Virgin Sex on the Lush Outdoors

Hi friends. I am Arun. I’m 23 years old and I’m here to share with you my real life sex experience with my classmate Ninu. She is a mallu girl. She is a year elder to me and is very cute, wheatish complexion, very fit body with no fat. We are very good friends. We used to spend some time a nearby park after our classes. I would then drop her at her place and go back home. As days rolled by we got closer and closer but were not convinced to have a serious relationship.

As we chat everyday somehow we used to get into some adults topic and after reaching a limit leave it as it is. One evening as we were talking in the park sitting on a chair, we lost conscience and crossed our limits. We started talking about each others’ assets. She asked about the colour and length of my dick and I started asking her about her boobs size and her pussy. Suddenly without our knowledge we got tempted towards each other and I kissed her tight abruptly. She did not object but she also enjoyed the kiss. I had one of my hands around her shoulder and the other around her waist. She held the back of my head tight.

We suddenly realised that we were in a park and slowly unlocked our lips. She noticed my dick which was bulged and almost came out tearing off my pant. She tried to place her hands on my dick but I stopped her and said “Lets go somewhere else”. We cannot go to our homes as our family members will be there. Also we did not have enough money to go to a hotel. We kept travelling in my bike and after an hour or so we got to a bypass road leading to a highway. There was a jungle of trees on either sides of the road. She asked me to stop the bike and as we got down she eyed the jungle of trees and asked “Shall we go in and see?” We were totally blank and we were not even able to think that what we were doing is right or wrong.

We parked the bike on one side and went to the other side of the jungle. It was dark and we kept going in with our mobile torch. After about 10 minutes of walking in, we found quite large muddy plain surface where about 50-60 people could stand freely. After that round patch of plain surface the densely planted trees again continued. Just like an island shore in between seas, it was an open space in between densely planted trees. It was a lushy mud surface and the mud in that place was so nice and soft like the beach mud. The quantum of mud also was very thick that we felt we were standing in a beach.It was just 2 or 3 days to full moon day and the moon light was shining bright in that open space. It was like as if both of us were standing in a spotlight amidst dead darkness all around. The moon light peeping in and the fact that we could see each other amidst the pitch darkness surrounding us was a real blessing for us to be visible to each other in order to have the most extreme pleasures of enjoying each others’ body.

She asked me in a low voice “What do you say?” and I immediately agreed and said “Lets do it” We somehow could not resist our temptations and that made us not to realise whether what we were doing that night was right or wrong. We were were slightly nervous if someone would see us and catch us. We looked both sides and it was pitch dark and nothing was visible as the trees were planted very densely and close to each other. I could not stop myself. I threw bag down, rushed towards her, hugged and kissed her all over her body. She was also very horny and started biting my ears and licking my cheeks. We went down slowly kissing each other.

She was wearing a long kameez tops and jeans and I was in t-shirt and jeans. We rolled on the mud surface kissing hugging and pressing our bodies against each other. We felt as if we were the only humans on earth and we were totally free to do it in the open. We then decided to start things going. We removed our tops and decided to use it as the base and sleep over it. So we spread the kameez and t-shirt on the surface. She was wearing a sensualising white bra. I went behind her and started squeezing her boobs from behind. I then unhooked her bra and removed it. Her boobs were very tempting and was cup shaped. She has a cute little mole over her right nipple and her boobs were very spongy to press and play with it. Both of us were nude in our upper body.

She then put her hands with authority on my dick and pressed it over my pant. I sitting besides her removed her jeans button slowly and put my hand into her pant and panties. There was a little hair just above her pussy and nothing surrounding it. I dipped my middle finger into her pussy. She started moaning mmmm sssss aahhhsss. She then went ahead and removed my jeans and underwear together. I was fully nude. I then removed my finger from her pussy and dipped it in her mouth. She loved her pussy juice and sucked my fingers really hard. I then put my tongue into her mouth to have and drunk a cocktail of her saliva and pussy juice.

I was fully charged to fuck her and I couldnt control my deep emotions. So I pushed her down and made her sleep over her kameez spread on the mud. I slept besides her and kissed all over her body from her forehead and came down like a hungry beast to her cheeks, licked her lips, kissed her neck, bit and sucked her nipples, licked and kissed the mole over her nipples, kissed her belly, dug my tongue into her navel and licked it deep and finally reached the spot. I then removed her jeans impatiently as I could not wait anymore to dig deep into her pussy. She was wearing a pink panty which seduced me to the peak and I removed it in a flow and threw it

We never felt unsecured by the fact that we were fully nude in the open. Because of the thick tree cover surrounding us, we just went on with a feeling of being secured in some corner room of a palace having hundreds of rooms and nobody could locate us there.

Finally the time came to fuck her. As we have had a lot of adults chat we knew that both of us love it to be rough and erotic sex was our preference. So I wasted no time and immediately after removing her panties, I pounced over her body, spread her legs with mine and by having my hands underneath her body started hitting my hard’ thick and dark dick on her juicy pussy. After hitting her pussy for sometime my dick stuck in her pussy hole and without any hesitation I chucked it into her pussy roughly into her pussy. She shouted in a spark of pain ouch aah and then both of us started to enjoy the intercourse.

Her pussy was very tight. It was very hot and wet inside and we also started sweating severely. I kept crushing her pussy hard and wild moving my dick back and forth inside her pussy with force and she kept moaning ohh ohh yaa yaa mmmm sss ohhh. I had immense pleasure sleeping over her slippery sweating body with my dick inside her tight, hot and wet pussy. We then slowly turned over with she coming to the top and she sat up on my waist with my dick fully dipped inside her pussy. She kept jumping on my waist hard and fast with her buttocks clashing hard with my thighs clap clap clap.

In a few minutes my dick tickled inside her pussy and with the pleasure of my thick white cream coming out of my dick and also raised my upper body and hugged her tightly. I splashed my semen with extreme sexual pleasures all over her pussy. After filling her pussy with my white cream we slowly loosened our hug and started getting our breath back as we were breathing long and deep. I sucked her lips in the process and slowly she got up removing my dick from her pussy. We had about 20 minutes of hard and rough sex.

It was getting late and we already give reasons for being late to people at home. So we slowly dressed ourselves up. After dressing we once again hugged tightly and sucked her lips deep into my mouth for the last time for the day before leaving and we started walking out. As we walked out towards my bike we decided to say the same regular late reason of “Extra class without prior information” to our family members after reaching home. We got out of the jungle and being a bypass there was not much vehicles on road to note us coming out of it. Finally as usual I dropped Ninu at her place and went back home.

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