My Long Affair with my Aunty – II

This story is about my motherly aunty Ramya.

After she left I felt so much of love towards her. I was really feeling that I may fall in real love with her. My lust towards her was changing to real love. May because of her poor background, struggling life I was becoming more and more emotional about my sexy ramya. I went to bed and I couldn’t sleep for long. I took out my dick to masturbate but I couldn’t think of sex with her. I was feeling I should hold her in my arms and make her feel that she is kid in my arms.

Morning I got up and went to college taking prajju to school. she smiled at me. I went near bike and something flashed in my mind. I came back leaving prajju near bike.

Sh: what hpnd preethu? Did u forget something?

Me: yes ramya. I forgot something.

Sh: whats that preethu?

Me: I forgot to give you my house key.

Sh: what will I do with that dear?

Me: you can watch TV Ramya. I know you love to watch

Sh: hey its ok preethu. Don’t want. If something lost then? Pls don’t want. Take it preethu.

Me: ramya. Why do u think like that? Promise that TV was taken for you only. Ok now its getting late. I will give the key. If you want you go and watch else leave it.

sh: ok preethu. So nice of you. Come soon from college

Me: ok will try. (gave a sweet smile and said bye Ramya)

I went to college and came back by 5PM. I saw uncle was already at home. Seriously I was fed up with his timings. He was always at home now when I am back. I went to uncle and asked for the key. My ramya came and gave the key. I wanted to ask her if she had watched TV. But uncle was there. So dint know whether it was a good question to ask. I saw her and then left to my house.

I opened the door. I could see the bed sheet on the bed was little distracted. So I understood my ramya had slept there. I was happy that she is coming to my house and watching TV. I just wanted her to be happy that’s it. I got fresh and went to kitchen to see if there is anything to eat. There was nothing. I just switched on the TV and was watching TV. After sometime uncle came. I called him inside. I dint wanted him to come and sit on the bed. It was meant for my ramya dear and me. So I instantly got up from bed and put a chair. He sat on a chair. And asked me to put some news channel. We both watched. After sometime ramya came and called him for dinner. She dint call me. I was worried what happened. But I dint wanted to ask. Then uncle and ramya both left. They closed the door. I went outside for dinner and came back. Still door dint open. I just went to bed.

Morning while to going to college I asked my ramya whether she watched TV. She told “yes Preethu I was watching. I thought uncle will come. so I had to come home soon. Sorry I know the bed was distracted. I don’t want uncle to be upset by seeing I am sleeping in your house.”

I just told with smile “Hey Ramya, why are you so worried? I am happy that you are watching TV and that makes you happy. Its ok. See Ramya I just want you to keep smiling. That’s it. Keep the key. Please don’t hesitate. Ok I will move now. I have to early today.” I left to college

So this went on for 10 to 15days. But one day it was Friday, I came back from college at 3.30PM only. I parked the bike below and came upstairs. Saw ramya’s house is locked from outside. I just want towards my house and saw it was partially opened. I guess my ramya is there inside house. I slowly opened the door. I saw my sweetheart is on bed along with Prajju. TV was on and she was watching a daily mega serial. I dint wanted to disturb her. I slowly took the remote and switched off the TV. I went inside and got fresh changed my dress to Tshirt and shorts and came outside. My ramya was still sleeping.

She was wearing a smooth material saree, her saree was little up from her feet. I could see her white legs with little hairs on it. i wanted to pull the saree somemore so that I could see her pussy. But dint had courage. her boobs were popeing from her chest. as she was breathing those two sexy soft items were going down and up. Her pallu was distracted. so I could directly see her sexy left boob in her green blouse. I wanted to hold them the squeeze it. her mangal sutra was outside making me say that she has got a driving license to fuck. Her soft juicy lips were making me so hungry to suck them. Both the lips were little apart. Her mouth was not closed fully. Her hairs were scatterd. Making her beauty more and more. Over I could see a damn Ramya Krishna figure comeing directly from shooting and sleeping on my bed. I wanted to hug and squeeze the whole body and fuck her. But something was stopping me. I slowly went near my ramya. Slowly bent and kissed on her forehead. I wanted to watch TV but was afraid If she awakes. So I just went inside room and took out my college records. Finished few things to be written for college. It was 4.45PM. I came outside to see if uncle had come. he had not come. I went inside and went to kitchen. And prepared Tea for aunty and me. I was wating for my angel to get up. After some 30mins my angel got up. I was sitting on the chair and reading something.

Sh: oh Preethu. When did u come?

Me: I came at 3.30only ramya. Sleep no probs.

Sh: oh its too late its already 5.15.

Me: uncle dint come still?

Sh: no his shift is changed from 2.30 to 10.30. I came by 3PM and don’t know when I slept.

Me: its ok Ramya. Come here I have soemthign for you.

Sh: what is that Preethu?

Me: give your hand here (I stretched my hands to hold her and she held my hands. I took her to kitchen). Take this Tea and see how it is.

Sh: oh thanks preethu. Y did u take so much risk.

Me: hey nothing like that ramya. Please have it. and tell how it is.

She had a sip and told its wonderfull. I told give that cup. We both exchanged the cups. I was drinking her Tea and she mine. She was still in sleepy mood. Seeing me in half closed eyes. We both were watching each other with a small smile on the lips. I wanted to go forward and proceed. Suddenly a sound came from hall “Mummy Mummy”. I came back to my sense. She suddenly rushed outside and took him outside my house. Because she was afraid if he will tell to uncle that we both slept in Rakis house.

Then after sometime around 7.30 she came outside. I was standing outside. She called for dinner. We all three had dinner. By 9PM prajju slept. She put him on bed. I was watching TV in my house. She came. She sat on the chair. But I asked her to come on bed. She came on bed. I was sleeping and watching TV. She was sitting in front. I thought to touch her tighs by my toes. But dotn know what happened I got up and sat next to her. It was already 9.45. by another 45mins my villan uncle will come. I wanted something before he comes. Atleast a hug. We both were just watching TV. I wanted her to speak something. But she was concentrating on the TV. I started speaking

Me: Ramya?

Sh: yes Preethu.

Me: nothing. Just simply called

Sh: ok. Why are u looking so dull preethu?

Me: nothing aunty lot of things in college so was little tired.

Sh: ok sleep then.

Me: no no. its ok . I feel so relaxed when you are around.

Sh: I know Preethu how much u like me and care for me. But I don’t know why.

Me: hey ramya. You are a kid so only I like you. Now don’t think too much. Its 10 o clock. Uncle will come.

Sh: yes preethu. I will go now. You sleep.

Me: ok ramya you carry on. If uncle will come it wont look good. But I wanted to ask something

Sh: whats that preethu.

Me: what happened to our lifting bets. Have you forgotten totally?

Sh: oh no no. we will have but not now. Will let you know. Lets not hurry for that.

Me: its ok I just reminded you.

Sh: (smiled) ok shall I go?

Me: (I just held her fingers) miss you ramya.

Sh: (smiled with emotion) she came near and kissed on my forehead and told sleep well preethu.

Me: Ramya I want to be alone with you one day. So that we both can share our sorrows, happiness freely.

