Mera beta Raj Part 2

Unconciously I walked to Raj’s room and knocked. My breath was heavy, voice chocked and throat dried. Raj opened the door. I asked Raj I have a lot of mosquito in my room. Can I sleep here tonight? Raj gave way, I walked to the bed and lay. Raj also came and lay beside me. I turned my side and put my feet on Raj’s thighs. My loose breasts were touching and pressing against his arms. Raj did not make a move rather he was feeling good. I slided my leg and moved it to his crotch and rested it there.

I felt some movement under his shorts. His cock was growing up and stroking against my knee. I was enjoying the feel and I gave my knee a slow motion over his prick. By this time his cock was fully erect and making a tent in his shorts. I moved my legs, touched his cock, sqeezed it lightly and said with a light smile ” yeh kyun khara ho rakha hai”. Raj blushed and returned “Ab tum isko maslo gi to yeh kya kare”. I opened his fly, took out his cock in my hand and started feeling it. Oh my god it was so big and thick. It was even bigger than one Amit has. I was holding his cock in my hand and playing with it I said Tera lund to bahut vishal hai re. Raj also turned on his side and placed his hand my boobs. Feeling my both the boobs in his hands he looked at my face and asked Apko pasand aayaa mummy? Sqeezing his dick, I placed my face over his cheeks and said yeh to bahut pyara hai. Kisi bhi ladki ko chod kar mast kar dega aur tu isko hath se masal raha tha. Raj said “mai kya karta mummy, us samay teri in choochiyon ne mujhe pagal kar diya.

I was rubbing my face over his cheeks his hands were fondling my boobs over my nightie and me playing with his dick asked ab tak kitni ladkiyon ko choda hai. He said shyly none so far. I was overwhelmed at the thought of his virgin cock tearing and ramming my hungry pussy tonight. I sat up and leaned over his cock and took it in my mouth. Oh it tasted great. I hungriely moved my head over his dick carressing it lightly with my tounge sucking it and moving my head up and down over its length. Raj was stunned with pleasure and enjoying it immensly. He opened the front of my nightie and moved his hands over my bare breasts and started fondling them. The feel of his hands over my naked breasts was driving me wild. While sucking I felt his cock pulsating and I knew it would shoot off soon if I continue. Although I wanted to taste the cum of my son in my mouth, I decided to save it for future.

First it should fuck me and fill my pussy with his cum and quench the fire in the pussy. I withdrew and asked “apni mummy ko chodega? Tere papa ki bahut yaad aa rahi hai. Meri choot bahut pyasi ho rakhi hai.” Sqeezing my both the breasts, he said mummy apni choot pilao na. Pahle mummy ki choot choosoonga phir ji bhar ke chodoonga. Hearing him talk these vulgar words, I got mad with excitement. I removed all his cloths one by one and then removed my nighty as well. We both were stark naked now and were exploring each other’s body. I lay flat, spread my legs and said le apni mummy ki choot ko pyar kar. jee bhar ke piyo. Puri raat piyo. Raj dig his head in my my pussy and started licking it. He was moving his tounge deep inside my tunnel licking my pussy walls. Then his tounge will caress my clit and he was biting it between teeth. I was getting mad with pleasure. I started moaning AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHhh mere raja, bahut maja aa raha hai. Chooso, khoob jor se chooso OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UUUUUUUUhhhhhh I was holding his head in my hands and rubbing them over my pussy while thumping my hips wildly over his face.

His sucking drove me to orgasm and I came heavily on his mouth. Raj drank each drop of my juice greedily. I was still crying in escatasy Oh Raj ab apni mummy ko chod de. Ab nahi ruka ja raha. Apne lund ko mere choot me ghoosa de. Please raja, ab chodo na. Raj moved over me placed his dick over my cunt and pushed. but it slipped. I laughed sale anari, chodna aata nahi, chala hai mummy ko chodne matherchod kahin ka. I hold his dick in my hand, placed it on cunt and pushed my hip upward. My cunt was all slippery with juices and its mouth was open in anticipation. Raj also pushed his hips and his dick slipped inside me. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHAAAAA was a loud cry came out of my throat. His dick was so enormous, it felt like tearing apart my cunt hole. The hole through which Raj came out to this world, was tight today for his dick. I was in seventh heaven flying on the clouds of pleasure. I locked my legs on his back, hold him by his shoulders and looked in eyes with deep love moaning helplessly. Raj’s eyes were full of love looking at my face. Moving his hips up and down in rythem he would lower his face on my breast and suck them one by one. My whole body was jerking with pleasure. Oh my love, my darling my sweet heart fuck me like this. Fuck me for the whole night.

You are fucking me so nice. It is the most enjoyable fuck of my life. I never thought you could fuck so nice and give so much of pleasure. Raj was also moaning Oh mom, my darling Mom, my lovely Mummy AAAAAHHHHH I will fuck fuck you for the whole night. You are so nice. Your cunt is so tasty. Your cunt is marvellous. Now your cunt is mine only. I will not allow any one else to touch it. It is all mine. I am all yours. Yes Mummy I love you I love you very much. I was nearing orgasms, my motion increased and Raj also increased his speed. He was withdrawing his dick out of my cunt and push it back deep inside with a hard thrust. I was enjoying each and every thurst of it. We both were soaked with sweat and our breaths were heavy. Our hearts were beating like a drum. Raj was fucking me really hard giving me unimaginable pleasure.I wished the fucking to never end. I had my third orgasm in a row. My juices were flowing out of my pussy making the passage more slippery. The bed was craking due to wild thursts and sound of blurp……blurp……blurp was ehoing. I was in the hight of pleasure when I felt strong streams of cum errupting out of Raj’s prick and filling my hungry pussy.

It felt like it would never stop. Jets after jets were filling my pussy. My pussy unable to hold was overflowing with his come. Raj collapsed on top of me. I hold him a tight embrace and showered kisses all over his face. My face was glowing with pleasure. My kisses over his face were full of deep love and affection. Raj locked his arms over my back and tightly embraced me. My hard breasts were pressed against his hard manly chest. We lost feel of time and lay like that for long trying to gain our lost breath. Findlly I got up and cleaned up my self and Raj. His prick was still half erect. I fondled it lovingly and planted a kiss on the head of his prick.

We lay nude side by side and kept feeling body of each other. Raj was playing with my boobs and cunt while I was playing with his dick talking with eyes in eyes in deep emotions. All my apprehensions had disappeared and I was now full with love and joy. I had no regrets for what I had done. We went to sleep in the wee hours and got up late next day. Raj bunked his collage and we were busy making love for the whole day and night that followed. The relation between me and my son is still on and full of adventures.

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