder than expected

Aunty:aaaaaahhh haaaa wait

Me:lower you voice

I cover her mouth nd fuck her hard

Me:okay let me cum in your mouth and don’t you dare piss me off

Aunty:yesssss aaaaahaa

I move bacl grab her head and pull her down but I cum and it goes on her face but ultimately I put it in her mouth so she gets a little cum in her mouth

Me;swallow it,swalloowww

She swallows it,and I get backed up and my rush all goes away and feel tired all of sudden and lay back against the door.I feel she is pissed,she is looking me with anger

Aunty:why did you have to do it like that,i wanted to be in control all the time,you ruined it,and why the fuck didn’t you stop when I said to

Me :sorry

She comes grabs my dick and punches my ball

Me:sorry aahhhh

Aunty:shhh,get dressed

So we get dressed,all ready,i plan I open the door and check if anyone out,if no ones out I tell her,i open the door ,come out and the girl I met first comes out the bogey sees me and smiles,i get shocked at first but I think wtf,i smile back and show the toilets all free to be used.

Me:here you go

She smiles and goes inside and both aunty and the girl gets surprised and both of them come out,

Both now looking at me

Me:sorry( to the girl),you can go in now

Aunty looks in disgust and goes,girl goes inside toilet and I follow her

Me:sorry we both some adult fun,let me just wipe off my stains from wash basin

And I get out wait for her…….

To be continued…..

And this does not end,the girl and aunty come again

I dont want to name the aunty’s real name,dont mind,shes 37 only.

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