Smriti getting seduced by Uncle Dev – III

His hands were exploring my body, my breast, my thighs, my back and my hips. He was kissing me everywhere on my face wherever he could do in that position. He played with my soft mangos for a while over the clothes and caressed them nicely with soft hands and I really felt good then slowly opened my top and unhooked my bra from the back and loved my breast one by one by sucking my nipples nicely.

I was getting crazy in pleasure and could not control myself from moaning loudly. I was in intense pleasure, his hands were exploring my body again over my bare skin, uncle was sucking my one breast and playing with other, then he moved his hand to my thighs and rubbed them over the cloth,

then he stopped sucking my tits and slowly moved down and took off my lower after pulling it down to my feet and slowly drifted my panty down and now I was laying just naked in front of him. He came closer to my mouth and kissed me for few seconds and said, “main tumhe wahan pyar karunga, hmm… just relax and enjoy”.

He meant to say that now he is going to love me there, on my love hole and I have to relax and enjoy his love making. Next moment I felt uncle’s hands on my bare thighs, I became restless, and trembled in pleasure, he was rubbing my inner thighs and looking at my reactions and listening my pleasure moans, I was never touched by anybody like that in my life,


his touch was so tender and sensual that my juices are flowing more freely from my love hole and in a minute I felt that I have cummed, suddenly I felt that I am releasing some sort of stream from my love hole and it is going out of my love tunnel with some pressure. Next moment Dev Uncle buried his face between my thighs and I felt his lips on my love hole

and slowly his tongue started parting my vagina and I started releasing my pleasure juices endlessly. He was licking my love opening and I was moving in pleasure, holding my pillow, and my eyes were closed, I was enjoying every second of his love making. Feeling was really strange, weird and very pleasurable and my body was moving randomly in all direction and again and again I was trying to stop him,

but Dev Uncle continued loving me down there onto my love opening for few more minutes.
Dev uncle got up after few minutes and started taking off his clothes and took off his shirt first, and then lower, and then in a second he was also completely nude laying beside me, for the first time I was looking at a naked man in reality, he had a big penis which was fully erect,

for few seconds I got scared with a thought that today I will be ripped very badly. He again took me in his arms and started kissing and fondling my body nicely with his hand, he played with my breast again and then took his hand straight to my thighs, and tried to touch my cunt and massaged my love hole with my own juices and suddenly inserted his finger in my hole and I screamed a bit in pain.

Dev uncle continued digging my hole with his finger for 3-4 times and every time it pained me, but it was bearable. By that time I was totally wet and my love hole was going through strange sensation, I was feeling some type of pulsations down there as if my virgin hole was waiting for something to get stuffed there, and Dev uncle was also ready to enter inside me.

I asked him with bit of hesitation, “main pregnant to nahi ho jaaongi”? He spoke softly “don’t worry I have gone through an operation” and with the last word he spoke Uncle got up from bed and bought bottle of coconut oil and poured some oil on my love hole and again massaged me there with his palm and made my love hole totally soaked with a oil,

and that massage also pleasured me and I felt like heaven and then applied some oil on his rod too and tried to insert his rod in my love hole. He got successful in getting inside me second time, I felt hardly an inch of his hard cock inside my tunnel and I screamed in pain Dev Uncle closed my mouth with his hand and moved further inside me and next moment he completely buried himself inside my soft hole and moaned in ecstasy.

I was totally ripped by Dev Uncle. There was plenty of oil which made penetration easier, smother and quick, even then I was suffering with intense pain, and tears started coming out of her eyes. I was feeling as if something is trying to cut me from my hole and it will tear me into two. I tried my best to bear the pain and after a minute or two I was in my control.