Sh: yes preethu. Let me see if we get such chance. Ok now I will go preethu. Uncle may come anytime

Me: ok ramya

We both got up. I just told “You look so beautiful like a small kid ramya”. I told I will drop you till the door. She told ok. I just held her waist from behind from my right hand and in one hand I opend the door. As soon as I opened the door I bent myself and told this way you have to maharani. She smiled and told you silly boy I am not maharani preethu. I told you are a maharani. She called me inside again. I went inside. The gave me a simple hug and said good nite.

She went near the door and waved her hands to make TaTa in a simple lovable way. And she vanished inside like an angel.

I was so missing her. Even though I was getting lot chances I was not using it. something was stopping me to fuck her. But I wanted to wait. Because I was falling in love with her than lust. That night I was really missing that ass which I touched while holding her waist. I went to bed and masturbated thinking of her twice and slept.

We both were becoming very close day by day. We were so close that it was difficult for us without seeing each other for a single day. We tried atleast speak for few minutes daily. Even though if I had lot of college work I used to manage to spend some time with her. Whenever uncle had 2.30PM to 10.30PM we both used to have nice time chatting and watching TV.

Sometimes I used to prepare food and serve her or she used to prepare food in my house only. It would be so fun. If uncle had 2.30PM to 10.30PM shift. But sometimes he used to have nightshift. That time it was difficult for us to meet. As whole day he would be at home and in the night I dint had courage to ask her to stay with me. In the morning shift also it was difficult. By the time I come back from house uncle used to come back. So we were happy when uncle had afternoon shift.

One day when uncle had afternoon shift, we both were watching TV. Prajju was sleeping. I asked aunty to prepare food at my home only. She also agreed. We decided to prepare non-veg. I went and got non-veg. later she got up and went to prepare the food. I was watching TV. After few minutes I just switched off the TV and went inside the kitchen. My ramya was cleaning non-veg and getting prepared all the masala to prepare spicy non-veg dinner. She was wearing light blue ordinary saree with matching light blue blouse. The dress was little old as she dint had money to buy new ones. Since her blouse was old it was little transparent and I could see her white bra not so clearly but still I could make out it was white one. And it was an ordinary bra. She had lifted the saree and tucked to her waist. I could see the white sexy legs with hairs on them. I slowly went inside without making sound and suddenly shouted. She got scare and shouted. It was so fun. She turned towards me and told “what is this preethu. I was so scared. Don’t scare me like that. I am afraid.”

I told sorry ramya. Just thought to play with you.

She was standing infront of the stove and started preparing. I was standing next to her and kept watching what she was doing. And kept asking how to prepare and all. We both were speaking and she was preparing. And also I was helping her in getting things like, salt, water etc. she was stirring the sambar. I was just seeing her. Her beautiful eyes were blinking every second, her lips were filled with juice, her cheeks were like apple which I wanted to bite. I just move a little close to her. Now my hips were touch her hips. I moved as if I wanted to see something in the pan. I kept one hand on the stand and the other on her waist as if I was watching what she was preparing. She was smiling and speaking and explaining how to prepare non-veg. I slowly moved my hand on her bums the sexy soft ass. Swear on god they were really soft like the big butter ball. I kept there for 2mins. She dint say anything. I wanted to squeeze it. I just moved my hand slowly on her ass. Suddenly she asked “How is it?” without thinking I suddenly I told “Its really nice ramya.”. she told “I am asking about the non-veg smell preethu.” I was thinking she was asking about the ass. I told its really good. Smell is really super. Then suddenly I took my hand and went outside to check if prajju is awake. He was still sleeping. Again I came back. She was washing few vessels she had used for preparing non-veg. she was bending infront of the wash basin. Her ass was looking so awesome. I couldn’t control. I want forward. Stood straight infront of her ass. It was like she is bending and giving me her ass to fuck. My dick was exactly near her ass. I just kept my hand near her bare waist and held her. Again she shouted “ooouch”. Again she told please preethu don’t scare me. Prajju will wakeup if I shout like this.”

After prepareing she just washed her face and came outside. I really enjoyed her ass like anything. Her ass was really sexy. A soft big butter ball. Perfect shape even without workout.

So like this there were many small incidents used to happen. I used to enjoy a lot. But uncle used to always for morning shift. So we used to rearly get chance to be alone and share things. That time we dint had mobile to communicate whenever we wanted. So these things kept happening.

After some 1 month Exam started for Prajju. She became busy making him study. She only had to teach her. Even I dint wanted to disturb her. His exam went for some 10days. These days went like 10years for me. But one more thing was if exam gets over, prajju will be at home for 2mnths summer vacation. I thought I will be a tough time for me. I was so upset that I will not be able to meet my ramya.

But for my luck, something strange happened. It was Saturday. I came from college soon by 1.30. I went to my house had something and slept. Around 5.30PM I came out, my sweet ramya was standing.

Me: hello Ramya.

Sh: hey preethu, I came at 3PM saw you were sleeping so I came back and slpt.

Me: oh ramya you could have woke me dear.

Sh: thought you will be sleeping and I would disturb so dint wake you

Me: had cofi? Shall I prepare?

Sh: (she came near me) ok come I will prepare for you.

Me: ok aunty.(we both went to her house)

Sh: (she prepare a good tea and we both sat opposite to each other) take preethu

Me: waaaw tea is really good. You hand is like that ramya

Sh: hey tomorrow uncle and prajju are going to their native

Me: what are you telling? Is it true

Sh: yes. Uncles parents had written letter saying they wants to see him. So he will be there for 1mnth.

Me: ohhh great. But you miss him right ramya.

Sh: yes I miss him a lot.

Me: don’t worry aunty what is one kid is away. I am there no? your else kid Preetham

Sh: (she smiled) what happened today you dint ask my tea?

Me: oh sorry ramya. After hearing the news you told I forgot everything.

Sh: mmmmm you want or not? Only few drops are there.

Me: ok give. (I sipped it with full love)

Sh: (smiled) you are also a kid only.

Then I told bye and came back as even I had finished my exams and had 1mnth summer vacations.

After ramy told that Prajju and uncle are going to native, I couldn’t sleep whole night. I was waiting when it will be morning. When uncle and Prajju will go out of house. I slept naked as it was summer.

Since Prajju had finished his exams, uncle parents wanted to see him. I was wondering why my ramya is not going. Anyways its good for me that my sweetheart is not going. Lot of things where running in my mind. For the first time I am getting a chance with ramya, where I can stay with her whole day and may be night as well. I don’t know what time I slept but I was thinking lot about the next day.

I woke up at 7AM. Suddenly I thought whats the situation in my ramya house? Has the uncle and prajju left? Is aunty alone? Shall I go and hug her from behind and surprise her? I came outside and stood in the corridor. I saw uncle and prajju coming outside getting ready to go to native. Prajju saw me and was shouting and telling “I am going to native, I am going to native”. My ramya came outside and saw me and gave me a smile. I could make out by her expression that she wanted to tell that we both are alone whole day and night. I told uncle that I will drop till bus stop. Uncle agreed. I went inside got the Bike key and came down. Uncle and Prajju came down along with my sexy ramya.

I dropped uncle and prajju and came back soon. Now it was like heaven for me. No one to disturb us today. Whole day aunty will be with me. I came soon parked the bike and ran upstairs. Door was closed. I wanted to knock but just went to my house. I brushed soon and washed my face. Suddenly my lovely lady knocking the door. I was so happy. It will be nice to see a lady coming behind than we go behind her. She came smiling inside.

