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Mom and sis

I am 20 years old student. My father a business man in Dubai and we settled in kerala. My mother45years,elder sisters 22 and 24 years and younger sister 16 years. We all studunts. The day that changes the life of our family…… i a going to explain… Once in an exam study holiday time my […]

Sleeping drunk mom

Hi guys I m shardul.I live in bombay also the following story is real. Every summer vacations I & my family use to go to our village which is goa. In goa I had a aunt which who was like my second mom. She was fair in colour her boobs well they were soo huge. […]

Seduced mum by sms

My Name is Krithik.Im a regular reader of ISS. I am 25 years old now. This happened to me when I was 24. I was working in a IT Company in bangalore. I was staying with my Mom alone. My dad divorced mom 7yrs back. My Mom is 47 years old, works in Private company. […]

In the Closet with my Mother

Mom was a beautiful woman for her 47 years. She kept herself in shape with her exercise rituals every day. Dad, for many years was a Maharashtra politician with a lot of power. We got along well enough, that is, for a growing teen with needs and designs on his car. He generally relented though, […]

The Erotic Reunion of Poonam

He was sitting since last two hours on the bank of Ganges in a very secluded area. His eyes seemed were staring perhaps on a void that was no where to be seen and the rain that was pouring like cats and dogs. It was very chilling and rain drops were piercing the skin. But […]

Impregnating My Own Mother

I never thought I would treat my mother Seetha as a woman until the day she made me realise I am the man of the house. Few months ago my dad died leaving me and my mother everything he could leave. As a result we have a house and some cash in the bank. I […]

Peeping into Pooja’s Skirt

After I fucked Seema on the day her relative had expired, I got another chance to screw her after three days when her parents went again to do some rituals in the nearby town. This time it was more fun this time. I explored her body more this time. I inserted my fingers in her […]

Sex Games with Sameera

I met Sameera in my first year of college. She stole my heart on first sight. Intelligent, warm, frisky, fun-loving, describes her personality. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in person. She’s petite, nicely-developed but without big breasts. Most women would kill for her hair. It is long, wavy, and always bouncy […]