My Long Affair with my Aunty – I

The story I am telling is true incident happened in my life.

Since my parents stay in village I came to Bangalore to study when I was 9th standard. Till my final year of my college I used to stay in my aunts house. I never liked to stay with friends so I moved to an independent house. It was a 1BHK house. It was in 1st floor and two houses were there on the first floor. Next to the house I went there was a family staying. Down floor owner used to stay

Let me tell about the family who stayed next my house.

Please ignore this part if you feel not necessary

Description about the members


Name Rajanna. A very good person. But looked thin and weak. He worked in a lathe cutting factory. Was a drunkard because he will be very tired working in the factory. Even though he was drinking he took care of the house very well. Used to get less salary around Rs. 3 thousand. So it was difficult to maintain the house. Was aged around 30 – 32


Name Shobha. She was also a very decent and soft spoken homely lady. Took care of the house very well. Even though husband brought less salary she used to maintain the house very well. Never saw them fighting each other. Always wore saree. Only in the night she used to wear nighty. Always does pooja and vrathas regularly. To look she was similar to Ramya Krishna but not that fair. She was little dark. Will explain about her structure later as this is not the right time to tell. She was around 26 years. Totally a pure kannada homely girl.

It was a Sunday. I shifted my house from my aunts place to the new place. Mom and Dad had also come to help me to arrange the house. I dint had much of luggage. We put all the luggage into the house. House was fully messed up. We dumped everything in the room and made some place in the hall so that we have food. I went outside and got food for three of us.

Mom went to next house where Rajanna, Shobha and Prajwal were staying, to ask a pot of water. She got water and we three were sitting for lunch. Suddenly Uncle came to my house (Rajanna, I used to call him uncle). He started speaking to us

Rajanna : why did you get food from outside? We could have given. After all you are our new neighbours and like guests for us.

Dad: Oh that’s ok. Thanks for asking.

Rajanna: So you all will be here?

Dad: No no. only my kid will be staying here. He is studying engineering.

Rajanna: Good. Good.

Dad: Please take care of him sir. You people look like good family

Rajanna: Don’t worry sir. He is like our son.

Rajanna left. We had lunch and put all the waste in to dustbin. Then a small boy Prajwal came playing with ball. Behind him Rajanna and Shobha also came.

Mom: Hello, my son will be staying here. Please take care of him. We stay in village we don’t know this city culture.

Shobha: Don’t worry aunty we will take care of him. We think him also as our family member. And we will take care like our son.

Mom: that’s is what we are worried. Here he stays alone. He never eats food properly. He doesn’t know to cook.

Shobha: Don’t worry aunty what ever we prepare will give him also. Why are u so worried. I will think him as my elder son and take care. You people be happy. Think that you are sending him to his aunty’s house.

So we all chatted we became good friends. The family was very good and decent. Even the kid was very sweet and naughty. I thought I got a good friend.

Rajanna uncle told not to get dinner outside and they are going to prepare food for us also. So in the evening we arranged everything and all three of us took bath. I wore a t-shirt and shorts as it was little hot. It was 7.30PM. Prajwal came and told pappa is calling all of us.

We three went to uncles house. Uncle was sitting on the sofa. He welcomed all of us. I couldn’t see aunty. She was in the kitchen. Mom directly went inside the kitchen. I was playing with the kid. Dad and uncle were speaking and mom and aunt were busy preparing the food.

Aunt and mom came outside and told food is ready and wash hands to have food.

Dear all, aunty came outside. Swear she was look very cute. So now I think it time to explain the beauty of Shobha aunty.

She had a round face with long hairs. Looked very similar to Ramya Krishna. She was not that fair but little dark. In kannada we call those type of girls as Krishna sundari. A sort of Bipasha basu or Kajol kind of skin. Very smooth skin. She wore a light blue saree, with mangalasutra outside touching her chest. A big kumkum on her forehead. A small nose ring. Ring to her toes. She wore a normal blouse which dint expose anything. But I swear I could see those two milky boobs were big. I guess it was 34 size. I could see her waist between the blouse and the hips. It was so nice to see. She was A typical south Indian housewife. But she I could make out she was very loyal to her husband. But since I am always behind ladies and girls, I couldn’t control seeing this beautiful sensual aunty.

Mom and aunty started serving us food. Usually ladies eat after everyone have. Whenever aunty moved from kitchen to hall to bring something I was seeing her sexy juggling ass. After marriage ladies ass becomes sexier as they get involved in sex. When ever she used to bend in front of me to serve I expected to see the sexy cleavage of her. But the way she stitches her blouse nothing was visible. I felt I will never get this aunt. Swear she was so homely and loyal to her husband.

We all had dinner. It was nice dinner. Aunty’s taste of food was so nice that I was imagining how will her body tastes. But somewhere I felt it’s bad as she told she takes care of me like her son. We came to our house. I couldn’t sleep for sometime thinking about that juggling ass and the costume she wore. Very homely. While thinking it made me hard. My dick started saluting. I started masturbating on the bed. Just 10-15 strokes I cummed inside my shorts only. I got up and went to toilet and cleaned otherwise it will be sticking to leg and it will be uncomfortable.

Morning I got up early as mom and dad wanted to go early. By 5.30am they left. I came back and slept on the bed thinking of my lovely sensual aunty. I removed all my dress and started fucking the bed as if I was fucking Shobha aunty. I was about to cum again. Thinking that bed will become dirty I went to toilet and cummed.

Here afterwards the hunting starts for aunty. Swear on god this is a true story.

I thought it was still 7.30. I opened my eyes and saw it was already 8.30AM. I was not in a mood to go to college. I got up from bed and came outside stretching my hands. I saw my beautiful aunty tied her hairs with towel as she would have taken bath just few minutes back and had already cleaned the corridor, door and was performing pooja with agarbathi in her hand. I could see her hairs still wet. While she was doing pooja to tulasi she used bend with agarbathi and I could see her big ass in good shape. Early morning already I had masturbated thinking about the last night scene. Now early morning again the sexy ass was making me horny. Slowly my dick started standing, but was afraid if aunty will see. I had not worn underwear and if dick stands only in shorts? You guys know how it will be.

Actually she gets up 5.30am and clean the corridor, door and everything, take bath and do pooja daily. It is her routine work and she likes to be very clean. I came to know about this after few days.

But suddenly after doing pooja she went inside and closed the door. I waited for 10mins thinking aunty will come. She dint come. I couldn’t see uncle. Was wondering where did uncle go. I had no information about the family fully. I went inside to brush and wash my face. I was not in mood to go to college. I thought I will stay at home and arrange my books and arrange few more things which were not in place. I washed my face and was combing my hairs. I heard the next house door opened. I suddenly came outside just to see my sexy aunty. I saw Prajwal coming outside with school uniform. Behind him my aunty came with a bag and Tiffin box. She was going to leave Prajwal to school. I wished Prajwal good morning. There was a small conversation now

Me: Good morning Prajwal

Prajwal: Good morning anna. I am going to school

Me: where is pappa?

Prajwal: he went to office.