Me: hey my sweet ramya. Today we both are full free

Sh: yes preethu. Ok I will prepare breakfast soon. Then we both can sit and speak whole day what do u say preethu?

Me: hey will do one thing. Shall I get breakfast from outside?

Sh: ok. But It would be good to prepare.

Me: no ramya will have from outside today. What you like more ramya?

Sh: I love masala dosa.

Me: ok I will get masala dosa. And anything else you like?

Sh: no preethu enough. You know its been 3years I dint had masala dosa.

Me: ok my chweeeeeeeeeeeet ramya I will get you.

I just came near her and held her cheeks and told you wait here only will be back in 10mins. I went to hotel and came back soon with 2 masala dosa. It was smelling so good. Once I got masala dosa, she was very happy. She was watching TV. She was crazy about TV. I gave one masala dosa for her and one for me. I could see lot of happiness in her today. I dint want to make her upset at anycast today as this was a golden opportunity for us. She opened the masala dosa and was about to eat. I stopped her. She asked why

Sh: Why Preethu? What happened?

Me: ramya. Today I want to play something. Hope you like it.

Sh: whats that preethu?

Me: today you will be my kid. And I will take care of you. Is that ok?

Sh: oh god. Waaaw. I am ok with that. So I am your kid and one more thing, you have to be my kid today. Is that ok?

Me: waaaw ramya this is also good. So today we both are kids of each other.

Sh: yes preethu. You know today I don’t want to be sad. Its very nice that I got you. After you came I feel there is someone who can listen to me.

Me: now stop this and all will discuss this later. Now will have break fast

Sh: ok.

Me: see you are my kid today. So I will feed you ramya.

Sh: ok preethu. I don’t know why you like me so much. I feel really like a kid.

I was feeding her. While giving her dosa, I could feel her soft touch was touching my fingers, after feeding her everytime I was licking my fingers so that I can taste her saliva. I was enjoying it. and I asked her

Me: aunty if you don’t mind can I ask you something?

Sh: ask preethu. Why do u think like that.? You are keeping me so happy. You knw after my mom you are the only person who feeded me.

Me: aunty whenever you feed Prajju, even I was feeling that you should feed me. If you don’t mind can you feed me pls?

Sh: ohh preethu. Why should you ask for that? Give that dosa here I will feed you. After all you are also my kid only no dear?

Me: so sweet of you ramya. You know we both have very good understanding

Sh: yes that’s true. Now open you mouth. I will feed you

Sh: (I bit her hand) stupid what is this preethu?

Me: just simply ramya. Sorry (I took those finger and started licking them and giving kiss and asked her how she is feeling)

Sh: its nice now. If you bit again I will not feed you.

Me: ok ok my ramya I wont do that. (I was licking her finger while she was feeding.)

We both finished breakfast. I could see ramya was very happy. I asked if she wants I can get one more. She told no enough.

Me: aunty I need to take bath

Sh: oh yes preethu even I need to take bath. I got up and gave bath to prajju and uncle took bath. I dint get time only to take bath.

Me: then why don’t we both take bath together ramya? (I smiled)

Sh: hey stupid what are you speaking. Keep quiet

Me: why you don’t like to take bath with me ramya?

Sh: will you keep quiet or not preethu. Its not good. Keep quiet

Me: hey ramya I was just pulling your leg.sorry if it hurts you

Sh: hey no no preethu. I know how much you are naughty and the way you make me laugh and relaxed.

Me: (I thought she might agree as she was very close with me) mm ok aunty lets take bath soon and chat for the whole day. After noon also I will get from outside.

She left to her house to take bath. I also went to bath with full disappointment.

I took bath, put lot of deodorant so that ramya will be impressed. I was waiting for my sexy ramya to come. was imagining how she will be. After 30mins my sexy lady came. I was so eager to see her, what she is wearing, how her body structure is displayed. She came inside directly. Let me describe my sexy lady

She was wearing light blue saree, with matching blouse. It was little transparent. I guess this was the only nice saree she had. Everytime any special occasion she used to wear this saree. But she used to look so stunning in that saree. She had wore white bra, which was lightly visible from her blouse. She had wore the saree little tight may be she wanted to show her sexy body to this hunger dog.

Me         :               hey ramya what hpnd? Why are you so tired dear?

Sh           :               oh preethu I took head bath no. so I am feeling very tired.

Me         :               ok wait I will get you something to drink.

Sh           :               its ok preethu

Me         :               (I went inside and prepared lemon juice. After some 10mins I came back) take it ramya. You will feel little relaxed

Sh           :               ohh thanks preethu. You take care of me so much. Whenever you care for me I feel that I am with my mom. Even she used to take care of me like this only

Me         :               you miss her no ramya?

Sh           :               yes preethu. I miss her so much (tears started coming out of her eyes)

Me         :               now if you cry I will not speak to you. And today we both have promise that we will not be sad and will be happy throughout the day.

Sh           :               OK ok my dear.

Me         :               that’s like a sweet kid

Sh           :               what is this today you have put lot of perfume? Good smell preethu

Me         :               thanks ramya. Just like that I put.

Sh           :               hey what shall we prepare for food in the afternoon?

Me         :               no preparing. Today its holiday for my maharani. I will bring from outside ramya. Please

Sh           :               but it will be expensive no dear? I will prepare why are you worried?

Me         :               no no. atleast today I want to see my sweet ramya just sitting simply like maharani (queen)

Sh           :               ok what will you get then?

Me         :               tell me ramya what you like? Don’t hesitate dear. Today I want to keep you very happy and you should feel that no one had cared for you so much

Sh           :               hey preethu, really you care for me so much dear. I feel so happy when I am with you.

Me         :               no enough of formalites maharani. Order what you need

Sh           :               what ever you wish preethu.

Me         :               ok I will get chicken biryani.

Sh           :               preethu, I have never had chicken biryani in my life time. I always wanted to have it.

Me         :               ohhh ramya, don’t worry today you will have that. And pls let me know what all you want today. I will get you.

Sh           :               nothing preethu. Be with me that’s enough.

Me         :               I will be with you only dear.

She smiled and turned towards TV. She was a TV bug. May be because she dint had TV in her house, she was very crazy about the TV.

Sh           :               shall I watch TV preethu?

Me         :               no you cannot watch.

Sh           :               ohh sorry preethu.

Me         :               hey stupid. That TV I got for you only. Please never ask me dear. Watch it. see ramya, please be free with me. Ask me whatever you want. Please don’t hesitate

Sh           :               sure preethu. I am so happy today.

she was watching TV so deeply she forgot what was happeing the surrounding. She used to involve so much. I just got up from the bed and went to my room. I had a rubber lizard. I planned something. I just took it and threw on her back. She started shouting. i came running from inside. she was jumping and telling lizard lizard. she had removed her saree pallu and was checking where the lizard had gone. while doing this she was bending, her saree pallu was removed from her shoulder. i could see the sexy cleavage from her blouse. it was so awesome. since she had a nice boobs and nice structrue, her cleavage was very sexy sexy and sensual

Me         :               What happened ramya?

Sh           :               lizard preethu

Me         :               don’t worry (I took the rubber lizard and gave to her hand)

Sh           :               you stupid. I was so scared. I told you not to scare me like dear.

