The Erotic Reunion of Poonam

He was sitting since last two hours on the bank of Ganges in a very secluded area. His eyes seemed were staring perhaps on a void that was no where to be seen and the rain that was pouring like cats and dogs. It was very chilling and rain drops were piercing the skin. But nothing had an effect on him. He was deeply engrossed in his thoughts. It has been three long years that he landed up at Rishikesh leaving behind a sprawling business empire that he created with his own hard efforts.

Someone came from behind and tapped his shoulder.

‘Son! What’s wrong?’

‘anhh’ he came back to his senses and say a monk behind him.

‘I am watching you since last one year. Every day in the morning you come here keep gazing in the void and spend your whole day here. What’s wrong? Share your grief the pain will become lesser.’

‘It’s nothing revered one.’ And without looking at the monk he got up and started walking on the bank.

For some time the monk kept seeing him walking on the bank and with a sigh he left back to his abode high up the hill.

The person whom the monk had approached was wearing a jean and a vest. When the Monk tapped his shoulder – the touch of the skin passed some disturbing thoughts to the Monk.

It took Monk on 15 min to reach his hut up the hill and there he started concentrating on that person.

Engrossed deeply in his concentration the Monk was trying to know that person evoking his spiritual powers, but all he could see was dark clouds, and pain and pain. The reason of the pain was not coming clear to the Monk.

At the time when Monk was trying to move into the brain of that person, that person was also meditating on the bank of Ganges – because he had a pure heart, even the Monk was not able to penetrate his mind and know about him.

After an hour the Monk gave up and was very much surprised and intrigued to know more about that man.

Monk knew where that man stayed and decided to go there. When Monk reached to the place where that man stayed he was greeted by an old man who welcomed the Monk and made him sit.

It was still raining and Monk was dripping wet. The old man brought some towels for the Monk and gave a long sheet to the Monk to change. Monk just used the towels to wipe out the excess water dripping from him but did not use that sheet.

After the Monk was properly settled down the old man asked.

‘Sir, how may I help you? And what’s the reason to come here in such heavy rain?’

Monk : I want to know about that young man who stays here.

Old Man : Oh! You are asking about Rajesh baba. But why are you interested in him?

Monk : I am watching him since last year. He keeps staring in the void. It seems he is in deep pain. I want to relieve him of that pain.

Old Man : Pain now seems to be his destiny. He is son of affluent family, very cultured one and with his own hard work he had created a big business empire. Don’t know suddenly what happened. He left everything and came here. It was due to emotional pressure from his mother that he agreed to bring me along with so that I could take care of him. I have seen him grow in my hands since his birth. He was very jovial in nature but God know what happened – he does not say anything just keeps on meditating and remains very quiet. ( tears started flowing from the old man’s eyes)

Monk knew that by virtue of meditation Rajesh has reached to a level that Monk was unable to enter into his mind and explore. Somehow he got attracted towards Rajesh as if Rajesh was his own son who is suffering from deep pain.

Monk took the address of Rajesh and immediately started his journey towards Rajesh’s home. There he met his parent and discussed a lot about Rajesh, but none was able to give any answer as to why Rajesh suddenly denounced a successful life and started living in Rishikesh doing meditation day and night.

Monk took permission form his parent to inspect the room of Rajesh. He was not able to find anything that could give any clue of his pain.

He sat down on his bed and started focusing his energies. After about two hours of deep mental wavelengths that he was throwing round the room he felt disturbing energy wavelengths emanating and his eyes opened immediately which were focusing on his wardrobe. Though he had checked the wardrobe but he found nothing earlier- he started searching inside the wardrobe very minutely.

He started moving out all the contents of the wardrobe and when everything was out – he started focusing on the empty shelves. Something amiss was felt by him in the last shelf and he focused on that.

He could see the difference on minutely observing – there was a safe in the last shelf – which was not easy to detect.