Then my sex aunty gave a sweet smile

Aunty: He has to go by 5.30. You know right he is driver.

Me: Ya uncle told yesterday. So everyday he has to go by 5.30?

Aunty: no no it depends on the shift and work in the factory

Me: Oh ok. When will he be back?

Aunty: Depends upon the work. Ok I am getting late. I have to drop Prajju (she used to call prajwal in this name) to school

Me: Ok aunty. Bye Prajju. Come soon we will play.

Aunty: you not going to college?

Me: No I am not going today. I have to arrange few things

Aunty: Had breakfast?

Me: no aunty will have outside.

Aunty: Hey then wait will drop him and come. We both will have breakfast together

Me: its ok aunty I will manage.

Aunty: Hey you are like my son please. Don’t worry I will also help you in arrange things as even I don’t have work today.

Me: ok aunty thanks a lot. You people are so good

Aunty: hey don’t say that. Ok will drop him and come soon

Me: Bye prajju

Both of them left. It was some 15mins walk from house to Prajjus school. I was eager to have breakfast with my lovely aunty. I was so happy that my aunty will come to my room and we both are alone until uncle comes. I though I should take bath and wear nice clothes to impress her. I went took bath soon and put deodorant and wore nice t-shirt and pant. I dint want to maker her feel I am having lust with her.

My policy is to make any ladies fall in love and then fuck them. If u directly ask any ladies they will have wrong impression on you. But swear if u impress them and then fuck them, they give u hell lot of pleasure and also they care for u like anything. It’s the weakness of ladies. If they like someone from heart they do anything. Its my experience. Sorry if this is wrong. But for me it always worked. Sorry once again for this unwanted paragraph.

I was eagerly waiting for my sweetheart to come. After 45 mins she came back. I wanted to check if she will come and call me. I had opened the door so that she will come and call me. She dint come. I thought I will only go to her house. But it wont be good. I just her to come behind me. So thought let me wait. After 10mins she came and called. There was some good conversation between us while having breakfast

Sh: Rakesh, Rakesh where are u?

Me: Yes aunty. I am here. One will minute will come

Sh: come will have brkfast

Me: why to trouble you aunty

Sh: no trouble and all come lets have brkfast. Even I am alone. It will be good company

Me: ok 1 minute aunty. I will just stop the tap and come

Sh: ok come I will be arrange for brkfast

I went to her house. She was in kitchen putting chapathi to plates. She had prepared chapathi. She came with two plates.

Sh: Take this is for you.

Me: Aunty give me only 2. this is too much

Sh: eat rakesh, you are so thin. You should be strong now. If you eat nicely then you can study well also

Me: Ok if you have given with love then I will eat. Usually I eat only 2 chapathi. My mom also tell same think like you only

Sh: all mothers are like this only rakesh

Me: aunty u can call me raki.

Sh: ok raki. Now have chapathi. Otherwise it will become cold

Me: Curry is very tasty. its very nice

Sh: then have more raki

Me: when will uncle come?

Sh: depends raki. Today is Monday so he may come late by 4PM

Me: usually what time he comes?

Sh: he will have shifts. Morning 6 to 2, 2 to 10 and 10 to 6. But sometimes it depends.

Me: oh ok. But u will be bored no aunty once prajju goes to school?

Sh: he will come by 12.30 until then I will be having work. Washing, cleaning house.

Me: its very difficulty for ladies right?

Sh: no no . I never think its difficult. Its our duty. Once uncle and prajju goes to school then little relaxed. Until they go it will be full tensed.

Me: don’t worry now I am there to make u more relaxed.

Sh: good. I got a good company now. Previously some family was there in your house. Everyday they used to fight. I was feeling very uncomfortable. Thank god they left.

Me: don’t worry aunty I am not like that. I like good people. And I am sure you people liked me and my parents.

Sh: ya really. You people are very good. Thank god. Now even my prajju also got a good friend

Me: only for prajju? Not for you aunty?

Sh: ya ya your are god friend for me also raki. You speak very nice.

Me: aunty where will I keep the plate?

Sh: give it to me I will keep.

Me: thanks for the breakfast aunty.

Sh: whats you college timings?

Me: from 9AM to 4PM. But it depends. Sometimes I work more in the practical classes

Sh: good you dad was telling you are very studious

Me: ya aunty. You know since my school days I am always first.

Sh: good good. So you can teach my prajju also right?

Me: why not aunty I will for sure. Aunty how much you have studied?

Sh: I have studied PUC


Sh: he is 10th fail.

Me: then how come you married him?

Sh: it was a long story forget.

Me: its ok aunty if its too personal I wont ask.

Sh: no no. I just don’t want to spk about that.

Me: ok aunty I wont force you. But suppose if you feel you want to tell your sorrows, feelings I am there with you . because a friend is the only person whom u can share everything. And you also tell you are like my mother. So I am there for you always.

Sh: thanks raki. I feel so comfortable speaking to you. You are so good

Me: aunty if I ask something wont you feel bad?

Sh: ask raki.

Me: what is your age?

Sh: I am 32 year old now

Me: don’t tell me. Swear on god I thot you are 26 to 28.

Sh: ya ya. Because prajju is 5years you calculated like that right?

Me: yes aunty.

Sh: I had a son who died because of ill. He was 3 years older than prajju. His name was Preetham

Me: I am sorry aunty.

Sh: its ok. When I was married I was 21. at 24 age Preetham was born. He died at the age of 4years. That time prajju was 1 year old. So when prajju was born I was 27year. Now prajju is 5years.

She was crying with small drops of water was coming from her eyes

Me: aunty please don’t cry.

Sh: sorry raki, I told you my sad story and made you upset

Me: hey please aunty. You are my good friend. Please share all your feelings and sorrows. It will make you heart light

Sh: thanks raki. I thought no one is there to listen to me. you are my good friend

I pulled my hand in front and said

Me: friends?

He hold my hand and told

Sh: friends

I could see a big smile on her face and still the small drops where falling from her eyes. I told if you cry again I will not speak to you again. Promise. She suddenly wiped her eyes and told no no I will keep laughing and shouted ha ha ha. I told don’t laugh like that your beautiful face doesn’t suit that. Just smile it makes your face charming

Then I told aunty I will go to house and I have to arrange the things. She told lets do one thing. I will bring prajju from school and then we both will arrange. By the time I will wash my clothes. I told can I also join you aunty? She was happy. She told ok then will call you while going.

She went to wash clothes and I came back to house. It was very good chat. I made her feel that she can share anything with me.

Next Scene:

On the way to school

Arrange the things in the house

Dear all hope you are liking the story. Sorry I don’t write stories like other who fake. Each everything in this is true. May be I am dragging some scenes. But I felt this is necessary as I want to each everything happened between shobha and me. Please share your comments and also please tell me where I should improve to narrate this story still better way. Feel free to comment and suggest.

Let me if the story is not good. So that I can stop this. Or let me know if I am dragging the story too much.

