Sex with best friends father

Nic was my neighbour and classmate. We were friends from our childhood and he was my best friend. His father was a famous musician. Nic’s father became very friendly with me and he always supported me on my extra interest on music.

He also taught me some basics of music composing. One day when I went to Nic’s home he was not there. His father was sitting on the varantha, when I decided to return he stopped me, and told me his desire to teach me some lessons.

I was happy to study music with him. As I was tuning the piano he suddenly sat at my stool from back. It was very small round chair and had not enough space for two of us to udjust. He was teaching me the piano but I feel something jerking on my nates.

I tried to ignore it, but the nipping get more impulse. I desided to change the topic and stand from the chair. When I turned back, I was stunned to see his erected manhood getting restless inside the paijama. We were standing still and silent for a while.


He finaly shattered the silence and expressed his erotic desires by crunching his lower lip by his teeth. I was obsessed to hear his thirst. My answer was a big no and I kept quiet. I was about to pass out from there, but all of a sudden he grabbed my hand

and dragged me close to him. He was trying to kiss me and I was oppossing him from doing that. My mind get totally blank and my eyes started shedding tears. I didn’t even understood his zeal. He was so strong and giant that my resistance got overruled on his virility.

In the clash we both fell down on the carpet. I was still trying to push him away from me but he was so passionate, and his sensualism was getting more heat. I don’t know how and why I reduced my defiance,

when he drew his fingers inside my bermuda and rubbed my small nonerected penis. Surprisingly it started growing and I was feeling something different from ever. He also came to understood that his services is narrowing my objections.

Slowly he started making me horny, and I completely indulged in the lust. As he knew that I was completely under his govern, he slowly stopped masturbating me. When he dragged his hand from my penis it was wet and I feel the cum in my underwear.

This was the first time my penis spitted so much liquid. His face came closer to me and drew his mouth towards my lips. I was in a fear and confusion as my mind reminded me that he is my friend’s father. I was unable to take a decision whether to oppose his desires

or to embrace his lust. Before I dispose something he opressed his lips to my lips. When lips were matting lips, he sweeped my lip’s butter by his tongue. I was getting itched when his small beard thursted on my face.

When his tongue was pushing inside my gob in the spirit of kissing, slowly I sucked it. During the lip service he was careing me not to get any teeth scratches on my lips. In the first kiss, that nectarlike kissing in the over zeal he undressed his coat.

I chased my fingers over his thick chest hairs. When I pinched his tit which I find in my fingers he thrilled a while. Then bussed on it, when lifted by the tongue and sucked up, his strong hands ran through my hair.

Spread salty taste when my tongue tip driven through the canal of his chest through the hair. My tongue was in painting competition there. When my thirsty shivering lips floated over his chest, his fingers started floating around my back in return.

When he hold my buttock and kissed me pressing to his waist, his penis breshed my thighs. I touched it, then pressed hard once. Suddenly he pulled out his penis from the underwear. It was big dark and long hanging inside the thick forest.

I had never seen such big penis before. I was ashamed to show my small one out. He forced me to hold it in my mouth. When the tongue moved up along the fat ribs, he shut his eyes with a grown. The salaiva and his precum made the blows more smooth.

Some time moved his waist so hard that his penis sliped in deep. I sucked his penis over his thighs, the blows get uncontrolable between my lips. It quickly rained down in my gob as I pinched his balls sucked it harder and harder.

I slanted on his chest as I had done a very difficult job. He embraced me hard when he sweeped his liquid drops from my lips by his finger. He took me to the bedroom, I was going to witness his unwatched face of virility.

When he layed down pressing his beard in between my boobs, lying on the bed I was fealing heaven. His tongue crawled from my naked neck to the ear then down. He joy was unexplainable when his beard breshed the fleshy part of my breast visible

through the untuckled button. It was growing mad when his fingers tuneing my navel flower, moving up. On bathing and standing in front of the mirror I always inspected my breast. I was not happy to see them growing like the girls boobs, as I was a little fat.

