Kunwari mami ki chudai

Yaroon Mera Nam Imran Hay, Age, 28, Good Lucking Oor Main Aik Doctor Hoon Aaj Main Yahan Aap Ko Apne Zindagee Ka Aik Scchi Waqya Sunanay Ja Raha Hoon. Yeh Bat Unn Dino Kee Hay Jab Main Medical Collage Ka Student Tha Dostoon Mery Aik Mamoo Hain Jo Apnee Harkatoon K Kuch Theek Nahee Bachpan […]

Me with my horny aunt

I remember this like yesterday.I was 18 and my aunt 41 years old.She was always a gorgeous woman…dressing like a slut all the time but still gorgeous.I always had fantasies on her.My first thoughts when I started masturbating were about her. She was average height, blonde hair falling to her waist,green sweet eyes.But the true […]

Discovering My Love for Mum

Let me introduce myself. I’m Shekar, 5’9” and 75 kg with an average body. I never gave much importance to my body as every guy does. I was in my last year of college when we struck upon the idea of me and my mom going to our native place together. We boarded the train […]

Passing the Job Interview in Dubai

My husband Suresh and I were in Dubai. We left the desert camp and reached home. Slept the next entire day and evening Aparna and Akash came home. Akash had arranged an interview for me, so he had come to talk about it. Aparna was wearing a transparent saree and a backless blouse. As they […]

Devar ki mast chudai

Hello Readers. Mai Anjali from Jamshedpur. Mai pahli bar is site par kuchh likh rahi hoon. Jo mai batane ja rahi hoon wo mere jivan ki ghati hui ek ghatna hai. Mai 30 saal ki ek samanya figure ki aurat hoon, mere 2 bachche hain. meri chuchiyan bahut badi to nahi lekin haan itni mast […]

The Office Slut

“Ready?” Chander Mistry looked up from his desk, irritation touching his face. He had a mountain of work to get through, and he wasn’t in the mood for fun and games. “No, I’m not,” he told Tamanna. “I have things to do.” “Dhurrr.” She crossed the few steps from the door, a young woman, half […]

The College Bet

“You what?” Indira asked. She swayed her long black hair so that it framed her shocked face and rested on her shoulders. She leant forward over the table of the Juhu Axis Mall food court to look at her Tinder date, the squirming travelling weird guy and he wiped his nose with his fingers. “I […]

An Affair with my Boyfriend’s Dad

“So what?” Sati answered defensively and glanced around the room. “It is up to Sooraj and me and we are fine with it. It’s quite good actually, we’ve been doing it for several weeks now and Sooraj loves it.” Ambar crossed her arms and glared at her team-mate. “Look, I am just saying it’s a […]