It was 12o clock. Aunty came outside I could hear the door getting locked. I was inside. Aunty came near my door and called “Raki are u coming? I am going to school”. I told ok aunty I will also come. We both climbed down the stairs and started towards school. I asked her can we go by bike. She told don’t want lets walk. So that we can talk while walking.

It was a good idea actually. So while walking we had some more conversations

Sh: how much are u paying the rent?

Me: Rs. .1500 aunty. How much do u pay?

Sh: Rs. 1300.

Me: oh ok. How much salary uncle is getting?

Sh: he gets 4000. in that he needs for his drinking also.

Me: oh he drinks?

Sh: ya too much. I am fed up with his drinking.

Me: is he taking care of you and kid?

Sh: ya he take cares of us very well. He is a very good person. But only bad habit is drinking. Otherwise he is very nice person.

Me: ya he looks good. But getting 4000 and maintaining the house is very difficult no aunty?

Sh: yes what to do our fate. We have to maintain some how. Its very difficult raki

Me: aunty I am sorry I am asking all the things which is making you upset

Sh: hey no raki. I am feeling very happy that you are listening to my sorrows. I never tell anything to anyone because people laugh at us seeing our condition.

Me: aunty I promise that I will listen to your feelings and also try to help you when needed pls don’t be upset. After all we are very good friends and you are my mom right

I gave a big smile

Sh: thanks raki. From morning I feel so comfortable that I have got someone to speak. I had a best friend she is in mysore now. We both used to speak everything but now very rare we meet. Once in 2years or so.

Me: ya we need to have good friends. Then only we can share everything. You don’t have any relatives?

Sh: Dad and mom expired. I have one brother but because of my sister in law he never likes to come to my house. He is in a good condition. But never comes to see me.

Me: its ok leave aunty don’t worry. Now raki as come. I am your son, brother, good friend. Is that ok?

Sh: so sweet of you raki. If I tell something you won’t feel bad?

Me: no no aunty. Tell anything I won’t get upset.

Sh: After you left I cried so much.

Me: sorry if I had hurt you aunty

Sh: no no I cried because I got a good friend to share. Raki don’t know how much I am thankful to you. I want to tell all my sorrows to you

Me: you are always well come aunty

Sh: sorry I made you to walk in this hot sun

Me: no way. I am happy that I am walking with you.

I saw one ice cream parlour. Asked aunty whether she likes to have ice cream. She told don’t want it will get late to school. I told ok while coming will take. She agreed

We reached the school. Still 10mins were there. We sat on a stone in front of the school. god I was sitting next to aunty. Wanted to hold her hand and kiss it. But thought it’s too early and I wanted my aunty herself to approach me. And I knew one day I will surely get her. We spoke so many things about school and all.

Prajju came and we started towards the house. He was running but I was shouting to go slow. Aunty told don’t worry he is like that only. The ice-cream parlour came. Suddenly prajju stopped and asked mummy I need ice-cream. She dint had money. Because it was very difficult to maintain the house with the salary which her drunkard husband got.

I told prajju don’t worry I will get. Aunty told pls don’t want. I told aunty pls don’t stop me. Then I went I got two ice creams.

Sh: Why two ice creams?

Me: For my sweet friend and for prajju

Sh: Then for you?

Me: I don’t want.

Sh: Then even I don’t want if you won’t eat.

Me: Its ok aunty we both will share

Sh : (smiled) Ok.

Me: give me the bag aunty.

Sh: its ok I will carry.

Me: will u give or shall I drag it.

Sh: ok take.

It was heavy bag. Sad lady daily she had to carry that bag. Then Prajju asked to open the ice cream cover and give. I opened the cover and he started eating. Aunty gave me her ice cream.

Me: You have it.

Sh: open and give it for me also.

We both smiled each other and I took the ice cream cup. I opened it.

Sh: have and give.

Me: No no it’s yours you have and give.

Sh: if I eat then my saliva will be there in the ice cream

Me: if I have then my saliva will be there no aunty?

Sh: ok will do one thing. We both will have one one spoon is that ok ?

Me: ok aunty

Sh: she had one spoon and gave

Me: I had one spoon and told waaw it’s very sweet.

Sh: no raki, it’s normal only.

Me: don’t know I felt it was sweet.

Sh: she also had and no no it’s alright. It’s not that sweet.

Me: (she gave me ice cream) oh god its still became sweeter. May be your saliva is sweet (smiled)

Sh: (patted on my back softly) keep quiet. What are u speaking stupid?

Me: sorry aunty I was just joking. Did that hurt you?

Sh: (smiled) no no.

Me: sorry I was just pulling your leg (was afraid if she becomes angry on me. Thank god she was normal). Have the ice cream give now it’s my turn to eat (smiled)

Sh: ok wait I will put some saliva and give. So that it will be sweeter. (smile loudly)

Me: ohh ok do it (I also smiled)

I finished the whole ice cream and threw the ice cream cup. I don’t know how aunty was feeling but I was feeling so nice that I was feeling as if I was trying a college girl for love. But it was really thrill to get her. But thank god she was also very nice person who never became angry on anything. This made me easy to speak to her easily.

We reached the house. Aunty and prajju went to house. Aunty told wash yourself and come we all will have lunch here only. Then will make prajju sleep and then will arrange your things. I told ok and then went to get fresh.

I was really feeling so thrilled each and every minute I was with that sexy aunty. Swear if I think about her even today after 10 years also I am getting hard. To tell you frankly I masturbated after writing the previous scene thinking of those incidents.

After I got fresh I went to aunty’s house. She was washing prajwals face and coming out. I went and sat on sofa. Then she came and told in 5mins we will have lunch and make prajwal sleep and then go and arrange things.

I told that’s ok no probs. Then she served the food. It was so nice. She was feeding prajwal thru her hand. I was very much eager to get feeded by those smooth hands. But I thought one day she will surely do it for me also. I thought of asking but thought it wont be good if I take so much of liberty now only. We three had lunch. Aunt’s hand taste is so nice that I was having lot of food. When my mom was forcing me to eat food, here I was having more than what my stomach was supposed to have. May be aunt’s love made me eat so much.

I washed my hand. She gave towel and I wiped my hands and left to my house. She told she will join once prajju sleeps. She went inside the room to make prajju sleep. After some 20mins he slept. She closed the door and came towards my house. She used to wear leg chain (Payal) to her leg which would make sound. Its very sensual to hear those sounds. I could hear the chain sound coming closer. By this I could make out my sexy aunty is coming to my house. I purposely closed to the door this time so that I wanted her to pat the door and call my name with her sweet voice. She came near and patted the door calling my name.

Sh           :               Raki, Raki open the door

Me         :               Coming aunty.

Sh           :               What were you doing?

Me         :               I was in toilet. Sorry made you wait

Sh           :               oh did my food created problem to you raki?

Me         :               no aunty. I just for toilet I went.

Sh           :               ok ok. So from where we need to start

Me         :               aunty you do one thing. You only suggest me what all should be where. I will just help you

Sh           :               mmmm ok. Now lets finish arrange your books on the shelf

Me         :               aunty its little high. Put this stool

Sh           :               ok put that here and careful pls. I may fall

Me         :               don’t worry aunty I am there if you fall I will hold you.

