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Chachu fucks Mom and Bua

Hi My Darling Boy-Friends!!!! This is Yamuna age 23. After I got overwhelming response for my earlier two stories, I was about to write, how did my bro fucked our mom. But I am sorry for the delay as I was having a very busy schedule. I have been receiving lots of e-mails and to […]

Sunita visits uncle shom again

The flight circled Delhi as it was readying to land. Sunita looked down at the city spread out below. Somewhere down there was the house which she was going to, that of her friend Deepa. Sunita had got up at the crack of dawn to catch this flight so she could finish her work and […]

Sex with hot Mami

Hello friends, This is my mami who took my virginity. She is a very sexy woman. In any cloths, you can see her figure coming out from the cloths. Tight boobs, sexy ass and wonderful pussy makes me still crazy when I think about her when she took my virginity that night. It was special […]

Hot story of Ramla and Rauf

Abdulla Haji, 55, lost his wife and was very unhappy. His only son, Rauf, 23, was unemployed after graduation and was going round meeting friends all. Haji wanted to get his son married so that there will be a woman in the house who will take care of things. They had an old maid servant […]

Perfectly innocent

Charmaine was just eighteen, and very much a virgin. She hated the thought of sex – she thought it was dirty, and although she’d gone out with boys a few times she’d immediately broken it off when they’d tried to kiss her. The only man she loved was her father, and when her mother died […]

Best sexperience with gorgeous aunty

Hi All, its been wonderful reading the exciting personal experiences of so many people. I am kind of shy person generally reluctant to share my personal experiences with others. But this is a wonderful platform and I couldn’t control sharing my first and best experience. It was in my 10th class at the age of […]

Romping with tasty sexy aunty

Hi hot aunts and girls and boys I am giftson from madurai. I am studying bsc computer science. I first of all thank Human Digest which helps all girls, boys and aunts to share our enjoyments. I was one of the regular reader of this sige. Ya lets come to the story. I had enjoyed […]

Naughty Shahina Aunty Fucked

Hi everyone, I am Zenil (18) and new to Human Digest and after reading the wonderful stories in here, I thought I should confess about my experience that I had few months ago with my aunt Shahina. Shahina is a sexy aunt aged 25. I never had any intention to hav sex with her till […]

My horny sister Sharon

I thought I would share my humble experience aswell with you wonderful people. my name is bryan. this story aint about me but about I one day found heaven on earth in my own little sister, sharon just turned 18. i need to mention here that at this age shes as hot as a […]