The Cheating Desi Bhabhi

Lakshmi felt the huge hands on her hips and the firm pull that brought her ass hard into a hard on which was quite impressive. The man knew how to get his message across. Lakshmi knew this day would come. She got his message long before he became physical. She had ignored the other messages and expected a physical message, possibly a friendly tussle. She did not expect the day to come with a house full of guests which included her husband and his wife, not to mention their combined offspring of which there were eight along with several others, twelve in all. She had three; he had five; and he didn’t seem to care what any of them saw. The adults were all outside, but the kids were all inside, and the kitchen was a popular place and no place for a physical message.

Lakshmi was in no position to choose the time or place and couldn’t stop the message, either. She didn’t want to raise her voice for fear of bringing in the youthful hoard. Struggle was absolutely useless, so she pleaded, “Gagan , please, stop this!”

Gagan pulled harder, nuzzled her neck, licked his way up her neck to her ear which she tried to keep from being probed. While getting her ear well-probed, she again pleaded, “Gagan , stop! I mean it! You can’t do this, not here, not now, not ever. I’m sorry, but I don’t mess around.”

Lakshmi had turned her head to try and establish eye contact, also to get the tongue out of her ear. That worked, but her last words were spoken over his tongue and the very last was cut off by the tongue invading her mouth so firmly and fully that she couldn’t turn back, pull off, or disengage what became the most intense soul kiss of her life. Gagan had more tongue than Lakshmi knew what do with, a mouthful that overflowed into her throat. She had to fight back her gag reflex. This was not so much a kiss as it was Gagan showing off his massive tongue and what he could do inside a body cavity. Lakshmi had to admit that both ends of Gagan were very impressive. Still, this was not the time nor the place to impress a woman, wife, and mother.

Gagan simply would not stop. Even after the kiss stopped, he licked. While licking, his hands moved to her front and into her crotch. One cupped her crotch as another assaulted her chest. To stifle her protest, he sent his tongue down her throat then had his way with her tits and pussy, getting inside the clothing to assault naked flesh.

Lakshmi wanted to scream, shout, fight, kick, scratch, or something, anything but stand there and be subjected to that rude treatment. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a damn thing she could do that wouldn’t bring kids who were likely to arrive on the scene anyway. It would only take one. That one would bring the others and they would now see a shocking sight. Lakshmi now had exposed intimate flesh.

Gagan seemed determined to see this thing through to full intercourse, and Lakshmi could see no way to prevent that from happening. This was the friendly forceful scenario she always assumed Gagan capable of, only she assumed he was only capable of trying such a stunt in a private setting. With a room full of kids just around the corner, barter soon became her only option. She had two manly fingers working in her pussy, another set twirling a turgid nipple, and a body that warmed rapidly to both. When he removed his tongue, she said, “Let’s go into the bedroom.”

That was all Gagan needed to hear. He released her and motioned her to lead. Lakshmi didn’t think about it at the time, but they would have to move through a dozen kids watching a movie to get to any bedroom. If the kids paid any attention, this would look bad, but that was much better than having them actually see what they would have seen had Lakshmi not bartered her fidelity away. She led the way hoping the kids would be so engrossed they wouldn’t notice, but they noticed when Gagan put his hand on her ass and kept it there, squeezing like he owned it and lifting the back of her skirt past the skewed panties before they passed from view. The kids got a good look at half of a wet pussy and one bare ass cheek.

Lakshmi was livid. As soon as they passed from view, she spun to give Gagan a piece of her mind and got tongue instead. This time, they were face-to-face, their bodies merged with his hands cupping her supple ass on bare ass flesh, pulling their crotches tight. All the fight went out of Lakshmi though she knew all the kids were at the end of the hall, watching. Gagan put Lakshmi’s back to the wall to offer a profile shot as he rucked up her skirt and worked her panties down. Lakshmi fought hard to stop the exposure but gave up with her skirt up around her waist and her panties at her knees. She didn’t fight the upper exposure and soon showed all as he got his dick out.

Oddly, all those eager eyes brought out the exhibitionist in Lakshmi. She knew she looked great and knew her own kids would think so, too. She had two boys, eight and ten, and a girl of twelve. Gagan had four boys, 9, 11, 13, 15 and a girl, 14. The four other kids were all in their early teens, two boys, two girls. Every kid was interested in seeing a naked lady, a man’s dick, and real sex happen. When Gagan got his dick in, that was what they saw, only the lady wasn’t completely naked. She may as well have been.

There in the hallway, Gagan and Lakshmi committed adultery like two animals. The kids, far from detracting from the experience, added to the passion. Lakshmi put on quite an exhibition and made sex look damn good to all kids with pussy between their legs. Those with dicks already knew and had been trying to convince those with pussies that sex was fun. Seeing is believing. The audience appeared eager to try fucking for themselves. Those who weren’t actually holding their genitals were squeezing thighs together.

