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Sex training by older woman

I am a 50 years old chap retired from being a Manager in a Tea Plantation in Assam and Darjeeling. I am from Mumbai. PROLOUGE. The narration begins on the day I got married. It was an arranged marriage though we went out a few times. My wife was from a very well to do […]

Sexy encounter with Bangalore aunt

Hi, I am vikram from Bangalore. This doc has come out with a great influence, courage and inspiration after reading so many blogs here. Well to describe me, I am 33yrs, 5.7 tall and weigh around 64kgs. Medium built, not so fair and not a mirror cracking material. I mostly attract the opposite through my […]

Sex with hot aunty Sunita

This story is related with my aunt named Sunita. She is my mother’s childhood friend. She lives in Nagpur. She married to an army man who died in some war at Kashmir just after 6 months of the marriage. Neither had she had any child nor anyone to look after her. I had completed my […]

Sex with dear horny aunty

Hello to all readers! I am rahul from nagpur (maharashtra). It was my real life experience. I am very thankful to this site which opened way to share life experiences to others. There must be some mistakes as my english is little poor. Lets come to the story. Last year I completed my ba & […]

Hot sex with horny cousin

This is a long story and very confidential since it affects the honour of a family. Hence the names and the situations are changed. Please pardon. This may happen in many of the families and hence caution has to be exercised. Baby was a 18 year old only daughter to her parents and hence brought […]

Hot fucking with Pinky

Hi readers.i m 20 years old boy from Rawalpindi pakistan. (don’t want to tell my name….) this is my real firts fucking story. I m a regular visitor here and enjoys here diffrent stories which forced me to write my own. this happend 2 year ago when I visited my aunti’s home in a village […]

Ice hot chill sex

I am Archana back with another exciting experience with my brother. Thanks for all your comments. I was too hot after that first encounter. I felt like having sex for 24hrs with my brother. I wanted to be without dress for all the time. Whenever I enter my room I remove all my dress and […]

Hot sexy confession

“Rev.Father, I want to make a confession” “What do you have to confess, my son, have you stolen money from your father’s purse, or did you lie to him?” “No, Father, I have sinned and I want to make a confession” “Ok, ok, come to the confession box, and wait for me there” “Ok, Father,” […]

Romping with sexy aunty

HI readers. I am a great fan of this site. Let me reveal out one more experience, it happened to me when I was 20. I am from a small town in tamil nadu. My aunty and uncle was residing next to my house. My aunty is about 6 feet tall, she must be 42-38-42. […]