I was standing right next to her holding the stool. And giving the books. Her soft waist was very close to me. She had beautiful curves. I wanted to kiss them. But dint had courage.

she was making me mad. When I was giving the books, I purposely touching her hands. It was soft and nice. Somehow I was enjoying it.

Sh           :               raki what hpnd give the books soon.

Me         :               sorry aunty. I was thinking something.

Sh           :               what happened raki? Anything problem?

Me         :               no aunty leave it.

Sh           :               (she came down) see raki you are listening all my sorrows. Why don’t u also share your feelings?

Me         :               I will share aunty. Who else I can share my feelings. But not now. Let it go some more days.

Sh           :               ok ok raki. Take your time. But I will tell about me and my sorrows to you. Hope you wont mind

Me         :               never my sweet aunty. Why do u think like that? Ok all the books are done.

I gave my hand to her so that she can get down. She told its difficult to get down.

Sh           :               Hey raki its difficult to get down

Me         :               ohh wait I will do one idea. Hold my shoulders aunty

Sh           :               why raki?

Me         :               I will tell you please hold it.

I took courage and held her waist and lifted her. She was little heavy so I had to hug and lift her. Swear on god man while lifting her I both hands were hugging her tightly and my hands were almost touching her heavy ass. It was really smooth. I was mad about those ass. I just felt I have to see that ass and kiss and bite them. I don’t leaver her for few seconds. she shouted “aaaaaaaaaouchhhhhhhhh”. I just left her down.

she held her check breathing heavily and said “raki, stupid you took my life only. Oh my god”       .

Me         :               Sorry aunty. I thought I will help you getting down

Sh           :               oh raki, I was so afraid

Both were laughing so loudly that, she really enjoyed the way I lifter her.

Me         :               Aunty please don’t this to uncle. He may scold me

Sh           :               Hey stupid how can I tell? You also please don’t tell (smiled)

Me         :               ok aunty next where shall I put these bags?

Sh           :               put everything under table. So that you will get lot of space saved.

Me         :               waaw aunty you have lot of ideas. Thank god you came to help me

Sh           :               that’s ok raki. Do one thing try to get some good vases, flowers, window screens. It looks very good to your room

Me         :               sure aunty I will get. Aunty you are so sweet

Sh           :               I am very interested in doing all this. But what to do. We don’t have money to get all these things. Atleast I am getting a chance to decorate your house

Me         :               hey aunty please don’t feel bad. Good times will come to you also.

Sh           :               raki after spking to you even I am getting confident that even our family will grow and even we will have good life

Me         :               sure aunty don’t worry I will try to make your family also grow

Sh           :               whats the time raki?

Me         :               its 3PM aunty. What hpnd

Sh           :               I will go raki. Tomorrow will finish the other things. Uncle will come.

Me         :               will he be upset if you are with me?

Sh           :               no no. I have to prepare coffee. Once he comes I have to give coffee to him

Me         :               oh ok aunty. Carry on. Aunty before you go want to ask something

Sh           :               ya ask raki.

Me         :               when I lifted you shouted right? Did it pain?

Sh           :               no no raki, I was afraid the way you lifted suddenly without telling me.

Me         :               I thought of telling but thinknig that you may refuse I did it.

Sh           :               its ok. I will go and sleep for sometime.

Me         :               ok aunty. Tomorrow also I will not go to college. Will get vases, flowers, window curtains. You decorate it fully

Sh           :               ok raki. Bye

Me         :               bye aunty

Shopping Vases, Flowers and Window Curtains

After she left from the house, I was so lonely. I kept thinking about her and the way I lifted her from the stool. I couldn’t sleep whole night thinking about those lovely moments. Her soft ass was making me mad. Was imagining how beautiful it will be to see naked. I masturbated 2 times till morning. I woke up and saw it was already 8AM. I was not in a mood to go to college. I came outside to see my sweetheart. She had already cleaned the corridor, did pooja. I waited for sometime she dint come. I thought I will go to her house. But thought it won’t be good to keep going by myself. I went inside and got fresh and came outside by 20mins. I head the sweetys house door opened. I rushed to see that beauty. She was locking the door.

I told “Good Morning aunty”. She smiled and said “what hpnd raki not going to college?”. I said “No aunty no mood”. She told “I will leave prajju to school and come.”. I told “aunty shall we go for shopping and bring those things you told?”. She told “Ok I will leave prajju and come back soon. Then will go.”

Me: Aunty do one thing. You go get ready. I will drop Prajju in bike.

Sh: Y trouble for u raki. I will go.

Me: Ok aunty u go. But never call me for food or anything. I will not take any help from you. Thanks for your kind help you did (I just made my face upset)

Sh: ok ok raki. I am sorry. Ok you drop and come soon. We will go. I will get ready by the time you come.

Me: that’s like sweet aunty.

Sh: ok ok. Its time pls go soon.

Me: ok aunty.

I dropped Prajju and came back soon. Just thought if I get a chance to see her getting ready. But by the time I come she was ready. She wore a nice saree but nothing revealing. It was not that grand as other ladies wear. It was a normal maroon saree. But still she was look so sexy. I just wanted to hug her once and kiss her on her forehead.

Sh: I am ready raki. Where shall we go?

Me: Aunty we will go to that fancy stores where in the last cross. It very nice.”

Sh: But it’s very costly.

Me: no worries aunty. Now come will go and come soon

Sh: First let’s have breakfast then will go.

We both had breakfast. Every time I have food with her I had a dream that she will feed me.

Was waiting eagerly for that day. And I knew somehow I will manage to get that hand in my mouth. We had breakfast. And left for the shop

She sat on the bike. Holding my shoulder. I wanted to tell her to hold my stomach. But was afraid. She told to go slow as she is afraid. I was going slowly as I dint want to end that journey. Within 5mins that shop came. We both were going inside as if we are couples. I was enjoying each and every moment.

Once we entered, she was surprised, happy to see everything there. To tell you all one thing, she likes to decorate house, keep everything clean. I thought she will keep her body especially her pussy very clean.

She went the whole shop one round just to have glance. Later again she went a slow round choosing what all we should take to decorate my house (may be mine and aunty’s house now). She was very carefulll about money as well. She asked me how much money I have. I told I have 2thousand. She asked how much we can purchase. I told don’t worry your wish.

I think it was her dream to purchase so many things and decorate her house. I could see a big smile with happy face in her. I had never seen such sweet smile since I came. I think she wanted to purchase the whole shop. I was just standing behind her watch her happiness. She finally took 2 glass vases, some flowers for that and there were windows curtains in the same shop. She took some matching shades. While coming to the bill counter she saw some good bangles. It was really good. She asked how much is that? The shopkeeper told 200rs. She left that place. I stopped her.

Me: aunty did u like those bangles

Sh: yes they are good.

Me: then take it.

Sh: no it’s ok. Will take some other time

Me: aunty don’t worry please take it. I will give money

Sh: no raki pls don’t force me.