My whole body get blossom when he spread his finger over them. He unhooked my paijama buttons one by one unauthentically. I quicly lie down side wise as he removed my paijama. Along with fingers his lips circled around my back, getting itched I shake up my legs.

I can feel his lips and tongue moving up along my thin body hair. Kissed on backneck pinching my breast, it become the most wonderful moments. Along with the pain provided by squashing my tits, a windy joy came through.

I shut my eyes in pudency as he rotated towards him and the teats get shined in the light through the window. He squeezed my boobs again and again on his hand. He was making it growing bigger like that of the girls.

He brought the lips close to them only after his fingers got tired. I get hesitated while his hot whispers blow on my teat. Holding leg between my thighs hard, pressing my breasts deep by both hand, imbibing the tit between the lips and sucking,

he provoked my innermost desires expressed in a yell. During the vehiment ride his hand it stucked in my bermuda band. Watching his rejoice in untiding the waistband, I understood that some unfulfilled desire gonna accomplish now.

He made me completely nude a and turned me down. He pressed his face over my butt. Seperated my fat butt cheeks and slowly licked my rectum. Spread his finger there, it was like loosing one’s virginity. His seduces increased as he pushed one finger inside by buttock.

Pressing my bottom and squeezed firmly he was making me erotic. I surrendered every thing in front of him. His hands started showing it strengh by thrashing my cheeze balls and my fingers run around his hair. He rotated me again,

from the forhead his wet lips walked down stinged my lips and stoped. It was getting hotter when embracing each other and rolling over the bed in the winter. Moment of knowing that lieing with someone’s body heat in the snowy winter will give you such pleasures.

Now he lie down and made me to sit over his waist. I lie down slowly and my small boobs hanged in the air. Moving slightly forward I presented my tits to his mouth. He sipped it up, then sucked the other one. His hands dashed round my fruitful hips and thighs,

fingering and playing in my nates. He pushed me back and now his magic stick got stuck in between my rumps. As it grown bigger by my butt heat and nipped, I feel so good and I pushed my hips once again. Pinching the teat between the fingers

and the other fingers playing naughty tricks in my belly and deep navel, I was in absolute passion. His rapacity never gonna stop, as my bottom was smocking in the heat of his penis. My native brushed his cock several times and I was getting horny like boiling water in a dish.

His waist entered on my thighs, hold them tight apart he brought his penis towards my bottom. When the penis tip brushed my rectum, all in a hurry I lifted my waste. The day someone dumping in my bottom, my excitement is wordless to say.

I feel something slightly hot floated deep down brushing the anal walls. It was pain, sore, sweet and joy when he jerked in me, pleasure even remembering it. As is get more deeper in the lust my fingers tightened over him an I started to groan.

As his waist impelled down I lifted my bottom. He bitted my tits and it was getting painful. The joy provided by the naughty guy rushing in and out of my tight buttock leaning down, the sweat drops fall over my boobs.

His precum spread over the anal curves made the penis more easier to rush in and out. His nuts blasted on my butt, some times I closed him inside my thigh cage. Turning down my legs he pushed his penis deep urging all his energy, I was in heaven.

He compelled me to bent to his face and sucked the tits one by one, my penis was getting oppressed between the legs. The time two bodies become one, we were celebrating our mating. Foot fingers stretched down, face tightened,

body getting restless in the storm pinching my lips I moaned. He was about to cum as pushes started breaking my bottom. He embraced me close inside his thighs and fizzed the cum inside my butt, I cried out loudly.

It was like watering a desert, the cum was very hot and grabbed me thight till the last drop fall in safe. He slowly loosened his healthy hands, we sat down slowly. We both were exhausted and sweaty. He embraced me and sweep my tears by his lips and kissed me.

It all ended, we lie down there for long time. As he heard the calling bell sound, he pulled out his penis from my bottom and wakened me. I was so tired and exploited as he helped me to dress, and I went home through the back door. I was sure that I am going to have the sleepless night.

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