Sex filled holiday of Kishan – I

I am Kishan Singh Chaudhry. This is my story. I am now 20 years old. The incident I am going to relate happened when I was 15 years old. My Father was working in a MNC and was posted initially in Singapore and then in KL before being sent to Frankfurt. As he had been constantly on the move, my mum and I stayed in Gurgaon so that my education did not suffer.

I was tall for my age 5ft 10 inches tall and well built – a lot of Gym work – besides the fact that both my parents were very tall and well built. Our family was very fair. My mother was a housewife. Her only sibling -a sister, unmarried- stayed in Noida – the opposite side from us. She was a sports teacher and Aerobic instructor in one of the international schools.

Due to the distance involved we only met on festive occasions. We had to go to Mysore for the wedding of a close family friend’s daughter. As winter holidays were on my Masi (Aunt) Mom and I planned to attend the wedding as well as see a little of South India specially Goa. Due to some miscommunication,

our hotel booking by our host was done for a day after our arrival in Mysore so we were put up in one room for the night. It had one double bed so my mother and Masi slept on the bed and I slept on the ground. On the bed Masi slept closest to me as mother wanted to sleep closer to the toilet as she had a habit of going there to pee sometimes in the night.


We were talking till quite late into the night. After being in Delhi, I was feeling quite warm so I was sleeping only in my shorts – no top on. I was quite ignorant of sex. I had not even masturbated but had nightfalls a few times. Suddenly there was a power failure: after some cursing I went of for a sleep while Masi and Ma kept chatting.

Sometimes in the middle of the night I felt a soft hand around my waist and moving up and down towards my chest. A body was clinging against my back. I realized it was Masi as she was much thinner than Ma. I lay very still. Soon this hand went lower to my crotch. As I was without underwears on I could clearly make out that Masi was tracing the outline of my Lund.

It started to enlarge. Masi was not trying to keep her movement very secretive from me from the way she was handling my lund. She then started to put her hand under the elsatic band which she found difficult. She then whishpered to me “turn around”. I was now getting excited. I turned on my back. Masi immediatly started to kiss me on my lips and put her tongue into my mouth.

while she put her hand into my now fully aroused lund. She then turned me towards her and opened her blouse. ” Chhoso,mere chuchi ko” she whispered and as she brought her big tit into my mouth she took my hand and put it under her petticoat. I felt for the first time a choot. It was so soft and absolutly devoid of any hair. ” Ungli ander dal mer cheed me.”

She had in the meanwhile pulled down my shorts and was playing with my lund. “Kithna Bara hai tera lund, beta”. Her words were all whispered in the fear of waking up Ma. It was pitch dark but soon one’s eyes adjusted to the darkness and one could make out at least the outline of individuals. We heard some movement on the bed so we froze.

Assuming Ma was turning and had gone of to sleep we continued our playing. ” Mujhe tera lund choosna hai” Masi said. “masi mera control nikal ja raha hai. Lund ka Dood nikalne wala hai” I whispered to her. She pressed my balls hard to stop my organism and taking of her petticoat she turned around and came astride me with her choot in my mouth and my lund in her mouth.

I could see in the darkness her beautiful gaand in the air as she went with great josh sucking my lund. I got hold of her massive tits and started to press them while sucking her choot. After a while, I started to reach a climax and almost the same time my Masi started to move her hips faster and faster till she finally pressed her hips into my mouth and I gave a large dose

of my cum into her mouth. I also got a large dose of sweet slimmy liquid in my mouth. I continued to suck her thinking I could suck her dry, but the more I sucked her the more liquid came out -then suddenly she started to cumm again and there was another large discharge in my mouth.

I opened my eyes and suddenly found the lights come on – the power came on and the previous night the switches had not been put off. Masi quickly jumped off me. We both suddenly realized that Ma was awake and had been watching us. We tried to cover up fast and so did Ma as she had her petticoat up and her blouse open and had her finger of one hand inside her choot and was playing with her tits when we saw her.

After a short pause, Masi said, “Didi, We did not know you were seeing us. We are sorry for being naughty. It is not your son’s fault. I enticed him.” “Thats OK. I am impressed by both of you. You have made me Ek dum garam seeing you both in action” Ma said. After a pause Ma reached out for me and pulled me towards her. “Beta, mujhe bhi choos” she said.

Masi, immediatly started to play with ma’s Choochis and took of her blouse. Sitting behind Ma, she held her breast -pointing her lovely large tits towards me said, “Beta, Le, thri Ma ki choochiaya choos. Masi & I were absolutly naked. I started to suck Ma’s tits. They were bigger than Masi’s but not as firm. While I was sucking Ma’s tits Masi pulled off Ma’s petticoat.

Ma then spread her legs, though I got between them I did not put my lund inside as I was not aware how it was to be done. Masi put her hand between Ma’s legs and started to rub her choot while at the same time she started to play with my lund. I noticed that Ma had started to finger Masi’s choot.

Masi sat on her haunches and started to rock her bottom back and forth timing it with ma’s finger movement. She then sat on Ma’s mouth and Ma’s tongue started to lap up her free flowing juice. She then got of Ma and asked me, ” Beta, tu Didi ki choot ko nahin chaatga? Didi tera lund ko choosne ke lie taras arhe hai. Koi Didi mein such bol rahi hu?

Ma replied in the affermative. I got let go of her tits turned around. she caught of my cock and after kissing the tip put it into her mouth while I bent down for her cunt. Her choot was very bushy. To help a novice around my Masi pulled up Ma’s folded legs up and spread her legs at the same time parted her hair. It was for the first time I saw a woman’s choot so close.

It was beautifully pastel pink in colour and very fleshy. I also kissed it first and then started to suck it. Masi directed my tongue to wards a minature penis sticking out from the top of Ma’s choot. The moment my tongue touched it Ma thrust her hips up ward. I then saw Ma’s arsehole. it was a perfect brown circle and it kept twitching as I continued to suck.

Soon the inevitable happened and Ma and I both climaxed in each other’s mouth. We kept the lights on and through the rest of the night kept playing with each others sexual organ. Masi who had taken over the major domos part did not allow us to fuck. She said that was for the next day in the hotel.

While talking about sexual activities frankly I came to know tha Masi was had the most variety and most experience. As she said ” I have to have at least thrice a week and it does not matter whether it the person is fourteen or eighty and whether it is a male or female. I have had them all.”

Ma was a poor second having only been fucked by Dad and her dildos which was very often when they were together. She had only seen and touched another cock before her marriage with a college class-mate and that too just once. I was of course very poor having only had “hand experience” What was in store for me and Ma and Masi is in Part 2 of this episode.

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