What My Mother Did for Me

My dear friends, I thought many times about sharing this story since its covered with my life’s most private events. Its about My mother. How she sacrificed everything even her body and chastity for the well being of her son.

Here are the details.

Ours is a family of two- me and my mom. Im Nikhil 20 and my mom Padma, 38. I was told by my mom that my dad left her when i was in a tender age. . since then Im her everything, my happiness is everything to her. Even though she doesn’t know where my father is, she behaves like a sumangali, wearing sindhoor on her forehead, wearing bangles and Mangalasutra. She is a conservative orthodox and respectful lady. We enjoy each others company, We could be considered a working lower middle class family living in a tiny two bedroom house in a huge city somewhere in South India.

Our economic condition was not all that well. I was still studying in my final year and had to work part time. Although the pressure of the job was too much it would wore off when i came home to have the snacks kept ready for me by mom. My mom is a delicious cook. She is delicious as well. Very few sons get to have a mother like her. At the age of 39 she was a perfect shaped woman (Thanks to all the hard work). Having a perfect shaped larger than average sized boobs, and her lovely ass neatly curved would be a delicacy even to her own son to see. She mostly wears Saree at home and occasionally nighty. I must admit that I had fantasies about her. Initially I felt guilt but later I thought it was normal. Because she is the only person with whom I live besides it hard to avoid such thoughts by a sexually active boy about a very hot female. So I decided to keep these thoughts restrained to my fantasies and allowed myself to see her in a sexy way. I wouldn’t miss a chance to peep at her cleavage when she bends down while wearing nighty.


My mom owed many 4 lakh rupees to the local money lender-(Rajeev 45years) which she had borrowed for my education.He was a very influential and powerful fellow. he had the support of Police and local rowdies as well. He constantly came and asked for his money. Whenever he came he used to give funny looks at my mother and ogle at her. I knew he had lust for my mom. Even though I got angry at this I was helpless since the situation was in his favor. We were deep in debt and could see no way out. My only hope of repaying the money is through getting a good job. I was in final semester . And i was in great pressure to handle both studies and work, besides this money lender.

One day he came home and made a big scene. He gave a final choice- whether I should go for Jail or the amount be given instantly. As soon as he said that my mom knelt down on the floor and held his knees and said-

Mom- Please sir, dont be so harsh on us. Please have a little compassion on the poor.

Rajeev (Money lender)- Its not possible for me to wait any longer . I have waited enough already.

Mom- Please understand sir. I have worked and toiled my entire life to bring up my son and for his education. he is in his final stage of his education, i beg u not to spoil his life. As soon as he gets a job he will pay u the amount.

The money lender was staring at my mom’s cleavage through her yellow blouse as she didn’t notice her saree had fallen off. The As tears were flowing from my mom’s eyes I saw lust flowing from his eyes… Even I couldn’t help and was also staring at her cleavage between her Mangalasutra.. He noticed that i was staring too. But we acted normal.

Rajeev- Alright sister. (I was amazed to hear such a word coming from his mouth) Dont cry.( he lifted her by holding and squeezing her soft solders and wiping her eyes, enjoying the touch of her cheeks. I knew his intentions) I will figure something out. I will come some other time and talk to you. Since u depend on your son to repay the amount I believe he is the man of the house now. And i would like to talk to him.

Saying this he gestured me to step out of the house and waited near the gate of our house.. I was wondering what he could tell me and looked at my mom in confusion. mom told me to go and talk to him.

I stepped outside and went to him as my mom went inside.

Rajeev- Look son, dont think Im a very kind person. Whatever I said there is a lie. I know it and u know it too. I didnt want to hurt my Padma’s feelings anymore thats why I had to say something.

Me- Im confused, What are ur true intentions actually?

Rajeev- Look kid, I will be direct. I know how u feel about ur mother. Im not a fool to miss this opportunity and i don’t think you are a fool either. I want ur Mom.

Me – (I kind of had an idea where he was heading and dumbly asked this question anyway.) What do u mean?

Rajeev- Dont act dumb kid, I want some intimate moments with ur mother. Hope u understand. We can use this situation to mutually benefit each other. Its not wrong to Have sexual feelings towards ones mothers especially when she is sexy. its the law of a Man’s nature. Ur mom still has age. Lets not let it go wasted forever. Im willing to let go the Debt for a few private moments with ur mom. I don’t know how u convince her. call me when u have decided otherwise i will be left with no other alternative but to ruin ur future. .

Saying this he left.

