My first sex experience with my sister

Hi, I’m 19 year old Ranjit from Tamilnadu. I’m a regular reader of this site. I masturbate a lot by reading these
stories. And this was the main reason for me to loose my viginity with my own elder sister. This is my first story. So, please ignore my mistakes. About me, I’m James with whitish complexion with a normal but attractive dick of 7 inches. I have a normal body and little short. People say that I look so cute

This is a true incident that happened with my own elder sister Nisha just before two months. About my sister, She is 22 years old, whitish, little short and damn sexy with a great figure 36-28-38. Here comes the incident, I always masturbate thinking of my sister while reading the brother-sister incest stories. I use to sniff and suck her panties while I masturbate. My favorite place to masturbate is our room sitting infront PC.
This was going on for about a year. There are only two rooms in our house. One room is shared by our parents and other is shared by me and my sister. There are two beds in our room. The PC is kept near my bed. I had a great lust on my sister but I’ve never dared to proceed. My sister is also a jolly type girl who takes every matter easily. One evening when I returned from my college, the door was locked.
Then I rang my mom and enquired about her. She said that they were out relative’s home and said that they’ll return after 2 hours. I thought that my sister would be with them. I was alone at home and I felt so horny. I switched on the PC and started to watch some porn. I took off my dress and started to masturbate. I was in full temper. My friend told that it would feel good if we use some oil while masturbating.
So I went to the kitchen to take oil. When I entered the Kitchen, I was about to faint, there was my sister standing there and making some coffee. I was completely nude in full temper and my cock was rock hard pointing the opposite direction with my left hand on it. I felt so ashamed but my dick was growing bigger after seeing her.

I and my sister is standing still for atleast a minute. Her face has become red and her eyes were popping out. After a minute, I silently returned to my room and wore the shorts. But still there was a heavy tent in my shorts. I felt so ashamed and went to my sister.
Me: Sorry akka (sister) Please don’t tell to mom. I thought you were not at home.
(I thought that she’s going to slap me)
Nisha: Don’t worry, I wont tell to anyone. And don’t be embrassed because this is normal. (She was smiling) I was astronished by hearing her reply.
Me: But you have seen my sunny (dick). That’s why I’m feeling ashamed.
Nisha: Don’t worry I’m your sister and you don’t have to be ashamed of it. You can do it infront of me.
Me: Are you sure akka. ?

Nisha: Don’t be worried James. You can do it infront of me.
I got some courage and suddenly took out my dick. Within a second, She cought hold of my dick and started wanking. She told me that my dick was very big. But to my disappointment, door bell rang. And that was my mom. Quickly I left her, put my dick into my shorts arranged everything and opened the door. Everything went normal. That night, after dinner was over, I went to my room, removed my shorts and took my dick in my hand.
My sister was watching all these things. She came near me and tapped on my head. And asked me what I was doing. I told that I’m going to masturbate. She said ok and went to her bed. I was so disappointed and I was doing it myself. As my dick was getting harder, my sister watched with her corner of her eyes. Then she got up and came near me and said that masturbating yourself will harm your body.

Then she caught hold of my dick and started giving a great hand job. Within a minute a cam on her face. She cleaned everything and asked me to call her whenever I need to masturbate. She gave me a great hand job daily night before I sleep.
This was going for a week. If I tried to touch her boobs, she use to shout at me and she’ll tell “I’m your sister”. One night, I turned some porn on the PC while she got ready to masturbate me. She saw that and shouted at me and told to turn off that.
Me: You’re too rude akka. I have to see something erotic, and then only I’ll be able to cum. Your hand job is getting bored.
Nisha: So? You’ll watch some other girl getting fucked ah?
(Suddenly she removed her clothes, took my right hand to her pussy and started scratching)
Nisha: Now it’s your turn to make me cum.

Me: Are you serious? Then why didn’t you allow me to do this till now?
Nisha: I was making fun of you. And I too was enjoying your dick. But I can’t control now. Come on fuck me hard.
I straight away pushed my dick into her pussy. That was so free to insert. I sucked her tits very hard while I was fucking her. I took out my dick and squirted a heavy load of cum on her face. Later she told me that she wasn’t a virgin and 3 guys had fucked her during the college time.
I fucked her 5 times that night. I fucked in her sexy huge Ass also. I tried different positions and I use to try something differently such that, one night,
I poured some honey into her pussy and sucked it. One day I also tried it with strawberry ice cream i.e. I spread her pussy with my finger, then I filled it with strawberry ice cream and mixed with her pussy juice and sucked it completely. Really that was tastes great!
I had some of that mixture in my mouth and I shared with her while kissing. She also said that it was so tasty great! I’m fucking her till now for about 2 months. Next month she’s going to be married.

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