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Incestuous adventures of Rolly – II

But that was not the end of the conversation, Didi spoke again, “Achha tu masturbate to karti hai na”? With that she switched off the laptop. I said “haan”, with very less hesitation, as the wall of hesitation was disappearing between us. Keeping laptop aside Meha Didi said, “aa main tujhe masturbate karti hoon, fir […]

Fucking Brother in laws hot daughter

This episode relates to my brother-in-law’s daughter, JT, who resides in UK since past many years. Whenever I visit UK I always tell her that if anytime she needs any type of help from me, she is most welcome, as she stays alone there. Like on my previous visits, this year too I told her […]

Kamini fucked by cousin 2

Kamini again here. Raju, my teen ager cousin, took further advantage of me during the marriage function twice and fucked me. I too wanted to have fucks as much as possible, when he was ready. He cornered me near the bathroom or in the storeroom and had to be satisfied with a quickie. There were […]

Rinku with girlfriend and mother

My name is Rinku,my petname is raja. While my father calls me raja my mother calls me rinku. My mother’s name is sushma while my father calls her rukmini for some strange reasons. I was studying in an college about a little far away from home in a big town. I was 19 at the […]

Kabadi cousins

This is the story of a friend of mine told to me long back. I happened to meet him recently and suddenly this story came to my memory and I thought I should share it with you all. My friend, we will call him, Shan, for brevity, was then just 15 years old and was […]

Father in law sex 2

Maria speaks: When I got married to Paul, a very handsome young man, I was very happy and dreamt about a very happy married life. When I gave my nod to the paster I was thrilled about Paul. My aunt had warned me not to open up my self on the first day itself. I […]

Hot sexy confession

“Rev.Father, I want to make a confession” “What do you have to confess, my son, have you stolen money from your father’s purse, or did you lie to him?” “No, Father, I have sinned and I want to make a confession” “Ok, ok, come to the confession box, and wait for me there” “Ok, Father,” […]

Sexy and horny mom Part 3

Mom and i are a twin sister if some one look at us .we are having same hight and figure my figure is 38d-28-40 we exchange everything from under garments to dress but mom is very much interested in doing me married with sanjay she alwase tell me i will make you marries with sanjay […]

Marrying My Brother

Life in a city like Chennai may be enthusiastic for many people. But for some young housewives like me it is really boring and monotonous, until I started to have a wonderful time with my brother. Speaking of me, I’m Pratheeba, I’m just 23. I’m 5’6″ and 48 kgs. I have wheatish yet somewhat fair […]