I was in a great shock and stood there for a minute holding the gate. I didn’t know what to answer to mom when I go inside the house. Then mom called me inside after seeing me standing alone at the gate. Then I hesitantly walked inside. She asked me what Rajeev told me. Not knowing what to tell her I told a spontaneous lie that Uncle is very kind hearted and he is willing to wait till my education is complete. A huge smile sprang on her face and she hugged me. When she hugged me the thoughts of Rajeev hugging my mom came in front of my eyes and i felt bad about it. Then I went into my room and locked and laid on the bed. Didnt have lunch and slept.

Then in the evening I sat and thought about my present situation deeply. thinking of mom in sex position with Rajeev made me disgusted but somewhere in the corner of my brain I found a sexiness to it. I started thinking logically about this. If I go to jail who will look after my mom. If there is no one to take care of her eventually someone will take advantage of my mom’s helplessness. What becomes of her when she sees her own son’s life being spoiled for which she has worked so hard.. No mother would want to see that. All these thoughts ran in my mind.

I Didn’t know how to tell this to mom. Even though if she agrees to it ,it will not be whole heartedly. Through fear and pain only she had to accept this. I didn’t want to put my mom through it. I didn’t know what to do, then suddenly it occurred to me to Put Sleeping pills in her food and put her to sleep when Rajeev comes so that I don’t have to explain anything to hurt my mom’s feelings. It will be a secret between me and Rajeev only. i decided this was the best course of action to this scenario.

As i was thinking my mom knocked on the door.

Mom- son, its 8 why don’t u come out for dinner, u haven’t had ur lunch also.

Me- yes mom I just woke up, im coming out.

saying this I went out and sat at the dining table. My mom was still in that yellow saree. looking as sexy as ever. Her bulging boobs, her naval and her shaking ass diverted my mind. she served me delicious food.

Mom- Nikhil, ever since Rajeev went I see something is bothering u, whats wrong son? (she said this in a sweet tone without knowing that her own son is planning a sex for his mother)

Me- Nothing like that mom, just a little headache (I told a random lie)

Mom- wait son, i will get a cream to apply to ur head (she said worryingly)

By the time i finished my dinner on the table she brought the cream and started applying to my forehead from behind. Her soft Breasts were touching my head. Then the thoughts started running in my mind- that those breasts I fed upon when i was a baby are going to be squeezed and sucked by rajeev without mom even knowing it. Those thoughts of Rajeev groping my moms naked breasts started giving me a erection. Her soft hands ran over my forehead without knowing what was running inside my head. Then fearing she would notice my hard on I left to my room saying ‘ enough mom, im sleepy now, good night’.

I came to my room and locked it and laid on the bed. The pictures of Rajeev enjoying my beautiful godly mother started running through my mind. As it went on I began to enjoy those thoughts. I thought about mom a ripened fruit with no one to eat it. how waste it would be. I began to think whatever Rajeev said was right. Thinking about this for a while I fell asleep .

And it was morning already. I decided that it was the day it should happen because of two things. 1- fear of Rajeev, if he gets angry due to delay and 2- out of my own lust. I didn’t go anywhere since it was the day it was going to happen. But where was i supposed to find sleeping pills, its hard to get without a medical prescription. Then my cousin vinesh came to my mind. He works as a medical representative. he knows many pharmacists who would lend him what he wants. So I called him immediately. And told him I needed some strong sleeping pills as i was not getting proper sleep from many days. Vinesh is very close to me hence he agreed to help me. He came in the afternoon and knocked on the door. My mom answered the door as I came out of my room. He has always been a bug fan of Mom’s figure and began fucking her in his mind as soon as he saw her. I could see that in his eyes.She welcomed him He went and hugged her infront of me with a tight grip, her boobs could be seen loosing its shape from round to flat as he pressed his chest against her tender breasts. Then I took him to my room and asked if he brought the pills. He had got 2 pills and told me to take just one since its strong. “what happens if I take two?” I asked. “There will be no side effects as such, but to get a sound sleep its enough if you take just one. If you take two the sleep will be very deep and prolonged for at least 7 hours” he answered. “Thats exactly what I want” I thought to myself. And I thanked him, after having some snacks my mom prepared for him, he left with an ogle in his eyes towards mom. Mom was completely alien to the situation, she didn’t have a clue what was going on, her nephew just served her son sleeping tablets so that a stranger can spread her legs that night when she is asleep.

Somehow I passed the time till night thinking how I get mom to take those pills. It was 10 we started having dinner on the table. Mom looking very sexy that night. she was wearing a blue saree, below her naval. Her beautiful cleavage visible at times when she bent down to eat. I thought Rajeev was a very lucky bastard tonight. After dinner we have the habit of drinking buttermilk, so when I went to kitchen to wash my hands, I didn’t want to risk any chances so I put both the pills in her drink and served it to mom. After her dinner she drank it and we began to chat. When we were talking I was observing her whole body as to when I would get a chance to feel them. I was hoping the pills to take effect faster. Within 15 she said that she was feeling irresistibly sleepy and said goodnight and went to her room. I knew the pills were playing their role. I immediately stepped outside main door and called Rajeev – “sir You can come to my home tonight, Mom is ready for you”. I told him.
“very good son”, He said “finally you have come to your senses. You have made a right decision. How did you convince her though?” he asked. I could sense happiness in his voice. To which I answered “come and find out for yourself uncle” “I will be there in half an hour boy” he said and hung up as though he were in a great hurry.