Me: I am like your son no aunty. Please take it.

Sh: its ok raki. If uncle comes to know he will scold.

Me: tell him that you took by your savings.

Sh: where do we have money to save? Please don’t want. Now come

Me: aunty you really care for your family so much. Your family is so lucky to get a lady like to at this century also. I liked you so much aunty

Sh: now come. It will be late then

We came near counter. The bill was generated. It was 850rs. We both came out.

Sh: I am sorry raki. I made you spend so much.

Me: I spent for myself. Not for others. I am nothing for other right. (I was lil upset)

Sh: I know y you are upset raki. Sorry you know na. what will uncle feel? Please some other time you get it.

Me: aunty can u wait for a minute. I will be back.

I went inside and quickly got those bangles and came out hiding it in my jacket. I dint want my sweetheart to know that I bought her the bangles. Because she may become upset. We both started to house. On the way it was so nice. She was holding my shoulder. Her fingers were touching my cheeks. I just wanted to kiss them. House was coming close. I took courage and turned towards my right as I am seeing something and kissed those soft fingers. She dint notice it. We reached. I was very eager to take her to my bedroom and decorate our house. I was feeling as if my wife was decorating our house for your first night.

She told she will change her dress and come. I told you look beautiful in this saree. Don’t remove now only. Let it be for some more time. After decorating you can remove.

She agree and we both directly went to my house. Kept all the things on the table. I went inside and hid the bangles in my cupboard. I washed my face, legs. Asked my sweetheart to wash her legs and face. She went and washed her face and legs and came outside. I got juice from fridge. Put it in one glass and gave it to her. She had little. And kept on the table I also took one glass. Kept on the table. Without her notice I took her glass and drank the juice. We both were little relaxed. She started decorating the room with vases she got. Now the room was looking so beautiful. She told she will put the curtains. But the windows were in height. I told I will bring the stool. She again climbed on the stool. after the curtains were placed. She was about to get down. I told aunty please stop. Don’t get down. She asked why. I told her to close her eyes. She closed her eyes. Slowly I lifted her by hugging. Now my hands were touching her ass. This time I was holding her for long. She shouted to leaver her down. I just lifted her till hall. She was shouting “Bido Bido (meaning leave me leave me). Once I left, she started breathing so loudly. Even I was little tired and even I was just breathing loudly. Then we both sat down on the floor and laughed. I told aunty I am sorry. I don’t know I liked to lift u without telling. So I did.

She told stupid I will be so scared when you lift. Do u think I am a kid so that you can lift me?

Me: you are like kid only aunty.

Sh: oh is it?

Me: yes the way you behaved in the shop I felt you are kid.

Sh: sorry I know you are very hurt by that. But pls understand.

Me: I can understand aunty. But whatever I want to give u something. Please don’t tell no

Sh: what is that raki?

Me: This is for you aunty. (I took a rose from fridge which I had got lost evening)

Sh: waaw it’s nice.

Me: please don’t tell you don’t want. Yellow rose is for good and pure friendship.

Sh: I will take it raki. Thank you so much.

Me: if you don’t mind can I only put it on ur head?

Sh: ok put.

Me: thank you aunty. (I put the flower)

She was so happy and could see little tears in her eyes.

Sh: you are so caring raki. You know last night I was thinking when it will become morning. So that I can spk to you.

Me: even I was thinking the same way. When it will become morning. So that we both will go for shopping and get all this

Sh: you know I was very happy when I was shopping. I like shopping. When I was in college radha and I used to shop every Saturday after college.(Radha was auntys best friend staying in mysore)

Me: I saw u were so happy aunty. You know I was just seeing your face only.

I was seeing her charming eyes directly for few minutes without seeing anything.

Sh: “Raki what hpnd? Y are u seeing like this?”

Me: Aunty you look so beautiful in this saree. I will get you some nice sarees, not now after few days. Then I want to see you wearing those sarees” I smiled

Sh: Then uncle will start fighting with me telling y did u take sarees from him. Don’t want raki”

Me: ok aunty I won’t force. But you look so cute like a baby. You know when I lifted you I was thinking I was lifting a small baby. I dint want to let you down

Sh: I am too heavy. You cannot lift for long time (smiled). But you are thin I can lift you for long time.

Me: ok bets? Who is hold for long time?

Sh: don’t want today. I have to get prajju. Some other day raki.

Me: ok it’s a challenge. I will only win.

Sh: ok raki lets see. I will go now. Will get prajju and come

Me: wait I will also come. let’s walk and talk. It’s nice to spk to you aunty

Sh: ok come let’s go.

We both went and came back. After prajju slept. We both sat in her house only. Speaking few emotional things along with some love talks


After we came back from school, I went to my house washed myself and came to auntys house to have lunch. We had nice lunch. Aunty told she will make prajju sleep and come back soon.

I was just sitting simply as there was no TV or anything in her house. They were not that poor but the salary what uncle used to get was normal. It was just hand to mouth salary. To tell you frankly even though uncle had less salary, aunty was taking care of the family very well. It’s really very rare to get such kind of ladies. And even today there are many ladies, like this who really take care of the family very well. That is why I respect ladies.

After 20mins my sweetheart came, she was still wearing the same maroon saree. I told her not to change because she was looking like a doll in that. But I was thinking some day I will get her sexy sarees and make her wear and keep seeing her beauty. She sat next to me in another sofa chair.

Sh           :               usshhhhhh appa. I am feeling tired raki.

Me         :               oh aunty, I am sorry. Ok u sleep then. I will go.

Sh           :               no no. I just felt little tired. Please sit. If I speak to you it will so relaxed.

Me         :               thanks a lot aunty

Sh           :               So what else raki. It’s been just 2days you came. I feel as if we both know each other from long time. Isn’t it?

Me         :               yes aunty. Even I feel same thing. You know I am not feeling that this is a new place for me.

Sh           :               ya. It’s true. Thank god we got a good neighbour. Previous neighbour was really troublesome. We had lot of problems. Daily fight. It was intolerable

Me         :               don’t worry here afterwards I will also trouble you. (Smiled naughtily)

Sh           :               its ok raki. You are good person. You will not trouble anyone. I know. And even Prajju and uncle happy that we got a good and decent neighbour.

Me         :               so do you think I am decent? I am not good. See I gave lot of work to you to clean my house; I am troubling you by having food in your house

Sh           :               that is not at all a trouble raki.its my duty. Suppose if I had a brother I would have done right? Please don’t think all this as trouble

Me         :               I also lifted you and scared you so much. I know you dint like it right?

Sh           :               hey nothing like that. Suddenly when you lifted me I was little afraid. But later it was so good.

Me         :               really? Don’t lie

Sh           :               swear raki. When you lifted I was feeling as if am a small kid.

Me         :               oh god. Then I would have lifted you some more time

Sh           :               you after my mother, you are the only person who lifted me. No one lifted me. (Small drops of tears came from her beautiful eyes.

Me         :               (I felt very bad). Aunty sorry I hurt you a lot. Swear I will never lift you again.

