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Romping with elder sister Sangita-4

she teased me. “Yes I have seen them before, But with bra only. I mean.. I want to see them naked.” I said shyly. “So! You want to see your didi’s breast naked, haa?” “Yes!” I replied sheepishly. “Ok! Go ahead and see them.” Sangita’s said daringly. “muhhh… Meee… no! You show me” I asked […]

Chachu fucks Mom and Bua

Hi My Darling Boy-Friends!!!! This is Yamuna age 23. After I got overwhelming response for my earlier two stories, I was about to write, how did my bro fucked our mom. But I am sorry for the delay as I was having a very busy schedule. I have been receiving lots of e-mails and to […]

Father in law sex 3

George after completing his morning ablusions, went to the kitchen for his morning tea. Maria, fresh bathed and wearing fresh clothes was glowing in the morning sun. With shyness writ on her face she brought him his morning tea. He sat in the dining chair but looking amazed at the beauty of his daughter in […]

Hot encounter with elder sister

I have stumbled into this site by accident last month and since then I have become a big fan. This incidence between my elder sister and myself had happened 18 years back. Now I am 35 yrs of age, married with one child as well as my sister is also married living abroad. Though she […]

My innocent brother

Hi, I am Zunaira,recently I visit this blog and read a story under caption WATCHING MY SISTER DOING LESBIAN STUFF which really turned me on and I started to think to have this kind of fun at my own place. The first encounter I had was with my beautiful Mom who after satisfying herself & […]

My innocent brother 2

Hi,This is is Zuni. I am here again to share the expreience I had after geeting seduce my younger brother.I will come directly to the sexful experience I had in a TRIPLATE ACTION. It was late in the night of Saturday when due to law & order situation we were not able to go out […]

First experience with step mom

Hello!!! This is SOMU with a very erotic story of my own experience with my Step Mom! Yes My own step Mom….The Day when I first look her on my fathers wedding after the sepration of my parents, I decided to fuck her and always looking to get a chance to fuck her as she […]

Unbelievable hot sexperience III

As you guys know, that my attitude towards my friend Yasir was quite natural. I was the brother of a prostitute and Yasir knew the fact, so it was difficult for me to look into his eyes, let alone the matter of talking to him. And to think of having normal relationship with him was […]

Unbelievable hot sexperience II

After having a taboo erotic night where not only did I fuck my own real sister but also saw her getting fucked by two other boys right infront of my eyes, we fell asleep. Little did I know, another problem was to come to me. At about 9:00 AM, I heard some voices in the […]