Meanwhile I had 30 minutes with my unconscious mom. I came back inside and went to her room to inspect her. she was laying on the bed face down. Her face told me she was in great sleep. I scanned at her whole body once, imagining how her tender body would be ravished in few moments by a beast. The sense of guilt started to kick in. At the same time I glanced at her mounted ass, it looked like two hills one besides another. Then the I kicked away the guilt. I had to make sure she was asleep. I taped her back, I rubbed her bare back through the gap from her blouse. she didn’t respond. Then my hands slowly slid downwards over her “mountains”. While I touched there there was a jolt of thrill ran through my brain. I kept my hand on top her ass for few minutes and rubbed over her saree. This confirmed me she was not conscious anymore. I thought to myself that this ass was not used for decades, but its going to end tonight. As my mind was fucking my moms ass i heard a sound from my behind . To my shock Rajeev was already standing near the door and watching me. I think I had left the main door open. His lust for Mom brought him home earlier than he said. Then I was embarrassed and stepped outside saying there she lays, she is yours now. He was grinning at me as i went out of the room. Then he went inside the room and locked it from inside. I came and sat in my room, next to mom’s room. I sat on my bed resting my head on the wall behind me, that wall was common wall to my mom’s room and mine. Wild and erotic images started running through my mom where she lost her chastity to another man with the aid of her beloved son. After few minutes of imaging what could be happening inside the room, the rhythmic screeching sound of the bed from mom’s room brought me to real world. I understood what was making the sound. Rajeev was pounding on mom, his moment was making the bed move- which was making that noise. Since I didn’t know in what position exactly they were in, I imagined them in all sort of positions. This man has finally achieved the entrance to my mom’s most preciously hidden holes at last. He got what he wanted. With each sound of the bed my mom lost her womanhood to this man. And her very son was the author of all these. My only worry was mom awaking in the middle of this. I didn’t have a lie to come out of it if it happened. Anyway, With each stroke (each sound) it became hard for myself to resist my lust for mom’s body. My penis had been erect ever since he went inside the room and locked the room with my unconscious mother sleeping inside.

The pounding sound came for half an hour and stopped. For 1 hour there was no sound. I thought he had finished feasting on my sleeping mom. During that 1 hour time I waited for him to come out. Then again the pounding sound came from the room, meaning another fuck session had started. That made me realize that mom was getting filled with all sex she had missed in those years, also she was being filled with his cum too. He continued this till dawn… At 8 am in the morning he came outside where I had fallen asleep on the sofa (couch) waiting for him to come out. He came to me and said with an evil grin “Thanks kid, go and see your mom’s position inside I think you had been waiting to see it” (he was buckling his pant when he said that)

Me- Finally you have got what you wanted. Now will you leave us alone?

Rajeev- Leave you alone??? You must be joking. (He said laughingly)

Me- You had made a deal- my mom for the debt. Now you have had what you wished for. Please leave my mom alone from now on.

Rajeev- Do you think Im stupid to forgo 4 lakh Rupees for just 1 night? i can get a nice whore for all night just for 5000 Rs.

Me- Then how long are you intending to continue this?

Rajeev- As long as Im satisfied. She is an investment now. I know how to take it back.

I didn’t understand what he meant by that.. I just kept quiet not knowing what to say. All I was worried was about my mom’s situation, what this monster might have done my mom inside the room. I just gave a look towards the room where my mom was. I could see her blue saree on the floor beside the bed. Blouse and petticoat accompanying the saree.. I kind of imagined that mom would be lying completely naked on the bed. On the bed I could only see her naked legs up to knee. I wanted to hurry inside and see the fate of my mom. Then Rajeev continued “I thought you had convinced your mother but you have put her to sleep. Next time I want her completely conscious, so that I will get more enjoyment”

Me- No sir, Please don’t put that condition. My mom is a very conservative lady. She will be devastated to know that she will have to share her body with someone else. Lets please keep it a secret. Whenever you come I will serve her to you when she is asleep only.

My mind was wandering about my mom all the time I talked with Rajeev. She was sleeping innocently with his semen inside her as her son negotiated how her body is to be used with this man.

Rajeev- You have the courage to ogle at your mom, and take benefits from her, yet you don’t have the courage to face her and convince her.. Its okay, I will agree to it. After all a hole is a hole what difference does it make awake or asleep.. I will come back in 3 days, have your mom ready for me just like this time.

saying this he left.