Monk then called the mother of Rajesh and request arrangements to be made to get that safe opened. Even the mother of Rajesh was surprised to notice the presence of hidden safe in the wardrobe. She called up the people from whom the wardrobe was bought and got the safe opened. In that after it got opened were certain official documents and a diary was there. Monk handed over the document to Rajesh’s mother and sat down on a chair with that diary.

The moment he opened the diary – there was a photo of a beautiful girl which was signed as Poonam. Grown up Poonam who must be now 24 was exactly replica of Sonia. Tears started flowing from the eyes of the Monk. His heart got pierced with severe stabs of guilt. He had been running from himself since years tried to take solace in the lap of Almighty, did hell of a meditation eventually gained some powers too but was not ready to face the blunt truth in such a way.

With lot of restraint he controlled himself and started reading the diary. Each word he read, his wounds that he thought were healed opened up badly and each and every pore of his body felt excrutiating pain.

The shine on his face vanished and the Monk got reduced to Vinay Kapoor his blatant reality.

After he was through with the diary he wept and wept and wept like a child who had been reprimanded for his misdeeds.

God had thrown him back to the world of reality he had been shying off – the responsibility he had been shunning off. Such are the ways of God he never let’s you escape howsoever one may try.

God had given him a chance to rectify his misdeeds. With a resolve in his mind he took leave from Rajesh’s mother and started his journey back to Rishikesh.

When he reached back it was almost 11 in night and he straightaway went to the place where Rajesh was staying.

He found that even at that odd hour Rajesh was sitting at the bank of ganges – water kept splashing on him with force but he was deep in his thoughts to have felt anything.

The Monk who once was Vinay Kapoor went to him and with tear in his eyes placed his hand on the shoulder of Rajesh.

‘Enough son. The days of your bearing the pain are over now.’

Shocked as Rajesh was stared into the eyes of Vinay and could see that he was suffering from the same pain which he himself had been suffering. The two had made a bond between themselves – the bond of pain.

‘Come with me.’

Rajesh confused yet somehow getting some feel of relaxation followed Vinay to his hut.

After the two had settled and the Old Man gave them tea.

Vinay : ( Took out the photo of Poonam ) How do you know this girl? What’s your relation with her?

Rajesh : Who are you? How you got this photo and why are you asking me?

Vinay : I’ll give all your answers, first answer me.

Rajesh : I love her, want to marry her. But first I want to cure her.

Vinay was visibly relieved on hearing from Rajesh that he wanted to marry

Poonam. But the mention of cure rattled him too.

Vinay : What’s wrong with her?

Rajesh : Don’t know some psychological problem – she wants to victimize herself. She loves pain and I can not give her pain. I could have taken her to Mental doctors but I know instead of getting cured she would end up suffering more. I asked four years from her so that I could meditate, get some healing power and try to cure her.

Vinay : Now you don’t need to do that. She will get cured.

Rajesh : but how.

Vinay : Have patience. Sleep tonight. Tomorrow we will go and meet her. I will come by 5 am.

Rajesh : Why don’t you sleep here, we have sufficient space and arrangements.

Vinay accepted his offer and retired to the room he got. But sleep was far away.

Lying on the bed he closed his eyes and the face of Sonia started flashing in his eyes. She was crying. He got up with a jerk.

‘Sorry Sonia – I know its not pardonable – but will try to rectify.’ He was talking to himself.

Unable to sleep he started walking here and there in the room and his past started lingering infront of him.

Vinay and Sonia were leading a very happy life. After three years of marriage, God listened to their prays and Sonia became pregnant. None had any issue whether the would- be would be a boy or a girl – bother were very happy. But destiny had something else in store for them Sonia became very anemic and Doctors had nightmares in saving both mother and child. Somehow both mother and daughter survived but the same day Sonia was detected to be suffering from dengue. All efforts went in vain and Sonia left Vinay for heavenly abode with a daughter to care for.

All his dreams were shattered and he made the girl responsible for taking away Sonia from him. All the love he had for her vanished and only bitterness stayed. He never celebrated her birthday. The girl was named Poonam as per the wish of Sonia.