Sh           :               hey raki don’t feel bad. You are making me so much happy that I can’t say (she busted with tears and little bit she started crying)

I went close to her sat down on the floor and held her hand and told “aunty please I beg you please don’t cry.”

Suddenly there was some footsteps sound came. Someone was climbing the stairs. We guessed it was uncle and I just quickly went to my chair and sat. Aunty went to bathroom so that uncle shouldn’t know that she was crying. But it was not uncle. It was factory employee boy who works with uncle. He told that uncle will be late by 8PM as he had to transport some load to Hosur. And it will take time to come back.

Aunty told ok and asked if he wants water. He told no and he left. I was very happy that I will alone with this sweeeeeeeet aunty until 8PM

Sh           :               oh god raki. I thought uncle came. If he would have seen me crying, he would have asked hundred questions.

Me         :               yes aunty. Aunty do u like me?

Sh           :               Yes raki. Why this question all of sudden?

Me         :               Can you promise me one thing?

Sh           :               ok promise.

Me         :               you should never cry at any cast. Any problem your friend is here you have to ask

Sh           :               sure raki. I promise I will never cry. Is that ok?

Me         :               that’s like a chweeeeeet kiddy aunty (I just pinched her cheeks)

Sh           :               ohhhhhhhhhhhh (I think it pained)

Me         :               sorry sorry. I was little emotional

Sh           :               mmmm now uncle also not there. So I am free till 6PM. After that I have to go and prepare food

Me         :               ok then shall I go? I guess you have to sleep.

Sh           :               hey don’t go please. I will be bored.

Me         :               ok then speak aunty. Tell about something you want to share with me

Sh           :               Don’t want raki. You will be bored. And I feel so emotion and I may cry

Me         :               hey aunty. Don’t worry. Shall I tell you one thing?

Sh           :               ya tell raki

Me         :               I know you have so many things which you feel like telling but you don’t want to tell. And I knew that you miss your friend radha. Please don’t keep anything inside you. It will make you more worried and make you feel weak

Sh           :               I know raki. But what to do. I dint had any friends like that other than radha. After marriage we both meet very rarely.

Me         :               now this raki is there. You brother, son or friend whatever this sweety aunty things.

Sh           :               yes raki. Promise on Prajju after you came; I am feeling so happy and so comfortable. Even uncle was asking yesterday that what happened you look so happy.

Me         :               good aunty. I want you to be like this. Ok tell what you want to tell. I will listen to it

Sh           :               Raki, I like you so much. When I will be speaking to you. I feel I am a kid.

Me         :               ohh my sweet kid. Come sleep on my lap, I will give you milk. Drink and sleep

Sh           :               (laughed so loudly that she showed she liked that joke) Tharle (in kannada it means naughty)

Me         :               ok tell aunty. We have plenty of time.

Sh           :               raki, I was a studious girl in my school days. My mother liked me so much. I have an elder brother. Dad or he never liked me because I was a girl. I always got first rank. But he used to fail. Dad was in a very good job. We were little rich also. Mummy used to get me whatever I like. But papa used to beat me. Even my brother. When I was in 10th standard, papa died. Mummy had to take care of the family. It was very difficult for us now because dad had taken lot of loans. We had to sell our house and took a rented house.

(while my sweetheart was telling the story, I was looking her cute beautiful eyes, they were filled with water as if the pearls will fall, and her juicy lips was moving up and down while she was talking. She had a thin upper lips and thick bottom lips. Exactly the share of ramya Krishna. I was just seeing them without blinking. While speaking she was breathing little faster because she was getting crying. While she was breathing those two sexy boobs were going up and down. I wanted to hold them tightly. She was just telling her sorrows. So I had to hide all my lust feelings. She continued…)

Sh: Then I passed 10th standard in 91%. Mummy joined me to a very good college. When I was in second year, mummy died because of health reason.

(tears came flowing from those beautiful eyes. I just sat next to her and held her from back holding her shoulder and took her head on my shoulder. It was such and emotional feeling. Swear I dint had any intention of lust at that moment. She just kept her head on my shoulder and was crying. Even I dint wanted to stop because if she won’t cry she will keep everything inside herself. Once a person throws all her feelings out then she will be very happy and fresh. And also it was a good opportunity for me to show my care, love towards her. I was holding her tightly and pulled still close to make her feel that I am there for her at anytime. I gave a kiss on her head and told …)

Me: Please cry aunty please. I am there no. you are my sweet kid. I will become your mummy dear. Don’t cry my sweet kid. (then I kissed one more on head and turned towards her face and gave a caring kiss on her forehead.). ok wait I will get you milk. Don’t know where I kept the feeding bottle

(she suddenly had some smile on her face and told….)

She: you naughty. I am kid is it? You will give milk to me?

(she hit on my thigh while she was still on my shoulder. Slowly she moved her head and I also moved so that she must not feel that I am taking advantage. Then I stood to go back to my chair. I just bent and wiped her tears. And told..)

Me: you promised me you won’t cry. You cried. But its ok aunty, I know how much it pains when you loose someone. Aunty I promise you that I am there with you for anything and everything. Ok continue….

Sh: I was alone now. We dint had any close relatives, my brother was very bad fellow. He used to drink and kept beating me telling I am waste and I was fit for nothing. I went to one job near house. I used to get 1.5thousand. I used to take care of myself in that only. My brother got married to some girl. After she came it was very bad for me. Both used to beat me. What to do my fate. Then one of my far relatives came with proposal. The guy was 10years older than me.. I just wanted to get rid of this house. I agreed for the marriage. After marriage, my brother never came to see me. Later I came to know that it was my brothers plan to get me married. He had taken some 25thousand from the man I married. Raki, uncle had already married and her first wife is dead. All this I came to know after marriage. You know uncle also drinks a lot. But he takes care of house. He never scold me or anything. But what to do my fate. Whatever happens it’s for good only.

Me: aunty, you have so many sorrows and you never show to anyone. You are great.

Sh: what else I should do? I should tell my story to everyone and they will laugh at me. I don’t want to tell this anyone. Since you understands me I told.

Me: ok aunty. Continue…

Sh: in the first year I cried a lot after marriage. But what to do. He is my hubby now, whatever the case I should be with him only. After 3years I got a baby, I was so happy at least I will have a company now. I named him Preetham. After 3years I got one more baby that is Prajwal. But next year Preetham died. I cried like anything. Now I have only Prajwal with me. Even uncle won’t respond to my feelings. He just brings something to house and that’s it. I have to take care of everything.

(tears started to come out)

Me: aunty please don’t cry. Otherwise I will go now.

Sh: no dear I won’t. Raki, if I tell something you won’t mind?

Me: hey aunty, please no more formalities. Please you tell anything. I will not mind at all

Sh: I just feel like calling you Preethu, my first son name. is that ok to you?

Me: you can aunty. I love it. Call me by that name only. I know how much you miss him

Sh: (she came forward from the sofa and held my hand so tightly and told) raki I think god only sent you here for me. Finally he listened to me.

