Sex with cousin and SIL Part 1

Dear readers this is my first story in FISS. If there any mistake please pardons me. This is a true story of my life. This incident happened two months ago with one of my paternal cousin who is also my sister in law I mean she is one of my cousin’s wife. Her name is […]

Uncle deflowers me Part 2

He kept on licking my cunt for around 30 minutes and in this time I reached orgasm three more times. I was feeling very weak after all this and Ravi asked me to sleep nude in his arms and told me we will do same thing again next day. Next day I woke very late […]

Uncle deflowers me Part 1

Let me first describe myself to you. I am Mehak, 18 years old. I stay in Mumbai (India). I am 5 feet 4 inches, fair in colour, more then average looks. My vitals are 33-28-34. This is a real story of incest, which happened 4 years ago. It was in the year 2008, at that […]

With hot cousin Sonia

Hi everyone I’m a regular reader of FISS and his is a true story.This happened at my age 19.I was eager to fuck a girl in my age, this is what happened. I had my vacation leave that year, only of my relative called my mom and said they are shifting their house from a […]

Hot and horny Ammu aunty

Hi id like to tell you a story that happened to me when I was 21.I had just graduated and still lived at home.I was raised by my dad mom and grandparents. My my mom’s younger sister(Ammu, i call her ammu aunty) lived about a mile away with husband. My uncle worked a lot of […]

Aunt seduced him

Well this happened quite some time ago my first sexual conquest. I was 18 at the time about 5ft tall. I didn’t no much about sex and had never seen a real women naked before. I had only seen pictures of women nude in a magazine a friend had brought to school. Obviously i had […]

How my brother made me hot?

Hi Friends, I am Reema here From Delhi, I have recently started reading FISS. Most of the stories are very good.So i decided to write my Experince.So all our Friend can enjoy the same. This happend when i was 18 year old.I am born to a middle class family i have my father mother & […]

Aunts have never been so good

This story with me and my mums sister.In my home me and mum, father,and my sister. my mother had five sisters,the lost one is ,married and her husband in gulf,he is not getting good salary in gulf.Financily she is very poor.All other sisters and mum is helping her. I was in bangalore and working and […]

Mother and son incest or lust?

I never thought I would treat my mother Heena as a woman until the day she made me realise I am the man of the house. Few months ago my dad died leaving me and my mother everything he could leave. As a result we have a house and some good cash in the bank. […]