The fuckers ended up on the floor with Gagan on his knees between Lakshmi’s wide-spread legs. The kids had a good view of that action and saw him pump her pussy full of cum. As a climactic finale, he pulled out and squirted the last three jets in her face. Some of the kids had never seen cum and came in close. They were all in close by the time Gagan withdrew. They all saw a good shot of a fucked beaver on a well-fucked mom, and kids don’t get to see that very often. Lakshmi’s kids had never seen either and Lakshmi didn’t have the strength or will to spoil the shot. That was how Lakshmi’s husband found her. He was shocked.

Gagan quietly left the house as Gagan helped Lakshmi to unsteady legs and sent the kids away. He then helped her into the master bedroom and let her flop face-down on the bed. He looked at her fucked pussy from the rear, shook his head, then said, “Lakshmi, how could you?”

Lakshmi had no answer for that. There was no defense, no excuse, and no reasonable explanation, none that Gagan would buy. She knew he was staring at her fucked pussy and was tempted to close her legs. In fifteen years of marriage, he never saw her pussy in good light, certainly never like this. She still had a bit of exhibitionist left in her, so she allowed him to stare. For a long minute, neither said a word, then Lakshmi said, “Gagan practically forcedd me, Gagan. I had no choice, and once it got under way, I sorta lost it. I don’t know how else to explain it.”

“Didn’t you realize those kids were there?”

“Yes, but them being there is what turned him on. I was trying to get him into the bedroom. He would have none of that. I’m surprised we didn’t start in the living room. We almost did. At least, he tried.”

Lakshmi turned her head to the side and could now see Gagan and where he kept looking. He could not stop looking at the pussy he had always wanted to see in good light in a beaver pose. This was no beaver but he was seeing all of it in very good light, and this was no ordinary wife pussy, this was fucked pussy, neighbor-fucked pussy, adulterous pussy leaking a fuck wad all over the marital bedspread.

Lakshmi thought about rolling to her back and offering him a beaver as a peace offering. The idea appealed to the newly awakened exhibitionist side of her nature, a side she never knew she had until Gagan awakened it. Showing all was quite thrilling, especially that most intimate of areas between the legs and especially between the lips. Lakshmi never thought she could show that to anyone except a gynaecologist, and hated doing that. Even giving birth was a bitch. Gagan did something to change that.

Gagan said, “So, you were trying to get him into the bedroom. To do what?”

Lakshmi slowly rolled to her back, got up on her elbows, and had Gagan’s eyes riveted to her crotch as she made him the beaver he had always wanted while saying, “It was give it to him in here or out there. He left me no choice. He would have screwed me in the kitchen. That was where I made him the offer.”

Gagan stared hard at the freshly fucked beaver, then dropped to his knees and stared right into it with his hands framing the spread. Lakshmi drew her legs in to make a good beaver better for him, then waited. He stared and stared, then silently leaned in and delivered a kiss to the sloppy core. Lakshmi didn’t expect this reaction and had never felt lips on her pussy before, though oral sex was something he wanted to give with no expectation of a return favor. Oral sex simply wasn’t something they did, but she made no objection so he delivered another, then another, then began licking through her sloppy slit. When she voiced no objection, he ate pussy and sent his tongue way inside where he scoured the walls and gorged himself on adulterous fuck.

Lakshmi watched with great interest, awed by what she was seeing and feeling. Oral sex felt pretty good once you get over the exposure hang-up. The raw sensation was great and the sight was even better. If he didn’t mind the taste, she sure didn’t mind being cleaned that way. Gagan thoroughly cleaned her pussy, inside and out, and even polished her asshole, another area she never wanted anyone to see much less delve a stiff tongue into. Gagan delved and Lakshmi didn’t mind. That, too, was a very pleasant sensation.

When Gagan returned to licking her slit, Lakshmi placed her hand on his head and said, “I hope you know, Gagan will be fucking me whenever he feels like it.”

Gagan looked up without taking his mouth off of her pussy. He ran his tongue over her clit. Lakshmi brought her hand down and used the fingers to part the lips to fully expose the clit, saying, “He can fuck me whenever and wherever he pleases. I won’t resist, ever.”

Gagan licked over her clit, moving it to and fro within the parted lips, an action that required no verbal response. She added, “I’ll let him strip me naked in front of the kids. He can fuck me at the dinner table if he wishes, and he would do that.”

He lapped her clit. Lakshmi patted his head, smiled, and said, “Would you like to see Gagan fuck me at the dinner table with our kids looking on? I know they like watching his big cock fucking my pussy. They got a good look at that sight. You didn’t see his cock. He’s huge, Gagan. He is easily twice as big as you, maybe more. Size does matter. I never thought it would, but I never had anything bigger than you. It matters. Believe me, it matters. His cock can turn me into a raging slut. Ask any of our kids. They saw a slut getting fucked and loving it. He shot cum right in my face and I loved that, too. Some went in my mouth. I swallowed. I loved it. I would suck Gagan to orgasm and swallow his entire load.”

At this Gagan raised up and said, “Be his whore, Lakshmi. Be Gagan ‘s whore with my blessing.”

Lakshmi smiled, stroked his face, and said, “I will, Gagan. I am. Now, kiss me and tell me you still love me.”

He did and they lived happily ever after.

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