Dev Uncle covered my body with his and came on my top and kissed me for a while and then licked my neck with wet lips and spoke in a very low voice while caressing my hairs, “bahut pain ho raha hai, hmmm…” I said “hmmmmm…” with closed eyes and once again he kissed me on my lips and said, “sirf first time pain hota hai. abhi sabb theek ho jaayega”

I knew this fact again I just hummed to say yes. Uncle was laying on me with his rod inside my hole and he lied there for few more minutes unmoved till I revived completely from the pain, and as I opened my eyes, his face was very close to mine, and he was staring at me. I smiled a bit while looking into his eyes, I was really very happy after giving away everything I had with me, my body,

my virginity and my dignity. He too smiled but bit sarcastically and said, “I am sorry, Smriti mujhe ye nahi karna chahiye tha, but main apne aap ko control nahi kar paya, I am sorry” I tried to grab him to bought him closer to me and I grabed his back and tried to hug him and we hugged like that and now I was bearing most of his weight and I spoke while tightening him in my arms,

“I love you, just do whatever you use to do it with Asha aunty” and uncle got up bit and planted another kiss on my lips and moved bit of his lower half and it pained me again and I moaned a bit. He continued moving his lower half with long breaks and every time his penis came out and went into my hole, it pained me a bit and I moaned.

Gradually his speed increased and for me feeling was strange, some kind of pleasure was mixed with the pain. I won’t say that I was fully enjoying, because it was paining too but don’t know what kind of pleasure I was getting from that pain and I wanted that to happen with me more and more.

Uncle was moving very slow with bit of puffing and I could see that he was enjoying my body. Gradually his speed increased and my pain too but I was capable to bear that pain and finally Dev uncle stopped after few quick stroke and I felt his rod beating like heart. He spewed out his liquid in my tunnel and got up from my top and lied beside me.

After some time he got up and cleaned himself and I too cleaned myself with soap and washed my gentiles as there was lot of oil which was dripping down and finally came back in bedroom and tried to collect my clothes, but Uncle took me again his arms and kissed me and said, “abhi to maine tujhe pleasure dena hai, ab tum enjoy karna”.

He started sucking my cunt again and with that he inserted his index finger in my hole and started fisting me and soon I was feeling like heaven, Dev Uncle was sucking me while fisting and after few minutes he inserted another finger and sucked me with full passion and this combination was taking my breath away and I could not stop moaning in ecstasy and finally

I exploded like a bomb and shivered in pleasure while cumming. Once again I cleaned myself and came to my home after hugging Dev Uncle. Through out night I was almost awake, though my love hole was aching, even then some sort of pleasure was driving my body in heaven and it was a feeling which I cannot forget through out life.

For next few days I and Dev Uncle had sex continuously and then gradually frequency decreased. For me this sexual relation bought relaxation in my life from the hell of tensions created by my father in our lives and I use to feel so relaxed from the stressful life after having sex with Dev Uncle.

Till the time my and Dev uncle’s sexual relation continued, I always found Dev Uncle living with bit of guilt feeling and that guilt never disappeared till the end and many times he avoided doing it, even if we had a easy chance. Initially he was not intended to do this but somewhere he was starved for this and finally his lust won from his consciousness.

Our physical relation continued for around two years till I got fixed with my husband and when I got married Dev Uncle played vital role in making my marriage occasion happen peacefully and after around a year of my marriage my father expired after facing serious asthma attack along with some heart complication.

I was sad, after all he was my father, but from my mom’s side I was relaxed, I knew that Dev Uncle will take care of her, as medically she is also not fit. After reading and knowing whatever happened with me, readers can make conclusion that it was my immaturity that I surrendered myself to Dev Uncle for whatever he did for us,

and today after couple of years of my marriage I think up to an extent it is true and in past I use to think about my this fact like this only, but my thinking changed just a few days back when I visited my mom and she admitted herself that from last few months she and Dev Uncle are having physical relation, and she often sleeps with him in his house in the night.

She wanted to do this with Dev Uncle after realizing his need and according to her moreover it was her demand and her physical need which bought her closer to him. She also needed physical love, because she was also starved for this from the time my father took a wrong way. I am not sure that whether whatever I and Dev uncle did was wrong or right as some kind

of lustful force was driving us at that time and we just did that but in my moms case I think readers will agree with me that she has not done anything wrong, as everybody has a right to be happy and as such there is no age to get a love and affection of this kind. Write comments I would like to read readers views.

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