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Good relation with sexy bhabhi

Guys this is Jot to share one encounter with you it was when I was studying in class 12th we used to live in govt quarters in multistory building we were living on 1st floor and on ground floor were a newly married couple whom we called bhaiya and bhabhi. Bhaiya was a civil engineer […]

Aunty made me her hubby

I am presently 26 years of age well built. The lady (name withheld) or you can say the of my life as I call it so is of 42 years of age, her hubby is a business man and she’s having a kid of 10 years . About her statistics she is a sex goddess […]

Amazing sister

My name is Satya(not hero Satya . . :)) lol),  but my name is Satya.  I’m living and working in Pune (200 KMs from Mumbai).  I’m working in a MNC and in our company there are many beautiful gals.  But today I’m going to narrate my true incident which happend 3 years ago with my […]

Sister demands to fuck

When I was 6 my mother died and my Pop remarried. Soon he had a daughter named Punita from his second wife. From then onward my Pop got interested in his new family and I have to look after myself. After gaining puberty feminine shapes and curves started to attract me a great deal but […]

Mami ki zabardast chudai

Mera nam raja hy meri age 28 hy mein smart hoon magar itna clever nahi ky mein sub kush samjata han magar mera lund bara hy aur moota bhi meri mami hamary ghar ky samny rahtee thee us ky husband meray mamoo usny doosree shadi ki hoi thee woh us ky sath rahta tha meri […]

Married cousin

HI this is Vikram from Patna .I would also like to share my stories with all member. I am a software engineer. Last year I went to Delhi for some domestic affairs.I was setting my bags when my aunty(neighbour aunty) came and asked my mom about where i was going? my mom said he is […]