Me: aunty god is there with all good people. Now please stop crying

Sh: sweet raki

Me: no no.


Me: sweet Preethu (smiled)

Sh: (smiled) yes yes sweet preethu.

Me: aunty if you don’t mind I also have something to ask

Sh: ask preethu.

Me: aunty you look like ramya Krishna. And I like her so much.

Sh: I know she is so cute. Even radha used to tell me I look like ramya Krishna.

Me: shall I call you Ramya?

Sh:what if others know about this?

Me: ok will do one thing. We both are preethu and ramya when we are alone. What do u say aunty?

Sh: ya that’s a good idea preethu

Me: thanks a lot aunty

Sh: no no

Me: what?

Sh: tell thanks a lot ramya

Both smiled a lot and it was almost 5.30PM. usually Prajwal gets up at 5.30. but still he was not awake. I asked aunty one request. She asked what. I told I am feeling like lifting her once now. She told don’t want preethu, what if prajju wakes up. I pleaded her, then told ok and got up and told let me check if prajjwal is sleeping. She went to the bed room he was still sleeping. She came outside locking the door. Then straight away without speaking she went outside the corridor and stood for 2mins. I guess she wanted to check if someone is coming. She came inside and bolted the door. It was little dark. Wonderful romantic environment. She stretched her hands parallel to ground and told ok lift now. I bent down little and lifted her by hugging her near smooth sexy ass. She just made a small sound “aaaaaaaa”. It was easy for me to lift now because she was aware and she supported me. I lifted her for 2 mins. She was heavy. I let her down. She asked enof dear? I was tired breathing heavily. She smiled and told that she is heavy. I asked what about the challenge. She told will do some other day now its time prajju will get up.

Suddenly don’t know what happened to my ramya sexy. She called me Preethu. I turned towards her and told what ramya? She called me come here. I went near her. She hugged me and gave a sweet kiss to my forehead. You are like my Preethu only. I was feeling so happy.

Then we heard prajju got up and calling mummy mummy. She rushed to the bed room and woke him up. I opened the main door.

I sat on the sofa. She came outside and sat next to me. She was seeing me eye to eye. We both saw for 2mins. But was afraid if someone comes. I told will go now. And meet you after sometime

She told ok and went with prajju.

I don’t knew whether she was liking me as her son or she wanted someone to take care of her. And also I felt one thing that she missed the sex life as her hubby was weak and not interested in anything. But I was afraid if she is liking me as her son or what

I went back home. Slept for sometime. Then got up at 7.30PM. Then arranged all my books into bag so that I can go to college the next day. I had already missed 2 days class. I saw the time it was 8.30PM. I thought will go and have dinner outside. I just came outside, prajju came and told that daddy is calling for dinner. I was happy. I thought I can see my sweetheart. Without telling anything I just went inside. I was uncle was sitting on the sofa. He told hi and told me that he was little busy and couldn’t spk to me properly.

While we both were chatting, my sweet aunty came from kitchen telling dinner is ready. We all had dinner and had good chat. Aunty was seeing me smiling. But she spoke very less. I guess because of uncle she was quiet. Whenever I kept seeing her, she made a gesture in the eyes telling uncle is there keep quiet. We both behaved as if we are just neighbours. Uncle was already drunk little. I was feeling tired and sleepy. I said good bye to all and a special good bye to my sweetheart and came back home. I wanted to get up early morning as I had to go to college. I had never missed college. I went to bed and slept.

Morning I got ready and came out 8.30. I was going to college. Aunty also came out to leave prajju to school. As usual she had got up at 5.30am and took bath washed the corridor. She looks so fresh daily. I called her “Hi Ramya”. She told Prajju is here don’t tell that he will tell to uncle. I told hi aunty. I told I will leave prajju as I am going to college will drop him and go. She agreed. I took prajju and left to the school and went to college. After finishing college I came back and 4.30PM. was eager to sit with my sweet ramya aunty and have coffee. But when I came back the villain uncle was already sitting in the house. I just wished him and went to house. I locked the door took bath and came out. I dint see my sweetheart at all.

It was very difficult to meet aunty alone now. As uncle used to go to office by 5.30 and come back by 3PM, by the time I come back he was at home. I desparetly wanted his shift timings to change. But because of some urgent work, he did 5.30shift job for many days. Finaly Sunday came. But uncle was all day in the house only. To tell you frankly I hardly got time to speak to her. Somehow I had to control all this. This went for more than 15days. I was afraid if aunty will forget me or go far from me. Some how I was managing to speak to her and make her feel that I am very caring for her.

Slowly I started getting chocolates to Prajju. My intention was I can get some chocolates to my sweetheart as well. So if I bring something I used to bring two so that I can give it to my love and to prajju. Atleast this was the moment I was speaking to my aunty. But I wanted to eat the chocolate my aunty was eating. I was wanted to take chocolate, ice cream or anything which was in her mouth inside my mouth by kissing her. But was waiting kept waiting and kept waiting because I dint wanted to force her or make her upset. She might be thinking me as a brother son or a good friend. So I had to control until things glow towards me.

I was bored of this alone ness. Even though the beauty queen is so very close, I am not able to hug, I am not able to lift her, I am not able to touch her. Forget all this I am not able to speak to her properly. I decided to take a TV. There was no TV both in my house as well as in auntys house. I wanted to get the TV, but thought I will go on Sunday as I had to college daily.

One Sunday came, I called uncle and told I am purchasing a TV, you people also come it will be nice. Uncle agreed immediately and prajju also joined. I wanted my sexy to come and choose the TV for me. I said uncle, aunty will be alone why don’t we take her also. He agreed. Aunty got ready in 10mins. She was happy to come with me, I could see in her face. We all walked to nearby showroom. I guess that was the first time all three of them had entered such show room. She was seeing all the TVs, all the electronic items so curiously. There were many TVs which were on. Prajju was jumping seeing many TVs at once. Uncle walked around the showroom. He just went forward. Slowly I came near my sexy aunty and called

Me: Ramya…. (with soft voice)

Sh: (turned towards me) Don’t tell like that, anyone can listen.

Me: Ramya it’s been so many days, we dint speak only. I am feeling so lonely you know, I am missing you.

Sh: (she responded positively for that.) “Even me Preethu, but what to do. No time only. You also know this right.”.

Me: because of that only I am taking TV. I am feeling so boring alone. Thought if TV is there it will be good time pass.

Sh: yes. Can I come and watch TV in your house Preethu?

Me: ramya what is this? That is your house come any time 24hours door is opened.(I was mentioning my pant zip  ). And you have to choose a good TV for me pls. that is why I got you here.

Sh: ok preethu. Uncle is coming.

Me: ok choose a TV for me soon.

Sh: take that one. Full black combination it will be very good.