Me         :               I am sorry ramya. See today we have got golden chance sit and speak alone. In that you are watching TV. So I was bored and thought let me have some fun. Sorry sweety if it hurts

Sh           :               its ok . I am sorry dear. Wait will switch off the TV. (she switched off the TV and sat next to me)

Me         :               ramya I think we have forgotten something.

Sh           :               whats that preethu?

Me         :               remember we had a challenge of lifting each other?

Sh           :               yes. So you naughty want to lift me today.

Me         :               yes lets have a bet ramya

Sh           :               ok preethu. I think today is the right time. We wont get this chance again and again.

Me         :               yes ramya. Lets have this challenge today and now

Sh           :               ohhhh preethu. You are so eager to lift me? You will loose

Me         :               whether I loose or not ramya, but I will get a chance to lift you and hold you like a small kid

Sh           :               preethu, really I am so lucky that I got someone like you dear. I swear always thought I can never be happy. I am really happy from last 3 4 months after you came.

Me         :               ramya, don’t be so formal. I like you so much and I like your behaviour. So please here afterwards no more formatlities

Sh           :               ok now get ready for the competition

Me         :               What is the bet?

Sh           :               you tell preethu

Me         :               Ok who ever wins can ask anything from the loosers. Is that ok?

Sh           :               ok preethu. I am done

Me         :               Ok then come lets have the compition

We both decided to lift each other. Whether I win or not. But I just wanted to touch her soft and sexy ass and touch her boobs. We had a toss who will lift first. She won the toss and got ready to lift me. i stood so stiff. but she came near me and lifted me. it was so nice man. she lifted me so high such that her boobs were touching my stomach. they were so soft man. she was holding me for almost 2 mins and left me down. while coming down i was hugging her and massaged her back. her pallu fell down showing her sexy cleavage and my dick was rock hard now. wanted to fuck this sexy ramya. we both were tired and she fell on the bed and slept leaving heavy breathe. while she was breathing her boobs were going up and down. it was so nice to see. i went next to her and asked in a very soft and sensual voice.”Are you tired ramya?”. she told while breathing only “Ya dear, i am tired”. i went and put the fan as she was sweating. i asked her to remove her pallu for sometime as it was very hot. she dint listen. so i only just removed her pallu. she dint say anything. now she was little ok. she got up and with the pallu on her right side took it and put it on her shoulder cover her sexy boobs. we both laughed so much that it was so interesteing and fun

Now it was my turn to lift the sexy hot lady. She tucked her pallu to her waist from around her back. i could see her navel so clearly. first i just held her bare waist as if i am doing some reharsal. it was so soft and cold as she had taken bath. her hairs were now dried and since she was in opened hairs. she was looking like an angel.I bent down, to lift her. I put my hand little below her ass. My dick was standing like rock now. I was eager to lift her. i just saw her face. she gave a gesture to say ok you can lift kind of gesture. i lifted her. it was so nice man. her bare stomach was near my mouth. i just kept my mouth near her stomach. i was holding her so tightly that i was pressing her ass i wanted to lift her still more so that i could smell her pussy. but unfortunately she was heavy and it was difficult. it was almost 1.5 mins. i wanted her to win, so i slowly brought her down. while brining i made sure that i my mouth will touch her boobs. i did it exactly. finally i gave a kiss to her boobs while getting her down. but since was in tensed if i make her fall she couldnt notice that i kissed her boobs

I had lost by few seconds. She was shouting and telling that she had won

Me         :               ramya you wont by 20seconds

Sh           :               yes I won preethu. Now you have to give what I ask for

Me         :               sure ramya I will give you what ever you ask.

Sh           :               preethu I don’t want anything dear. Just promise me that you will be with me forever. At any cast you wont leave me. I just want you to be with me forever.

Me         :               (I came forward infront of her. Took her hand in my hand) I swear I will never leave you sweetheart. Its my promise.

I slowly pulled her in my arms and hugged her so tightly. She was in my arms as if a small child was sleeping. I was massaging her back. I was so nice. My dick was standing. I just moved my hand on her ass. But was afraid to massage. Thought if she feels that i am taking advantage. so i just kept my hand there for few minutes and then again took my hands on to her back and started massaging. i dint this for some 10mins. it was awesome expereince.

then we both were apart. She held me again and told don’t leave me and gave a sweet kiss to my forehead. I also kissed her on forehead. Wanted to ask for lips to lips. But don’t know why I was always afraid of asking her anything

it was around 1.30 PM. I told her I will get biriyani. I took my bike and came back soon with biriyani and some good starters. We had food feeding each other.

Me : ramya dear, shall I feed you? Today you are my sweet kid no/

Sh : ok preethu. Then I will feed you.

Me : ok ok ok. (I just pinched her cheeks). Chweeeeet kid

We both feeded each other. She was little emotion while I was feed. But she had promised me that she wont cry. But still I could feel that how much she was missing someone who cares for her. I wanted that careing person should be me and I decided I should do something for her and her family. but dint know how.

Sh : what happened preethu?

Me : nothing ramya. Just was seeing your beautiful eyes. They are so nice. You know if ramya krishna and you stand together, everyone will be confused who is who

Sh : hey preethu, stop it pls. I am not so beautiful.

Me : hey ramya, really you are so beautiful. I promise. I know no one has told this so you are feeling this.

Sh : ok now wash your hands. I will clean all this. Then we both can sit and speak. We have lot of time

Me : yes ramya. Good idea. Then you can watch your favourite TV (I smiled)

Sh : hey preethu, no today I wont watch TV dear. I will sit with you and speak. I know you want to talk to me

Me : its ok ramya. I know you love watcing TV. You watch. I will just sit next to you

Sh : ok sit here only. I will come soon clean all this vessels. Give me just 10mins. Will be back.

Me : shall I help you ramya?

Sh : no no not requiered my sweet boy. Sit here only and keep watching TV I will be back in 10mins

Me : ok ramya. I will wait come soon

I switched on TV and was watching some nice regional movie. It was some family movie. I knew ramya will like this kind of movie. I just put that I was watching it. she came after some 15 mins. She had washed her face legs and hands. I could easily makeout that she was looking fresh. she just wiped her face and sat next to me. once she saw the movie she was very happy. but she thought i will upset. so she just kept quiet.

Me : Ramya, I wont be upset. Come lets both watch this movie. I know you like this movie.

Sh : Preethu, ok will watch the movie but will keep speaking. Is that ok my dear?

Me : ok ramya.

Sh : make the sound little less.

Me : ramya shall I close the door and come? if its dark, it will be like theather effect.

Sh : Ya, sure preethu. It will be really good.

I bolted the door and came and sat on bed. I just rested myself streching my leg forward. She was sitting infront of me. Watching movie seriously.

Me : Ramya, come sleep and watch the movie. How much time you keep sitting there

Sh : movie was so interesting so I was watching preethu. Wait I will come behind

Me : ramya, if I ask something you wont mind right?

Sh : ask preethu.

Me : you are my kid no today? Please sleep on my lap today?

Sh : Preethu, I don’t know why I feel I should be with you only always dear. You know I feel I am with my mother only. I actually wanted to ask. But thought you may feel bad.

Me : some ramya. Sleep on my lap. (she kept her head on my lap and was watching TV.)

