Mera beta Raj Part 1

I am Suman aged 35 living happily with my family consisting my Husband Amit, my son Raj aged 18 and a lovely daughter Deepa 18 years. My husband is an executive in a MNC. At this age I am having a fantastic figure of 36-24-36 and well built physique. My complexion is white and a pleasing personality. People often mistook me as elder sister of my kids instead of their mother. Untill recently my sex life was very contended. I loved sex and my husband fulfilled all my sexual needs. We enjoyed sex in every conceiveable way.

Me and my husband were ardent readers of stories on the net and often enjoyed them before sex. My husband often offered me having a threesome sex or swaping partners with some of his friends but I always turned down the idea telling that we are best at ourselves. Recently my husband got promoted and was sent on a training overseas for six weeks. This was the longest ever period we shall have to stay without him. He told me indulge in sexual affair with anyone of my choice whenever I feel horny but I simply told him that nothing on the earth can replace him. He had left for six weeks and my daughter went to my parents place to spend summer vaccations. I was left alone with my son Raj who had few days left for his vaccations. One day I was just over my date and feeling quite fresh and light. The mood was pleasent.

Raj was off to collage. With no work round the corner, I hooked the internet and logged to my favourite story page. The stories were hot and juicy and I felt tingling all over my body. While scrolling I came accross some incest stories where the mother was seduced by his young son or the daughter by the father. I got astonished over the revealations read all the stories under the catagory. The stories were hot and sensual and aroused my sexual desires. I was feeling very horny and my cunt had started flowing with juices while reading the stories. I was slowly massaging my cunt lips and clit but it was only adding fuel to the fire in me. I switched off the net, lay on the bed and tried to think of something else but my mind was thinking only about sex. I was missing my husband and wished if he would have been here he could have quenched the thirst of my pussy.

But he was not around and despite the provocation of Amit, I had no courage to find anybody else. Suddenly the idea of incestous relation flashed in my mind. I was surprised how the idea could come to my mind and tried to throw it away but the more I tried the more intensely it recurred. My morale insisted that it is a sim but the mind argued so many families cant be wrong. I tried to lay off the idea and concentrate on something else but in vien.My pussy was on fire, I badly needed a cock to ramm it and could think of no one but Raj. I was scared as well. How Raj will take it. What if he refuses the idea. What he will think of me? A Whore or a nymph who thought of fucking her own son? I lay on the bed struggling with my thoughts. Raj returned home at 5 PM. After some evning meal, we sat on the sofa and switched on the TV. I was sitting on the sofa and Raj lay on my lap as usual.

I looked at Raj in an absolute different aspect. He was tall, handsome and well built. I thin line of soft hairs over his lips indicated he is growing up. His face soft and glowing. My heart started thumping. Will Raj satisfy my sex urge? Should I go for it will it be all right to do this? I put my hand on the face of Raj and started stroking his face and hair all the way thinking about his manhood. The incest inside me was rising and taking over me. I was unable to control myself and decided to let things take its own course. My pallu slipped from my breasts and intentionally I did not rearrange it. Now my full 36D breasts protruding forward were in full view. Raj got a glimpse of them and kept staring. I pretended un-noticed. I could make out from Raj face that he was enjoying the view of my protruding breasts and I wanted to feast him as long as he wished. After a while, Raj got up and went to his room saying he has to do some refresh. I went to kitchen to prepare dinner. My heart beats raised. Raj liked my figure.

His eyes were glued to my breasts. He could have sucked them if they were bare. He can quench the fire in my pussy today when Amit is not around. What is the harm? Raj is part and partial of Amit only. With these thoughts in mind I prepared dinner and went to Raj’s room to call him for dinner. I opened the door and got shocked. Raj was lying on the bed, his fly open, his cock out. He was looking at a magazine with one hand while the other was was busy stroking his cock. I got a glimpse of his cock. Oh it was massive. must be atleast 8 inch long and thick like wrist. Hearing the sound Raj looked up. He was shocked finding me there. I hurriedly closed the door and returned. Raj came out after about 15 minutes. Still looking embarrshed he sat on the dining table his face down and stealing eye contact. We both finised the meal without looking at each other. On finishing he returned quietly to his room and I went to kitchen to clean up. I returned to my room, changed into a nylon nightie and lay on the bed.

The sight of his massive dick was flashing before my eyes like a movie. Wild thoughts were running into my mind. Raj is quite grown up and has lust for sex. We both can satisfy each other. No one will ever come to know. Unable to control myself, I got up from the bed. My feet were trembling unable to walk. I was trying to walk to Raj’s room but my instinct was holding me back.


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