I felt such a relief after he left. But there was a worry in my mind about having my mom prepared for him next time he comes. But it was the worry in the time to come. But right now is my time, I thought to myself. I was very curious about how my mom looked inside her room now. I walked towards the room and all kinds pictures of nude positions of mom were rushing through my mind. I had never seen mom nude before. But this time nobody was stopping me. The bedroom door was half closed, and I pushed the door completely open. And there was the view of my mom..He had left my mom in such a condition that I was confused for a second whether I was looking at my own mom or some whore. She was in the same position as she was when she slept (sleeping face down), but only difference is that there was not a single thread of cloth on her body (except the thread of mangalasutra) and her legs were spread at different directions. The bed sheet was all crumbled up, so was her hair.. This suggested that Rajeev had feasted on my mom’s body to the fullest extent. My eyes suddenly ran over her naked back thighs and ass. They looked elegant. Below her ass was my birth place in clean view. It was not much hairy as I had expected. I guess she used to trim it. She had a plump pussy lips. The fresh cum was dripping on the bed sheet through her recently used vagina. The sense of shame that someone else fucked my mom went away as this situation has provided me with this opportunity to see my moms naked beauty.No other situation would have given me this chance I thought to myself and somewhere in my mind thanked Rajeev for making me find this desperate solution. I walked towards my naked sleeping mom and sat near her ass side of the bed. I stared at her ass, those beautiful pair of ass were struggling to be higher than the other. They were so round and perfect. All this time I used to stare them over her saree or nighty, but today I was lucky, nothing between my eyes and her ass.. I saw upwards towards her boobs too to see how they were doing. Since she was sleeping face down they were not visible. Only her side boobs were visible, they were compressed again the bed and the side boobs were sticking out… I gave a touch to the side boob that was sticking out. It felt so cold and soft. I then ran my palm on her bare back, and slided it downwards towards her ass. Then I noticed there was some finger nail marks and bite marks on her ass. That bastard had enjoyed the ass as much as possible. Those marks gave me the idea that he fucked mom from behind while garbing her ass very tightly that his finger nails made those marks. He had also bitten her ass too, that means while he was liking and biting her ass he might have smelt her asshole and licked it too. When I touched the ass it felt so amazing. They were as soft as her boobs.. I couldn’t resist too, I garbed her both ass with both my hands and squeezed… I spread her cheeks and played with it. It was then I came to see the most precious and hidden part of any female, her asshole. Its was tiny and the ring around it was pink. Rajeevs semen was waiting to rush out like a volcano from the mountain. Since it was obvious that he wanted to enjoy mom to the fullest I didn’t expect him to wear any condom. Now I tried to insert my finger inside her exploited hole, then I was worried that since it was already past 8 am, mom might awake anytime now. I Got a tissue paper and wiped her asshole and pussy clean without the trace of sperm. Then I collected all her cloths from the floor. Put her underwear, her petticoat, bra and blouse back on. I must admit that I enjoyed while dressing her, pressed her delicious boobs, squeezed and played with them. But didn’t have the time to get excited a lot. So went back on focusing towards dressing her. It was a Herculean task to put a saree over her when she was asleep. With great effort and taking much time I accomplished the same. I set her hair later properly arranged the bed sheet and wiped the cum out of it as much as possible, hoping that it would dry out in few minutes. I brought sindhoor and applied a little over her forehead as it was all wiped out last night in the fuck session. Now Everything seemed normal. I glanced one more time at mom where she was sleeping completely oblivious that her own son is covering up the sex he facilitated to his own mother. But two things bothered me a lot.

1st- What if mom wakes up and finds pain in her ass?

2nd- What if she got pregnant because of this?

I knew I had Vinesh to the rescue. I called him immediately and asked for the powerful pain killer in the market pretending to have severe body pain. He named one but also told me it was expensive. I thanked him and went to the nearest medical shop and brought a dozen of those pain killers and a dozen of contraceptives. These were very expensive tablets. But I had no choice but to dig deep into my pockets, spending all my savings. I had to buy these much of pills for future use. I came back home and and put one of each tablets in my mom’s mouth making sure they went inside her throat. But when I opened her mouth, even there I noticed a thick whitish fluid, at first I mistook it to be saliva then realized that it was semen. That bastard didn’t even spare her mouth, he cummed there also, He had exploited each and every holes of her’s where his dick could fit into. I got angry about this. Thats when I decided that my mom’s sacrifice should not go in vain. I have to come up with some idea where my poor mom should also be benefited out of this, make that bastard pay money from next time, because such a beautiful body should not be given away for free. Let him loose something, let him loose even more money because my mom’s beautiful tender body, her chastity and purity is worth way too much. But would he agree for this… all these thoughts were reserved for a later time and I came out of my mom’s room and went to my room and slept on my bed thinking what to do when she wakes up. I was focusing on how to be normal when she wakes up. One night she slept as a conservative pure homely mom next morning she woke up as a complete slut, but she doesn’t know that. I concentrated on how to act if she got suspicious. During these thoughts sleep began to conquer me as I had been deprived of sleep last night and due to tiresome efforts to dress my nude mother. At last I surrendered to sleep.