Sh : its feels so good dear.

while she was watching TV, I was brushing her hairs and I was just massaging her shoulder. Her blouse was so soft. Slowly I was massaging her hands and touching her fingures. Slowly I started massing her face. I kept doing this for 20 to 30mins. I guess she was feeling nice. it was not a lusty massage, it was a pure caring massage what i did. she stopped watching TV and turned towards me. she told switch off the TV. i switched off the TV. i kissed her forehead. even she pulled my forehead and kissed my forehead and got up.

Me : what happened ramya?

Sh : nothing preethu, just wanted to speak to you.

Me : ok ramya speak how much ever you want dear

Sh : Preethu, after my mom died you the only person who cares for me. I am so lucky.

Me : keep quiet dear. How much time you will tell this.

Sh : I keep telling this preethu, because who else I there for me other than you.

Me : ramya, why uncle wont listen to all those things?

Sh : Preethu, there are few things I cannot tell.

Me : its ok ramya, I wont force you dear. But I am there to listen to your feeligns

Sh : hey preethu, I will tell everything today to you. Don’t know whetehr I will get this chance again and again.

Me : that’s like a good girl.

Sh : Preethu, uncle is a good man. But he is not good to me.

Me : what are you saying ramya?

Sh : Yes Preethu. I am the second wife of uncle. He just take care of the house. He speaks very less to me. You know even today he thinks of her first wife and forget about me. He was very nice to me in the first few years. After Prajju was born, I don’t know what happend to him he was speaking very less to me.

Me : ohh what happened to him dear?

Sh : My brother had promised my in laws that he will give some money. But he never gave. And even I dint had anyone in my life from my side. No parents, no brother, no relatives. He used to beat me to get money. But where will I get. I thought I will go to job. but what job i will do. no one gave me job.

Me : then what happened dear? Come sleep on my lap and don’t cry ramya. I am there.

Sh : then uncles parents came one day after Preethu died. They were very upset on me for no reason. My mother in law slapped me and told that preethu died because of me and she also scolded that I am not able to get money, and scolded bad words and told I am orphan and fit for nothing

Me : Oh good dear.

Sh : Uncle also supported his parents only. Preethu I was so alone dear. Swear many times I planned to commit suicide. But when I see Prajju I dint want to do that. You know its been 2years I took clothes. Whenever uncle feels he willl get me something otherwise he will treat me as slave. but i dont want people to speak bad about me. so i never shared anything with anyone. no one likes me. the only friend i had was radha, who is in mysore now. we both used to communicate through letters. i used to share all my feelings and sorrows with her. but one day somehow a letter was caught my uncle. i got beatings nicely. after that i stopped writing letters and wrote a letter to radha telling not to write letters. i feel so lonely dear.

She just got up from my lap and hugged me so tightly while I was sitting only. Her soft boobs were touching my chest. I dint want to miss this oppurtunity. I also hugged her more tightly around her back so that those soft and sexy boobs press more against my chest. i was massaging her back right from her nect to her ass. since she was wearing saree her back was bare and the blouse part and in the middle of blouse and saree in the wasit. i used to massage so sensually. but it was like caring for her.

slowly we both free ourselves and was watching each other. Her eyes were fillled with tears. I wipped them and kissed those eyes.

Me : Ramya, now please don’t worry. I willl be with you always.(kissed her sweet cheeks)

again she hugged me tightly and cried telling please don’t leave me. I kept kissing her bare shoulder near the blouse. I was kissing such a way that I was licking her shoulder.

Sh : Preethu, even I want to earn some money so that I can get something for myself. Uncle wont give money to me. Even I want to stand on my leg.

Me : Don’t worry ramya. I am there with you. I will plan soemthing for you. Swear. But you should not loose hopes.

Sh : Preethu, now I really thinking I will also have life like others.

Me : You will dear. Now you watch TV. Willl prepare Tea and come.

Sh : I will prepare dear. You sleep.

Me: : Ok come we both will prepare

We both got up. My dick was standing like rod. I was turning the other side and was adjusting so that ramya shouldn’t see. But I guess she was it. I could see she just turned the other side when I saw her face after adjusting my dick. Even she was making her pallu alright because it was all scattered when we both hugged. She was bending and adjusting. I could see sexy cleavage. I was just staring at them while she was adjusting. She saw me. I just smiled. Just wanted to make her feel that I liked her cleavage. She also gave a smile. And we both walked to kitchen.

We both went to kitchen. While going I just kept my hand on her bare waist. Slowly I moved my hands on her ass. Just pinched her ass. She shouted saying “Keep quiet Preethu”. And she genlty hit on my shoulders. Then we reached the kitchen. I removed my hands from her ass. she went infront of the stove. she was preparing the tea. but i was just playing with her. like tickling her, pulling her hairs and so many things. but she was also enjoying it. we both were fighting like kids. while fighting i took lot of advantage of touching her boobs, touching her ass, waist everything. even she was tickling me and she was also enjoying. mean while tea was ready. she put tea into cup. i asked to drink and give. we both exchanged our tea cups after drinking half half. then we both came to hall and sat on bed again. it was almost 5PM in the evening.

Now I was serious about her life. After hearing her story swear I was very much worried and wanted to do something so that my ramya will stand on her own legs. We both sat and she looked at me.

Sh           :               What happened preethu? Why are you looking so worried?

Me         :               nothing ramya I was thinking what I can do for you

Sh           :               hey preethu. Don’t think too much. I just belive in god. So I know hereafterwards everything will be alright. And I am confident that if you are with me I can do something in life.

Me         :               good ramya. Keep up this confidence.

Sh           :               (she held my fingers and was playing with that) at this age you really behave as if you are so grown up.

Me         :               (I was thinking in mind. Just sleep naked I will show u how much I am grown) nothing ramya. I just felt I need to help you.

Sh           :               thank you so much preethu.

Me         :               hey ramya by the way do u know tailoring?

Sh           :               No preethu. Why are you asking this question?

Me         :               one of my friends dad has garments company. I think we can take his help and do something

Sh           :               but I don’t know stiching and uncle wont send me to job.

Me         :               but you told he need money so only he was torturing you?

Sh           :               yes needs money from my house and it should be big amout. And he doesn’t want me to go to job because his mom has told that ladies shouldn’t go out for job

Me         :               mmmmm. What can we do now? Hey come with me we will go out.

Sh           :               where preethu?

Me         :               I will take you to the tailoring training which in the last cross.

Sh           :               ya I have seen it. but they charge for that.

Me         :               come ramya lets see how much they charge. Then we will decide.

Sh           :               what if uncle knows? He will start shouting on me. He will not give money also for training

Me         :               ok now do one thing. Tell him that you are joing some free tailoring training and they will give you one tailoring machine. You have to stitch clothes for them

Sh           :               but I am afraid preethu.

Me         :               ramya, come here (she just came infront of me and stood like a child). Life is risk, risk it. nothing will happen dear. Be bold. I am always behind you. Just have courage in you. Think if you get some money you can lead your life. And you can give Prajju good education

Sh           :               Yes preethu. Come lets go. Thanks for encouraging me so much.

We both went to the tailoring training shop. I enquired about the training. They told it costs Rs. 1500 for 1 month course and 1 hour daily. I asked them can she come 4 hours a day and finish it in one week? They told sure we can but she must have interest. i told she will do it. but she pulled me outside and told

Sh           :               preethu, what are you speaking. Rs 1500. where will we bring so much money dear.

Me         :               Can you finish that course in 1week? Do you have that confidence?