Me: we took Onida TV which my sexy ramya selected

I paid the bill and told showroom person to deliver it to my address. It was afternoon. We were coming back. Uncle told he will get non veg, as it was Sunday. I told uncle today it will be my money. I gave him some money to get non veg. prajju also went with him. I was waiting for this opportunity. We were coming back to the house. I stopped near the ice-cream parlour. Took only one cup ice and gave it to her. She told she don’t want. I told her please just at least have once and give. She took and had one spoon and gave to me. Before putting it to the ice-cream, I licked the spoon nicely so that I can taste the sweet saliva of my ramya. I guess she saw it. But don’t know. Then I had ice-cream and again I gave it to her. May be she also liked my saliva. She dint say no. she had and gave to me. Finally we both finished ice-cream exchanging the sweet saliva of each other. I came near a sweet shop and took some sweets. She asked why sweets. I told because I have taken TV I will give the sweets to you and your family. And also I told please I need a sweet which you will bite and give. She dint say anything. Then we reached house. I wanted to touch her ass. But was afraid if uncle will come.

Uncle came with non veg. and aunty prepared it. We all had lunch and was waiting for the TV to come. uncle slept and aunty was about to sleep. I told them will call them once TV comes. I went to my house and slept. Around 5PM the TV came. The driver kept the TV and left. Uncle, aunty and prajju came to my house. Uncle and myself kept the TV in the corner. Switched on, only Doordharshan was coming. Then uncle told if I need to take cable connection let him know. Cable operator is his friend. I told will he come on Sunday. He told yes. I told aunty to arrange for pooja to peform pooja to TV mean while will call cable operator. Uncle and I went to cable operator’s house. He came along with us and gave the connection. Waaw thank god now it was good time pass.

I also had a big idea that I can make aunty see all the mega serials and she will come and watch daily and I can be with her always. That was my intention. I think everyone knows that ladies love TV and mega serials. Aunty did pooja and gave sweets to everyone. I saw her thinking she will give me the sweet which she bitten. But she had it fully and saw me and smiled. As if she teased me. It was so sensual but still was upset. All of us sat on the bed which was in the hall and watched the TV.

Let me tell you how my house was. In hall, I had a bed, now I have kept the TV in the corner. So I could sleep and watch TV directly. In room I had one more bed with a cupboard. There was kitchen and a bathroom attached with toilet. This was my simple house when I was studying.

So we all sat on the bed and watched lot of programs. It was 7 o clock. Aunty told she will prepare dinner and come. I told why don’t we have food here only today watching TV? Uncle was so impressed. Aunty also told ok because there was kannada movie which was auntys favourite and she dint wanted to miss it. There was news at 7 o clock. So uncle and aunty both went. I was wondering where uncle went. After 30mins aunty came and asked where uncle is. Slowly uncle came. He told he went down for smoking. But he had gone to drink as it was Sunday and non veg. we watched the movie, aunty got all the food items from her house. We all sat down and had nice food. Uncle was fully drunk. After having food he told he is feeling sleepy. He called aunty, she told she will finish the movie and come. he left to his house. Slowly prajju also slept. She took him and went to her house. I asked her are you going. She told no no I will put him on bed and come. she went after 10mins she came back. I had switched off the lights. It will be good to watch TV with dark place. As if theater effect.

My sexy ramya came. She was the dark room.

Sh: hey what is this?, now its TV is looking very good.

Me: yes aunty to watch TV in dark its good.

Sh: yes yes

She sat on the bed, I was sleeping. She told Preethu, get me sweets please. I told ok and went inside to get sweets. She asked which is my fav. Sweet. I took one sweet and gave. She bit half in her mouth and gave to me. I told I don’t want this. Then she asked what you want then. I asked give the one inside your mouth. She took everything in her mouth and gave it to me. Dear all it was really so sweet. I told thanks Ramya.

Sh: sorry preethu. Evening uncle was there how can I give the sweet what I had bitted.?

Me: it ok ramya. Sweet was tooooooooooo sweet.

Sh:enof enof. Now let me watch the movie. When will this get over I have to go. Otherwise I cant get up early.

Me: another 20mins aunty.

Sh: ok

While she was watching TV, I slept and was watching. I had stretched my legs and it was very close to her legs. I slowly moved my toes towards her toes. I touched it as if it had accidentally. She dint say anything. I just kept touching. Don’t know whether she enjoyed it? but I enjoyed a lot. I got up and went to toilet. And came back. Sat next to her. Called her

Me: Ramya, are you enjoying the TV?

Sh: Preethu, after many days I am watching TV. Thanks for this

Me: swear I took this for you only ramya. I know you like to see TV.

Sh: hey preethu, y do u care for me so much?

Me: I don’t know ramya, you know you are so innocent, you are like a small kid. That’s is why I like you so much.

Sh: thanks preethu. Atleast I have someone now to who cares for me

Me: don’t worry ramya. I am there with you.

Sh: (she kept seeing me and gave a sweeeeet love smile.) even you are like a kid only preethu. But the way you speak, its like as if you are so matured and you are so caring. I am really seeing my son in you.

Me: ramya, I am so happy that I got a friend like you.

Sh: even I am happy dear that I got a good friend like you

Me: hey did uncle sleep?

Sh: ya he slept. If he sleeps he will not get up at all. He snores a lot. And also I have locked the door from outside.

Me: ok ok.

Sh: mmmm ok got over. I will go now. Morning I have to get up early.

Me: ramya, cant you be here for some more time? Its been one month we both dint speak properly. I am missing you so much.

Sh: even I am missing you preethu. But what to do.

Me: can I hold your hand and sit for sometime. Just 10mins then you go. I wont stop.

Sh: ok preethu. Sweeet boy

I was holding her hands and watching her only while she was busy watching TV. She used to see me every few seconds and smile. And ask “Hey preethu what are you seeing?”

I told “Your sweet face and your innocent eyes. They are so beautiful”. In that dark room with different different colors from the TV, her face was looking so charming. It was already 20mins. Dint knew how it went. It went like 2mins. She told she will go its already time. I dint want to stop her because she will be tired whole day and had to get up at 5.30. I told ok ramya you go now its time.

She went near door and turned towards me. Again came near me and stood near me. I was just seeing her. She pushed my hairs behind and kissed on my forehead. We both smiled each other. I called Ramya. She asked what Preethu.

Me: Can I hug you once pls. sorry if you don’t like. I just wanted to be under your arms and be like a kid for 2mins

Sh: Come preethu. Hug me.

She hugged so caringly, that as if a mother was holding a child. Even though I had lust towards her, I was feeling guilty about myself that I was doing mistake. But still her body was making me so nervous. I was hugging her softly. And one hand with courage placed it on her soft ass. Without my knowledge I kissed her bare shoulder near neck. She slowly moved and told she will go now. Its time. My hand was still on her ass and one had was around her neck. Our both lips were so close. But still I had to control the lust until she opens.

She left the house. I came outside until she entered her house. While going she told, sleep well dear and take care of health. Usually wife will tell this to hubby when there will away for few days. I felt as if my wife is going somewhere. While she opened the lock, she kept seeing me. She stood there for few seconds which made me feel that she didn’t want to go inside. But she had to go. After she left, I went inside.

That hug, kiss made me so horny. I removed my clothes and was fully naked. Masturbated twice and slept.


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