After few hours of sleep I opened my eyes to the sound of our house gate open.. I looked at the clock hurriedly and it was 11 am. I quickly rushed out of my room and into moms room. She was not there. As soon as I began wondering where she might have gone, I heard the door being opened from outside with the key. That could be none other than my mom. My god she had already woken-up and went somewhere and now she is coming back. I didn’t know where she was coming from.. all these thoughts piled up in my mind. And when she opened the door and came inside all my thoughts froze. She was in a beautiful red saree with flowers over her head and sindhoor on her forehead. She had a small basket in her hand which was contained with coconut and flowers. At that moment I was very relaxed because she had been to Temple. Now I could be tension free I thought to myself. But still I was observing her closely and She gave me a weired look.. and she asked me what happened.

Me- Nothing mom, I just woke up just now, was wondering where you could have been.

Mom- I had been to temple as there was special pooja there. I should have gone there early but I woke up very late, I don’t know what happened to me, I woke up late than my usual hours. Dont know what had come upon me.

Me- Is it mom? I saw u were very tired last night when you were going to sleep.. Its good to have long sleep once in a while (I said nervously)

Mom- may be son, Anyway leave all that, here son have some prasadam..

She put the prasadam right in my mouth.. As I was eating it, i gave a glance at my mom, she was smiling at me.. I was thinking what a transformation from last night to this morning without comparison. At night she was without an inch of cloth and now she is dressed in a typical house wife dress and was looking like a Temple goddess. Both are beautiful to look at. But I preferred the midnight scene because a woman’s real beauty can be seen only with her natural dress (naked) be it our own mother or someone else.

Then she said she needs to prepare breakfast since it was already late.

I went to bathroom to have a bath. The powerful images from last night started coming before me and my penis got energy from it. Holding my dick I began to masturbate.. I was appreciating myself for a neatly done job. My stupid mom didn’t have a clue about what had happened to her. She even been to temple thinking that she was pure, not knowing that she was carrying someone else’s semen deep inside her. All these dirty thoughts made me cum fast. Later Mom had prepared breakfast by that time and we both sat at the table. As usual the food was delicious. I was feeling proud about myself that I had seen the best of both sides of my mom. On one side Her motherly love, care and delicious foods and on the other side her sexy nude flesh. After finishing our breakfast I got ready for college and my mom told me that she had to go to market and would come in the evening. I said ok and went to college with my cycle. No matter how hard I tried to concentrate in the class, my moms nude pictures were calling me home.. Nevertheless my body sat in the class and my mind was in my mother’s room. At last pleasant sound of bell came. I hurriedly peddled my cycle and came home. It was evening. She opened the door with a smile and my eyes were satisfied on seeing her.. I don’t know why, but I was understanding that I was becoming more and more obsessed with her. We sat on the couch and chatted all evening. She was talking about doing some navagraha pooja in home to get rid of our problems. She is a very religions woman and believes in all these superstitions. It was a boring thing for my ear to hear, soon I gave work to my eyes. Her voice faded away when I began to see her red juicy lips move, her long hair over her solders. how innocently she was talking to me without knowing what was going on in her own sons head. Occasionally got a chance to peak at her cleavage.. Thinking of using them maximum for myself next time, my monster began to grow. She said in a loud voice- Son are u listening to what Im telling you?

Me- Yes mom Im listening.

Mom- yes. We have so many problems son. your education is not complete, we have a debt to repay and moreover that fellow rajeev is trying to prey on us. Sometimes I doubt his intentions. He looks at me in an odd way.

Me- What do u mean “odd way” mom? (I asked as if I didn’t know anything)

Mom- whenever I meet him outside by chance he and his keeps on staring at me, they ogle at me. I sometimes regret for taking loan from him.

Me- (worrying about my mom’s suspicion i said) No mom. he is a nice guy. I have spoken to him. He wont bother us anymore (as long as u sleep quietly in your bedroom when he comes i thought to myself). He has no such intentions towards, he even called you ‘sister’ that day, remember?

Mom- you don’t know son, people now a days are back stabbing, cant trust anyone.

me- mom you worry too much. come on its time for dinner Im hungry give me food (I diverted the topic)

Then we sat in the Dining table and were having our food. Mom was thinking something deeply. She looked upset. I was wondering what was going on in her mind. I got a little worried if she suspected anything. But I didn’t want to make guesses on my own so made my mind to ask her what she was thinking.