After the demise of Sonia, her younger sister took the responsibility of raising her sister’s daughter and despite of devoid of father’s love she blossomed into a rare beauty.

Every year when Poonam’s birthday used to come he would lock himself in and tried not to face Poonam. He always tried his best that on this day he should not take his vent out on her but a mam proposes and God disposes.

It was 18th birthday of Poonam and like always she was very gloom. Few of her friends came in and forced her to celebrate. Hearing laughter noises Vinay could not control himself came out of room and thrashed Poonam mercilessly, had his sister in law not intervened Poonam would have been no more. But Poonam was bleeding profusely. Seeing blood oozing out of her Vinay came back to senses and rushed to hospital. Luckily Poonam survived but Vinay got dis-oriented – he had never thought that he would hurt Poonam so badly. He cursed himself gave all responsibility to his sis-in-law and left home.

After years now he would be returning home. He started crying and asked forgiveness from Sonia.

Next day by evening Vinay and Rajesh reached Vinay’s home to meet Poonam.

Door was opened by Poonam itself but the moment she saw Vinay she fainted. And collapsed luckily Rajesh got hold of her before she could fell.

Booth took her to bedroom, called doctor and after giving her an injection doctor told that she is in state of shock but would be ok when she get’s up.

Vinay and Rajesh both sat on her bed side each taking position on either side. Vinay’s tears kept falling and amidst those tears he told Rajesh everything. And Rajesh could not believe his ears – how could a person hate the fruit of love of the very person whom he loved so much. That explained why Poonam loved to be inflicted with pain, she had become a slave to pain. And when during one of their sex escapades Poonam revealed that she would like to be tortured even while having sex. This was too much for Rajesh to bear. He consulted various doctors and the basic crux that came out was that she had to be kept on Medicine for a long time and had to be emotionally handled well till she recovers. Rajesh studied the after effects of all medicines to be administered and decided against them. The only solution that he could think of was to get hypnotic powers so that he could enter the brain of Poonam and erase all pain related episodes that lingered in her subconscious mind. This was the reason that he went to Rishikesh for meditating and getting the required power.

After 5 hrs Poonam started stirring and slowly opened her eyes.

Vinay saw her opening her eyes and burst into tears ‘ I am sorry Barbie, forgive me, love, forgive your poor dad.’

Those teras were coming from a heart which was regretting and repenting profusely, they soothed the pain Poonam had been suffering.

She raised her hands ‘ Dad’

‘Poonam, my Barbie, my doll’ Vinay started showering kisses on her face forhead and grabbed her in his arms closer to his chest.

‘Don’t leave me again Dad’

The re-union of father and daughter was so emotional ever Rajesh could not stop his tears.

Finally Vinay separated from her.

‘Beta I know it’s not easy – but try to pardon your poor dad, I had been very bad to you. Now I will see to it that my daughter gets all the happiness in the world.’

He caught hold of Rajesh’s hand and placed Poonam’s hand in his. ‘Rajesh you are the most deserving Son- In- law I could ever think of for my daughter. She is your’s now officially and I will see to it that you two get married as early as possible. After your marriage I will take Sanyas.’

Rajesh : But you did not ask what I would need in dowry.

Both Vinay and Poonam were shocked. They never dreamed that Rajesh could even utter the word of Dowry leave aside asking for it, for everything of Vinay would eventually go to Poonam and Rajesh.

Before either of them could say anything Rajesh spoke – ‘I want your love in dowry – that love which you did not give to Poonam when she needed it most – now I want that love for our daughter’

Vinay cried bitterly and hugged Rajesh.

That night, Vinay slept peacefully in his dreams he met Sonia who was now smiling. Vinay too smiled and said ‘Poonam is in right hands now – I am coming to you- I cant stay anymore without you’ Sonia had spread her arms and the soul of Vinay went towards her hugging each other. Both entered the room of Poonam kissed her cheeks and bid her goodbye. Both had now re-united.

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