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Sex fling with neighbor’s wife-2

I said, I am done with your conditions now.. can’t control your sexy body monica.. I want to make love to you.. She was already moaning and had no interest to worry about conditions and she held me tight through her legs and pushed my head down to her pussy and screamed suck it my […]

wife’s tale

I’m shazia. well educated young woman from Mumbai. basically I’m from south Indian state Kerala. everyone knows that Kerala girls arae so sexy and fuckuble. but when I came to Mumbai for studies I don’t know much about sex apart from that fingering. but I’m lucky to get groped at train by a business man. […]

Single and Ready to Mingle in Mumbai

I am an Executive, aged 29, Single and am currently working in a MNC in Mumbai. I stay in one of the western suburbs in one of those typical high rise buildings. Since I stay alone, I used to live in my flat almost like a ghost coming in and going out at odd hours, […]

Desi Bhabhi Ki Erotic Bus Journey

“Listen…..listen.” “Hmmmm?” I opened my heavy eyes to the darkness. The bus was hurtling along the bumpy country highway. “I am feeling really cold. Can you get a blanket from the blue handbag?” my wife Niyati whispered, shivering in the ramshackle bus with no heater and poor insulation. “Hmmmm.” Groggily, I got up and went […]

A Desi Wife on a Train

My name is Yuvika Sachdeva. I’m 29 years old. Married for a year and half and at present working for a production company in Mumbai, India. I sent this real account of mine to Vaishali_K on Literotica because of two reasons: I am a Literotica fan and of late I have loved all of Vaishali_K’s […]

Relative Made My Wife Pregnant

My name is Sagar and I have a wonderful wife. Pathvi and I have been trying to have a child, but every month she is right on time with her period. Our doctor has tested my sperm and thinks it is my problem. He has suggested we consider a sperm bank if we want to […]

Anniversary Gift

I was in heaven as my tongue tried to wrap itself around her clitoris. The futile effort was rewarded with a moan as she squirmed though her second orgasm of the morning. The pads of two of my fingers stroked in and out against the top of her vagina. Her hands stroked the top of […]

Making My Ex Wife My Sex Slave

Madhuri and I had a divorce last summer, ending a romance that began in college and a fabulous twenty-five-year marriage that produced two wonderful children. At the end, something happened and I didn’t know what. All I knew was she insisted we divorce and I had no choice except to agree. She kept the big […]

Mumbai Mafia Wife

I married a living doll, a very bright, sexy, beautiful woman who I am very proud of. Everybody loves Lavanya, and I am the envy of every guy I know. I am very popular because of her. My place is where the guys want to hang, and my place is where they drool and act […]