Sh           :               I have but where will we get that money?

Me         :               I will give. I want your life to be bright. And please ramya don’t dissapoint me.

Sh           :               Ok Preethu. But I don’t know how much you will help me. I feel so shy sometimes that I am not doing anything for you but you are doing so much for me

Me         :               You are doing so much for me Ramya.

Sh           :               what am I doing preethu?

Me         :               (just bent near her and whispered in her ears) you are giving me so much of sweet saliva. That is so much for me.

Sh           :               You stupid (patted on my back softly).

We registered that time only. I had some money which I had saved from my pocket money. Dad used to give me money for my expenses. In that I had given. My intention was just to make her life something good. Even though I had lust in me, sometimes I never thought of having sex with her. i used to feel i am doing something wrong in thinking of having sex with her. but sometimes when i see her boobs and ass, i used to loose control. i was always in the cofusion state. i was thinking she is thinking me as a good friend, her son and since i was helping her she was seeing her mother aslo in me. i was wondering if she might feel bad about me if she comes to know that i am behind her for sex. then whatever i was helping her she might think that i am doing for sex. but truly i was not doing all this for sex. i just wanted a helpless ladys life to be good. and dint want my efforts to be thought has advantageous.

Since it was Sunday, they told to collect the receipt next day and told her to come from tomorrow.

Me         :               Ramya now you have to go regularly from tomorrow.

Sh           :               Sure Preethu. I promise that I wont dissappoint you. I will do and show something. You are taking so much effort. How can I dissappoint you dear?

Me         :               that’s the spirit my sweet ramya. Come lets go now.

Sh           :               Ok Preethu dear. Will go now and what about our dinner?

Me         :               We will have outside only dear. Why again going home and preparing or taking something home.

Sh           :               Ok Preethu. As you say. I wont say anything. You are my mother today.

Me         :               That’s like my sweet kid

It was already 7.30PM. We both went little far hotel, because if someone sees us then it wont look nice. We went to a big hotel. We sat in a private cabin. The waiter gave the menu. I gave it to her. She saw and told I am understanding anyting please order for me also. then i took the menu and order the food. she was very happy eating dinner. after dinner i ordered ice cream in the end. she was having it and was making her face such a way that she was eating such icecream for the first time. the bill was around Rs 350. i still remember. it was awesome dinner. then we came back to house with fulll of heavy dinner in our stomach.

It was already 9PM when we came back. It was a full moon day so there was lot of light from moon. It was as if milk has been poured all over the world. We both climbed the stairs. Ramya told she will change and come. I told ok.

Sh           :               Preethu, I will change and come.

Me         :               Ok ramya. I will so get fresh. Heavy dinner. I am feeling so sleepy

Sh           :               even me preethu. Will do one thing. I will go now and sleep.

Me         :               hey what is this ramya, you sleep so soon? I thought we can speak for some more time.

Sh           :               ok wait I will change and get fresh and come

I went and washed my face and legs. Got fresh. I removed my underwear and banian. I changed myself to a loose tshirt and a shorts. I wanted myself to be full free and even my dick to be free tonite.

ramya came near my house and stood near the corridor. She was standing near the passage where one person can stand. We could see lot of lights from that place. She was enjoying that place. Since it was too hot inside, she was standing outside. And was watching the whole bangalore lights while the cool breeze touching her body and the milky moon light was falling on her. i came outside to see her. god damn she was looking so sexxxxxxy.

She was wearing a white cotton nighty. I could see her bra straps which was tightly fitting her body. In that milky moon light her white nighty was looking so awesome. I could makeout that she was wearing a blue petticoat which she was wearing from morning. she was facing the other side watching the lights. i came from behind and stood very very close to her. almost my body was touching hers.

Me         :               hey ramya what are seeing dear?

Sh           :               Preethu, its so nice here no? cool breeze.

Me         :               yes ramya. Weather is so cool outside.

Sh           :               even the moon light is so nice. Look at those lights. Its so nice.

Me         :               yes Ramya. Really its so nice.

Sh           :               I never had chance to see like this. Today I am feeling I am a free bird

Me         :               So tell me are you really happy from morning?

Sh           :               preethu, for the first time in my life I was so free, had masala dosa, biriyani. Waaaw what a great day preethu. All because of you dear

Me         :               (I just went further and held her palms which were resting the corridor wall and kept my head on her shoulder). You know why today its so bright otuside?

Sh           :               Why preethu?

Me         :               today there are two moons outside.

Sh           :               Oh is it? where are two moons?

Me         :               one on the sky and one which is next to me

Sh           :               (she smiled and turned towards me) stupid, what a joke it is

She was looking damn sexy. The moon light on her body was making me mad. I was touching her body. My dick was exactly placed in her ass was almost 10PM. Dint know how time went. We both freed ourselves

Me         :               You look so cute ramya.

Sh           :               Preethu, I will go and sleep now?

Me         :               are you feeling sleepy ramya?

Sh           :               no.But if uncle come to know that I was awake till this time and was with you then it will be a problem no dear?

Me         :               who will tell? Only we both are here right?

Sh           :               I know dear but I am afraid.

Me         :               nothing will happen come will go inside. I am feeling very cold

We both went inside. And closed the door. But dint bolt

Me         :               hey ramya tonite there is a comedy movie

Sh           :               oh that movie? I love it. then I will watch it and then go.

Me         :               ok dear. Watch

I slept to wall side and she sat next to me watching the movie. It was a full comedy movie and it was super. So she was watching it.

Sh           :               Preethu I am not able to control my laugh dear

Me         :               hey ramya you back will pain. Sleep and watch dear. Take this pillow and watch aaramse

Sh           :               ya my back is paining.give me that pillow. Movie is so nice. Will watch it fully dear

Me         :               ok ok. Ramya I am feeling little sleepy. I will be sleeping. Once movie is done if you want to go just wake me ok dear?

Sh           :               ok preethu.

I was feeling little sleepy. So thought will sleep until the movie is over. I knew whatever I speak she wont listen

Me         :               Ramya can you hug you and sleep? I want to sleep like a kid tonite untill you go.

Sh           :               Oh dear. Wait will come close to you. Put your hands around my stomach and sleep.

I hugged her so tightly that I was feeling so nice and don’t know how I slept. I had heavy dinner so I slept nicely. I guess the movie was over ramya was about to get up. I woke up.

Me         :               Hey ramya. What hpned movie over?

Sh           :               Yes preethu. Movie over.

Me         :               whats time dear?

Sh           :               its 12.30. I will go now

Me         :               hey ramya. Sleep here only no dear? I feel so lonely. And even you are alone no.

Sh           :               but I am afriad if uncle will know

Me         :               swear I will not tell anyone. And how will uncle know when we both wont say?

Sh           :               ok my sweet preethu. Iwill sleep here only. Happy dear?

Me         :               I am so happy my sweeeeeeeeeeeet ramya.

Sh           :               give me one blanket.

Me         :               ok take this blanket and sleep.

Sh           :               today it was so nice dear. Right from morning I am enjoying so much

Me         :               ramya today is the luckiest day for us. Swear in my whole life today is the one day I have spent good times

Sh           :               ok now sleep sweetheart.

Me         :               are you feeling sleepy ramya?

Sh           :               yes very sleepy preethu.

Me         :               ok turn towards me and sleep dear

Sh           :               ok preethu.

