Sexy train journey with Raji aunty

It was a fine time that I had to travel with my aunt to Kerala from Tamil Nadu via train as my uncle was busy he was not able to accompany her and her two kids had exam so they didn’t want to go to their grandparents home in Kerala and so my aunt asked me to accompany her to Kerala.

Since I was free I told I would come,now let me describe her I always had a lustful eye on her she was so hot n sexy whenever she wear saree I used to stare her ass and hip and boob omg what a structure and so use to masturbate thinking of her many time and hearing about the travel made me more horny so I made a plan that I must taste her so it was a morning train which arrive at 8:20.

We didn’t book tickets in sleeper class as most of the time many seats would be free in that train but to my luck the train was damn full and my aunt started to worry but I told her we will manage by paying fine so I booked two open ticket to kerala.

It was a 5 hour journey and my aunt was in chiffon saree a green green coloured designed saree with black blouse and she was damn hot every guy should stare at a hot ass.So we got in and searched for seats but all the compartment was full and I came to know the rush was very high because it was a festival time so we waited for the TTR but he scolded us for not having a proper

reservation ticket and asked us to pay fine but since the train was very crowded he told that myself and my aunt must move to unreserved(your) compartment. Then at the next stop we went to your compartment and it was very heavily crowded and my luck started at that time me and raji made ourselves to enter in the coach and many men were there so she was feeling

uncomfortable but what to do we had no choice so we got a place near the gap after the toilet block and some how we stood there and it was dark and many men were drowsy as they were drunk so feeling my aunt was not feeling secure.

I put my shoulder bag I front of her so she can block herself from those men and also I was standing by laying myself on the wooden wall due to the overcrowd my aunt laying herself over me and her ass for the first time touched my private area omg I had a heavy sensation and it was feeling like anything so my dick started to rise so she was able to get the sensation her but

she didn’t do anything but stood there as crowd was getting heavier and heavier on reaching more station and so I wasn’t able to stand so I put my arm through her waist and she shrink her eye and bit her lips that’d what I got as a result for my action sensing it as a green signal I got more courage I kissed on the bra strap that are visible through her blouse she gave a light sound aahh.

Then I pressed her buttock as much as want raji gave only wicked smile and the train went through a cave which is about 2 min duration since light in my area I not working I just went on to put my face in front of her face started to kiss sidewardly while one of my hand was playing with her right noob and left had was paving its entry to the pussy any this went on for few seconds

in order to avoid other people noticing we stopped our action. I lifted her saree with her petticoat and started to brush my hand through her hairy pussy and ass they were so soft and good and all of a sudden while I was playing with her boob she felt something in her pussy and she found it was a stranger hand and she gave me confused look and when I was about to see him he came

closer and told if I don’t let him join he will tell this news to everyone hearing this my aunt was unhappy but I told her it adjust to this situation and me and the stranger started to fondle raji the train stopped in a one of the cave due to engine failure so it was s jackpot for me and it was expected to move only after 30 min.

So I put my dick in raji ass while the stranger some how managed to sat down and started to lick raji pussy and she was in heaven and she couldn’t control her emotion she left some heavy moan but managed to control the sound by closing the month and me and the stranger decide to swap our position and then I went on to enjoy raji pussy while he was enjoying her ass then raji

gave both of us a handjob this was a unforgettable experience and then he got down at the next stop kissing her passionately and then he went. Now the compartment was fully empty as the festival was happening in that city so I asked raji let’s go to tire 1 compartment as many people have gone so we went and to our luck one room was fully empty and we entered and locked the

door and still one hour journey is there for us to reach the destination in kerala so I asked her shall I continue but without any hesitation she jumped over me and started to kiss me like anything and then I wanted to lick her pussy so without lifting her saree I put my head into her saree started to lick her leg from ankle to thigh and then I gave a small bite in her thigh she she

gave a jerk and moved her leg even wider then I started to suck he pussy like a dog drinking water and this continued for 30 min and she gave a loud moan and since no one was around I didn’t worry about it then we had sex for the rest of time it was the intimate experience that I had with raji.

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