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Bhabhi’s Chudai by the Labourers

It was an unbearably hot summer night. The kind where you feel fortunate about being able to afford accommodation with air-conditioning. And thankfully, this hotel had air-conditioning. “Decent sized room.” Ajay in front of me said as we walked in. “But just one double bed.” “I will get you some gaddis.” the hotel bellboy said […]

Desi Sex in the Emirates

I am Chaitrali. I had recently landed in Dubai after my husband Suresh’s transfer. Suresh’s friend’s name is Akash. Akash called in the evening and said that there is a little surprise for him. He said that he has booked a private farm house and we’ll spend the night there. So he asked us to […]

A Thrill Ride with Tanya Bhabhi

The CCD Coffee chain liked to put up signs touting how the Dalal Street Journal and several other business-oriented publications considered them one of the world’s best employers to work for. Shankar Patil was not exactly sure what factors these publications used in order to make this determination but he was pretty sure they had […]