She slept very soon. I kept my hand on her waist. She was facing towards me. It was almost just 10cms far. I just moved my face little closer so that I can keep my lips closer to her lips. Now her lips and my lips were very close just 2cms. But I was afraid to kiss those lips. moon light was directly falling on us from the widow. her lips were looking as if it was dipped in the milk. i took courage and moved my hand towards her head. tried moving to towards me. but she was sleeping so deeply. i myself moved very close to her lips. her hot breath was touching my face. I moved my head towards her. Now my lips were touching her lips. She dint wake up. I wanted to taste them. Below my dick was troubling me to take him out. Slowly I put my hand inside and removed from my shorts. It was very hard. Since I had covered blanket I had courage to remove it outside. Now I opened my mouth and tried to separate her lips. It was dry. So I just put some saliva from my mouth. I stretched my tongue outside and put in middle of her both the lips. i slowly parted it. then I just took the bottom lips and started tasting. My hand were on her head. Slowly trying to push the head towards me so that I can easily kiss them. I did this for 10mins. Then slowly I could feel her toungue coming outside like snake. It went straight inside my mouth. So I guess she is responding. Now slowly her lips started moving. But her eyes were closed. Swear on god we both started kissing. She was pushing her saliva into my mouth. I guess she wanted to give that saliva. I feel I had drunk almost 100ml of her saliva. The kiss was so passion that our whole face was saliva. I could smell her saliva it was awesome. I was hugging her on her head now slowly I moved my hand on her ass. I was pressing it so much. But still she dint wake up. But only her lips and toungue were tasting my toungue and I was tasting hers. It was really awesome experience. We did this almost 1hour. Then suddenly I could feel ramya turning the other side. I was afraid what hppend. Still my hands were around her waist. I slowly signaled her to move closer to move towards me by pulling from my hand. She came very close. But she was wearing blanket. Since my dick was outside, it was touching her ass from the blanket. I started moving my hand towards her boobs. Slowly I moved towards her chest until I got those soft balls. Finally I got them I started pressing the left boob. I dint that for some 5mins. I could feel ramya holding my hand. She slowly directed to the right boobs. I pressed it. I kept doing it. but don’t know when I had slept. I was holding her boobs and slept.

When I opened my eyes it was around 5AM. I was still holding her boobs. She was sleeping in the same position. I could see her bare back on her nighty. I hugged her still tightly and went and kissed her back. And again slept. It was so nice I really enjoyed the whole night sleep. But I felt If I wouldn’t had slept may be I would have got her juicy pussy also for fuck. Again I slept.

When I opened my eyes, I was alone on the bed with my shorts opend as is in the night. Ramya was not there. I was worried. I saw the time it was 7AM. I got up in hurry and went outside. The corridor was cleaned and the everyday pooja was done. Then I felt ramya got and went to her house. But I was afraid if she had felt bad.

I waited there for 30mins thinking the door may open. No way. It didn’t open. I went inside and took bath. I wanted to meet my friend to speak to his dad about the tailoring. Since his dad will go to office by 9.30AM I had to go his house soon. I took bath soon and got ready and came outside to see if my sweet ramya has opened the door. No way. I was feeling like crying. I thought of knocking the door. But I was afraid if she shouts or scold me. Thought let me come back and then see. So I just went out and took my bike and started to my friends house.

I will make this incident very short as it is not that important.

I reached my friends house at 9AM only. My friend and his dad were at home. My friend asked what happened. I took him outside and told about my ramya and how she badly need help. My friend promised me about this and told will speak to his dad. We both went inside and sat infront of uncle. I told about ramya and how much badly she needs money to take care of her house. Uncle was a very good person. He agreed to get her a job. I asked him if he can give some clothes for her to stitch at home only. He told he can but she will get Rs10 for one shirt she stitches. My friend helped me in speaking to uncle and finally he agreed for Rs. 15 for one shirt she stitches. I was happy. I asked uncle that she will start after 15days. He agreed. I was very happy very happy very happy. I came outside. My eyes were filled with tears. Thinking how good it will be if my ramya get into work and earn money. Any expert tailor can stitch minimum 20 shirts per day. So I thought if my sweetheart can stitch 10shirts she will be earning Rs.150 per day and Rs4500 per month with incentives. So totally she might get some Rs5000 per month. So 10years back 5000 was a big amount. I thanked uncle and my friend for their kind help. It was 9.30AM uncle left for office.

Since I had met my friend after few days he told we will go to a movie. But I wanted to know what had happened to my ramya. But my friend forced me to come. I couldn’t say no. because his father is giving business to me. So we both went to a movie. I was not interested to watch the movie. My entire mind was at home, at my ramya. Then after the movie we both had lunch outside. I told my friend that I have some important work. And I left from there to house immediately.

It was 3PM when I came back. While I was parking the bike down, I saw my sweet ramyas house door was opened. I was very happy. I thought I can speak to her and ask her what happened and then hug her and cry. I was already in full emotion. I just wanted to sleep on her lap and cry. I ran and climbed the stairs.

Once I came near ramyas house, I saw uncle sitting on the sofa. I was very disappointed. I said hi to him and straight away I walked to my house. I just switched on the TV and slept. I got in the evening. Thought uncle would have gone to office. But he had taken leave. So there was no chance for me to speak. I cried to my heart that night. I cried like a child. But what to do. I was helpless now. I thought at least I will speak to her next day. Whole night I dint sleep. I was worried why she was so upset, as she was so close. Also she also responded for kissing. She also guided me to her boobs. Then why is she upset.? I just wanted to know. I was eager to know why.

Next day also the door was closed. Now I was really worried. I went outside and came back at 3PM. When I came back uncle was there at home. I thought its really difficult to speak. I was really dint had any idea what to do. Then in the evening, I got an idea. I thought I will right a letter to her. Because next day I wanted to go to native. I had got a letter from native that mother was not well. So I thought I will write a letter to her.

This was written in Kannada my language but will translate it into English

“Dear Sweetheart Ramya,

I apologies for whatever happened between us. I promise that I didn’t do it purposely. And I didn’t had any bad intention about you. I don’t know how it happened. Ramya, in my life I never liked anyone so much. Promise I don’t know why I feel so comfortable when I am with you. Don’t neglect me. I am really dead without you. I don’t know what kind of relationship we both have. May be you are my kid, or I am your kid or we both are good friends. But I want to be with you always.

Don’t miss to go the training. I want you to learn tailoring in one week. I spoke to my friend’s dad about your tailoring. He has agreed to give you work. You can earn more than 4000 rupees. I just want you to lead a good life dear. But one thing please keep in mind. I am not doing all this because to get you or impress you or to enjoy you physically. I never got attracted to you physically. Promise on my mother. If I had a sister I would have helped like this only. Ramya, even if you don’t want to speak to me or you are angry on me I am not worried. But please I beg you, go to tailoring training and start earning. This can help you and Prajju get good future. Because of anger on me don’t spoil your future.

My mother is not well so I have to go to native tomorrow. Don’t know when I will be back. Please give me your reply through letter if you don’t want to speak to me. I know you like me so much. And swear on my mother even I like you so much as a mother, sister, kid and a good friend.

Please forgive me for what happened that night. I really didn’t do it purposely. Hope you will forgive me and be as we both were before. We both have promised each other that we both will never get separated.