Me- Mom whats wrong? you seem to be upset about something.

Mom- Nothing son. Leave it.

Me- Its ok, plz tell me mom so that I can help u with something if I can.

Mom- (unwillingly told me) Today when I went to market in the bus, it was so crowded. A man next to me was trying to taking advantage of me.

Me- what do u mean taking advantage of you?

Mom- He was rubbing his shoulder against mine. And whenever the brake was applied he purposefully jump into me touching his body against mine.

Me- How cheap of him.. Why didn’t you protest him mom?

Mom – We women can’t son. It’s bad to our reputation only.. I’m very sad how that person behaved today, the world sees a woman as an object of pleasure.

Me – True mom..

At this point I didn’t know whether to laugh or not. Because her own son is using her as a sex object and letting other man use all her holes while her son enjoys it, and here my mom is complaining about some guy rubbing his shoulders against her. But this display of protest only shows how conservative and and how protective she is about her chastity.Also on the other hand I was gravely worried how she may react once she finds out everything.. Because of her very traditional and conservative nature I choose this way of doing it secretly.

Then we completed the dinner in silence. And few minutes later she brought me butter milk.. That reminded me of something, the sleeping pills… Both the pills he gave was used in one shot.. Now I wanted more. I thought of calling my cousin (mom’s sister’s son) Vinesh in the morning. Said good night to mom and slept in my room…

I slept nicely unlike the previous night. I woke up in the morning and first thing I did was call vinesh. He answered..

Vinesh – Hi bro, what’s up? How did those sleeping pills work? Did you sleep well?

Me- Yeah bro, thanks so much. If you don’t mind could you please get me more of those please?

Vinesh – OK I will get you two like Last time.

Me – (I wasn’t planning on stopping my mom’s fuck sessions anytime soon, so I asked him 10 pills) bro I don’t want to keep bothering you again and again so could you get me 10 pills please?

Vinesh – Bro those are not actually easy to get without a prescription from the medical practitioner.. Why don’t you consult a doctor regarding this.. These are powerful tablets I advise you not to self medicate without consulting a doctor first. It may affect your health adversely. And also if I go and ask a chemist for such a quality of heavy drug, he will frown upon me although he may be my friend, he doesn’t want to get into trouble too. I hope you understand bro.

Me – Yeah man I can understand. But I’m really busy these days to consult a doctor. I’m suffering from stress that’s why I am having problem sleeping. It will be OK in few days bro. Please do something.

Vinesh – Alright bro I will see what I can do. I will come in evening after your college.

Me – Thanks bro, I will be waiting for you… Bye.. Then hung up..

Later had breakfast and got ready for college. My innocent mom said bye to me and I started on my cycle.

I understood that Vinesh was getting difficult.. But I understood his problem.. The next time I asked him for the pills I knew I really had to put up a good argument with him. But it was a future worry so I didn’t care much.

At the evening he came as he said. When I opened the door he smiled and came inside. His eyes were roaming around the house, I knew he was looking for mom. At that time my mom was taking bath. I told him so. When he listened that my mom was taking bath his eyebrows went up. I exactly knew that this bastard was imagining my nude mom taking bath. I informed mom from out of the bath room that Vinesh was here. She replied that she would come there soon after finishing the bath. We sat in my room.

Me – I was waiting for you bro. Have you got those?

Vinesh – Dude you don’t know how much embarrassment I faced to bring these I could only get 4. Take it.

Me- (taking those from his hands) thanks bro..

At this time we heard the bathroom door open. We knew mom would come out now. I knew well that he was picturing my mother naked.. Anyway we sat there and chatted. In 5 minutes mom entered my room where we were sitting, with a tray having tea and snacks in her hands.. Her hair was still wet. And she was in a perfectly suiting orange saree. Which anybody wanted to rip it off and make her nude like a whore. Both our minds blew when we saw her but controlled the expressions.

As she bent down to put the tray on the table her smooth pallu slipped from her shoulder and fell over her forearm, exposing her super cleavage. To the luck of Vinesh mom had not buttoned her top blouse button. May be she was in a hurry while dressing herself. And he was also lucky in respect that she was not wearing any bra inside.. Her wet hair made her shoulders and neck portion wet. Even her cleavage had tiny droplets over them.. This was a treat to our eyes. Vinesh’s eyes enlarged at the scene.. I knew he wanted to rip those remaining buttons off and grab those beautiful melons and squeeze as hard as possible, because the same thing was running in my mind too..

Mom didn’t us noticing it, she simply kept the tray on the table.. And put her pallu back.. And asked

Mom – How are you Vini?

Vinesh – I’m doing great Aunty.. (he said in a stuttering voice)

Mom – OK dears enjoy your snacks.

Saying this she left.. We also stared at her dancing ass as she walked away out of our sight. We were in awe as to what had happened. We both looked at each other and giggled.. I now knew his soft spot. So I made a bold move. I had to do this since Vinesh is the doorway for all my pleasures. Without the pills I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my mom much hence just throwing him a bone for that was justified as I felt…

Me – So bro, the more pills you bring the more you can hang out in our house (I spoke with a grin)

Vinesh – what do you mean?

Me – didn’t you like what you saw few seconds ago?

Vinesh – Yeah bro. Loved it.. So what are you proposing actually?

Me – you can roam around our house freely and you can watch whatever you want. I won’t interfere with what you are looking at as long as you get me those pills.

Vinesh – Absolutely bro, I will try my maximum to get those to you as much as I can. Thanks for understanding my problem… (he said scratching his head)

Me – sure, but keep this condition in mind. You should not come on those days I tell you not to come. Rest of the days you can come and give celebration to your eyes..

He agreed to it and told me since he was here already, could he go to hall where mom was watching TV.. I said OK. He went to the hall, my mom was watching TV on the couch. He sat on the other end. They started some conversation about the serial she was watching. When she looked at the TV he observed her side boobs over her blouse. My mom was in sentimental mood about the serial and this fellow was in sexual mood with mom. He looked at me and smiled and I nodded at him to enjoy. He hid his bulging pant by placing his hands on it. My cousin is having an erection looking at my mom, I too began to feel horny.. After several minutes of pretending to watch the serial he said “Aunty I will go now, will visit some other time ” to which my mom replied “sure, you are like my son, you can visit our house anytime you want” she said that without knowing his lustful intentions.. He then went and touched her feet and my mom blessed him. He was touching her feet in a rather perverted intention. With a huge smile in his face he left.

My mom later at night after having dinner and while watching TV she mentioned about Vinesh.

Mom – how well behaved is that kid. He has utmost respect towards elderly…

My innocent mom saying this without knowing what a perverted man he is.. I was thinking the same man who fell to her feet today will strip my mom stark naked and Ravish her if he gets the right opportunity…

I didn’t answer anything for that. It was time for bed.. As I was about to go to my room, my phone rang. It was none other than Rajeev. I took the phone and hurried to my room. I answered it.

Rajeev – So, kid, what’s my Sleeping Beauty doing?

Me – She is going to bed now sir..

Rajeev – hmmm.. Do you know what is tomorrow?

Me – yes sir.

Rajeev – Good.. Will she be ready for me?

Me – yes sir, I have made all the preparations.

Rajeev – Brilliant kid.. My dick has a good place to rest tomorrow then.. (he said with an evil laugh..) I will come at right 11 pm tomorrow. C u tomorrow night kid. Good night. (then hung up)

Although his dirty words were humiliating to me, they also started to give me a kind of sexyness.. I was waiting for the hard 24 hours to pass by soon. I slept planning to do those things which I could not do last time..

And it was morning. Once again the day had arrived where my mom would be warming her bed with someone else even without her knowledge nevertheless her permission. This thought alone gave me an instant hard on.. Mom was still in the same orange saree looking as sexy as before. I went to bath, had breakfast and went to college as usual. But those were the hard days for me to concentrate in the class.. Only the pictures of Rajeev’s penetration to mom was coming before me.. Somehow spent the day in college and with friends and hurried home. Mom opened the door with a smile. I first looked at the dress she would be wearing because that would be the same dress Rajeev will undress to make my mom naked and ready for himself. She was wearing a two piece maroon nighty.. After her bath she had worn that. I was awestruck on seeing her in that. Her big breast shapes were visible through that nightie, whenever she walked her thunder thighs shape could be made out. Her bottom’s moment were also as clear as if she was naked. I thought Bloody Rajeev was going to celebrate tonight..

The earth revolved and the sun came up. It was the day my mom was going to have her second session with Rajeev. I was wanting the same sun to go down soon. Surely enough Rajeev was too. Finished the morning chorus and got ready to college.Mom told she had plenty of work to do at home. I asked if I wanted to stay and help her but she said it was ok, I couldn’t take my eyes of from her, so had to say bye to my Mom and went to college. It was a long boring day at college. It was a pure torture to sit and think about my mom there. All the time I was thinking about what I should do when Rajeev leaves the room. I forgot the fact that some other person would be having sex with my mom instead I was thinking what Im going to get out of mom after he is gone. Meanwhile as the boring class went on, I was calculating the steps to be taken at night to put her to sleep. I needed to proceed with caution. And wanted to do a perfect job like the last one. In the evening while returning from college Vinesh called and asked if he could come to house. I told him to come tomorrow. He was persistent to come today itself but i reminded him the condition, then he agreed to come on the following day.