Please Please Please don’t leave me. If you wont reply me I will cut my hand. I have cried enough after that night’s incident. I felt I have cheated our friendship. I felt I am not a good friend for you.

I miss you so much sweetheart.

With pure friendship and love

Yours only and only waiting friend, kid, brother, son

Preethu “

I wrote this letter in the night. And thought while going to native I will give it to her and go. Morning I got up at 7AM. The door was closed. I went inside took bath and got ready. By 8.30AM I started. Took the letter and locked the key. I went to ramyas house. I had to give the letter there was no go now. I took courage and went near the door. Knocked the door. I was praying god that uncle must not be there. The door opened. My sweet Ramya opened the door. She was looking very dull. No charm in her face. I felt so bad that I had spoiled her feelings. I gave the key

Me: Ramya, I am going to native. Don’t know when I will be back.

Sh: ok.(no smile no expressions)

Me: Ramya, take this letter.

Sh: what is this?

Me: read it after I go.

Sh: don’t want please.

Me: just read it and tear it please don’t say no.

Sh: ok. Give it.

Me: take this key. Watch TV until I come dear.

Sh: no need of key. You take it.

Me: its ok whether you watch or not. Please keep the key in your house. If you need anything please take it from house.

Sh: I don’t think I need anything. Thanks for the help you have done to me.

Me: I have kept, 2000 rupees in the cupboard. The cupboard keys are under my pillow. Take how mucheve u want don’t feel shy.

Sh: ok

Me: bye ramya.

Sh: bye

I came outside wanted to see if she will come near the corridor to wish me happy journey. I came down, started my bike. And gave the accelerator more so that she will come listening to the sound. The door was closed. I thought she wont come. I just left to native.

I went to my native. All my mind and heart was with Ramya only. I was worried what happened to her. I was in native for some one week. After my mom was alright I returned to Bangalore as soon as possible so that I can see my ramya. I came back and climbed the stairs. It was 4PM. Uncle was there. But I wanted my sweetheart to give my key. But anyways I took the key and went to my house. I opened the door and entered the room. It was very neat and tidy. All my books were arranged properly, bed was neatly arranged. My table was so clean. I went inside room. Everything was so neatly arranged. I opened the cupboard. All my shirts, pants everything was arranged so neatly. I used to just dumb everything. But everything was so neatly arranged. I went to bathroom. It was also clean. I guessed who would have done this. Who else can do this other than my sweetheart. I as so happy and now I was little relaxed. If she has cleaned so much then she is not upset on me. But why she was not speaking to me? I wanted the answer from her. But when will I get chance to hear that? All these questions were making me mad. I was tired. I thought will take bath and take rest. I took bath and came outside. I was feeling so relaxed. Came outside the house. Uncle was standing outside.

Me         :               Hi Uncle how are u?

Un          :               I am good. So you came back from native. How was your native

Me         :               good. Mom has sent you some vegetables, then she has prepared from fried items.

Un          :               Oh good. So you grow those vegetables?

Me         :               Yes uncle we grow them in our fields. Mom was asking you, aunty and prajju.

Un          :               ohh good. Will go to your native sometiems

Me         :               sure uncle. Dad also told same thing to bring you all. one minute will get you all the things mom packed for you

Un          :               Ok.

Me         :               (I got all the things got from native). Take this uncle

Un          :               thanks Raki.(he took and went inside.)

I wanted to see my ramya. But how to ask this uncle. I just kept quiet. I went back. Then I went outside to have dinner. But I didn’t see my sweetheart. I came around 9PM. Ramya house door was closed. In my situation anyone will go mad. I was going really mad. I just wanted to see her. I went to such situation that I was feeling I will hit uncle and then say ramya that I love her and take her in my arms. But I didn’t had that courage. I went inside my room and started crying. What else I can do.

I didn’t know whether she was going to tailoring or not. I didn’t know what she is doing. I dint know what to do next. I was thinking what to tell to my friends dad if ramya has not learnt tailoring. Anyways until I speak to my ramya I couldn’t say anything. I was not feeling well. So thought will watch TV. I was searching remote. It was not there on the bed. I used to throw it on bed. But it was not there. Then I realized my sweetheart would have kept in some neat place. I went in search of remote. I was there on the table. I was about to take the remote. There was a white paper which was folded. I was wondering what is that. I just took the remote and kept aside. I took the letter and opened. It was my sweet sexy my love ramya’s letter. It was the reply for my letter. I took that letter and went to the bed. I slept on the pillow and started reading.

I kept a pillow to rest behind and opened the folded letter. Her handwriting was so good. As if like a flower. It started like this

“Nanna Preethiya Muddina Preethu”

It means “My Beloved sweet Preethu”

“My Beloved sweet Preethu,

I am sorry for not speaking to you. After that incident, I felt that I did some mistake. I thought it was my mistake. I initiated that. I had a feeling that I cheated our relationship. I felt guilty that we had a mother-son, sister-brother, kid relationship. I was feeling very very guilty that I cheated by spoiling everything.

You had so much of feeling towards me. You took so much of care of me. You wanted to make my life so happy and took so much of risk. You gave money, you are helping me in so many ways. But I felt that because of that incident you might feel bad about me. All these days we were like very good friends. But now I am feeling very afraid to come infront you. I don’t know what you are feeling inside you.

Thinking all these things in mind I felt you might feel bad about me. And I also thought I may spoil your studies because of me. So I thought I will avoid you so that you will be happy. If I avoid you will concentrate on studies than concentrating on this stupid lady.

But sweetheart after reading you letter, I feel we both have done mistake. And please forgive me, may be I should have stopped you in doing this. But what can I do dear. When you started kissing me I couldn’t resist. I felt so nice so I didn’t restrict. And since you always used to tell that you like my saliva, I started giving you to your mouth. Hope you liked it dear. I enjoyed all the things whatever you did but in the morning when I got up, I felt what I was doing wrong. So I got up and came to house thinking that I should avoid you. And also I was feeling very afraid to show my face to you. Because you might think I am a bad lady because of that incident.

About tailoring class, I have completed the training quickly. I have the confidence to stitch clothes now. Preethu my love you are taking so much of trouble to make my life happy. I am very happy that your friends dad agreed to give me job. But I need a sewing maching now. I told uncle that I will get free machine from the company. I am very thankfull to you preethu.

I cleaned your house, hope you didn’t feel bad. I love decorating. One day I wanted to watch TV. Then I saw your cupboard was dirty. I started cleaning it. then thought will clean the house. I am sorry if anything is missing. I am feeling like seeing you always.

Preethu, hope you never felt bad about me. I am good lady. Promise on my kid. I am sorry for that incident. I never expected I will behave like that. But promise I really liked it. I want to be in your arms once. Hope you wont mind hugging me and make me feel I am kid in your arms.

Please don’t leave me dear. I am missing you so much that even I have cried a lot. Its been 2weeks we didn’t see or speak.

Hope you are not angry on me preethu. I miss you so much. I really miss you so much

Preethu I want to tell you something. Please don’t feel bad. Next time when we meet willl tell you.

Yours Ramya”

After reading this I really wanted to go to her house and hug and fuck her 10times. But that stupid uncle was there. I was thinking why he didn’t had night shift this week. I became naked and closed my eyes thinking of her and thinking of that sensual incident happened and musterbated 2 times and don’t know when I slept.


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