After reaching home I was eager to see what my mom was wearing since that was the dress Rajeev was going to disrobe. She came and welcomed me wearing an old cotton Saree. The Saree was worn out but she was looking stunning with it. She was too busy working that she didn’t notice she hadn’t worn the Saree correctly to properly cover her boobs and Saree was tied below her navel at around her waist. Rajeev was would be very glad to see her in this- I was thinking to myself.

As I was thinking about Rajeev. I got a Whatsaap message from himself. I went inside my room to see it as my mom went to kitchen to get snacks for me. It was a porn clip. A MILF being ravished (anal) like anything. The actress in the clip was screaming like hell. Under which he had typed “This is how Im going to fuck your mom tonight ” and “your mom’s asshole is made just for me”. Obviously he is so obsessed about mom and would be thinking about her only since only few hours left before the “session” begins. But why he was acting erratically by sending porn and comments to me I came to understand later. But one thing was sure, he was like an hungry lion which has tasted human blood. Now that he had tasted my mom he wanted her again and again.

At this time mom entered my room with snacks and juice. She kept it by my side and went away saying “you eat son, I got much work to do”. I replied “ok mom”. As she went away I saw her ass and felt sorry for it because I knew that bastard was obsessed with anal sex with mom and I could understand why.Because she had a perfect pair of mountains and was particularly very tight there. I enjoyed my snacks over that porn clip. I spent time watching some movie on TV until dinner time. It was 10 pm. I had kept the pills powdered and wrapped in a small piece of paper. After having the dinner together I went and mixed the powder in her glass of buttermilk and brought it. She was sitting on the couch watching TV when I handed the glass to her and sat opposite to her on a chair. It was 10.30 pm and Rajeev’s call was coming. I picked it up and and sat there didn’t go to my room as I was watching her very curiously drink the buttermilk. He asked me if mom was ready. I only gave him yes-no answers. So I answered him Yes. He said “Good, I will be there at 11 pm that means in half an hour”. I said “ok”. Then he hung up. He sounded different couldn’t understand why. By the time I finished talking she had drunk every last drop of it. After she drank it full, I said to myself “now the fun begins”. She asked me who had called. I answered “It was my classmate, he had called me about some college matter thats it” I gave an evasive answer. I went and sat beside her. She continued watching the TV. I was biting my nails praying that the pills take fast effect because he was going to be here soon. And I didn’t want him to come when my mom was still awake. She was watching a serial on the television and she started talking about college.

Mom – How are your studies going?

Me – It is going just fine mom.

Mom – Listen son, your education is the only hope out of our misfortune. You have to work hard at college and get a good job.

Me – Yeah mom I’m working on it.

Mom – So what’s your plan for tomorrow?

Me – Mom, Vinesh is coming tomorrow, since its Sunday he will spend all day here with me.

Mom – Oh that’s good. I will prepare Jamoon for him, you will also like it.

And we chatted about other things and I could sense her sleepiness in her voice. Taking the advantage of her semi-conscious stage Occasionally I peeped into her cleavage while she was talking. I was observing her voice slowing down. She gradually fell asleep on my shoulder.

I turned towards her and saw her innocent face in deep sleep already. I placed my hand on her face to see if she had completely fallen asleep. She didn’t move. To confirm I pinched her red lips. She didn’t move again. I got confident and I now placed my palm on her breasts over the Saree and pressed it softly. Removed her pallu and squeezed her soft melons on top of the blouse. I couldn’t control any longer, I started kissing her juicy red lips while pressing her tops. I was growing excited every second. I proceeded to remove her blouse and just as I removed one hook from her blouse, the door bell rang. Crap, that son of a bitch was here to ruin my moment- I thought to myself. I positioned mom to sit back on the sofa and went to open the door. Mom was in such a position that she was sitting and laying back on the sofa, her face upwards, her hands were apart and her pallu on the floor with blouse button open making the sexy hot motherly cleavage visible. I knew this view cannot be resisted by Rajeev. As I opened the door he pushed the door open and came in. There was a smell of alcohol coming from him. His eyes were red. He could hardly stand. He was drunk till his throat. That’s why he was behaving like that by sending porn to me. His lust grew as soon as he saw mom on the couch. He was expecting mom to be in the bed room. Meanwhile I closed the door as he was watching my mom with his hungry eyes.

He then went near her and picked her up in both his arms (one hand under her thighs and another hand under her back) and lifted her as her pallu fell down on the floor. I was standing and watching him helplessly as he carried my mother like she was his personal sex doll. She was in his arms completely sleeping with her arms stretched out and her blouse exposed. Her pallu was sweeping the floor when he walked to her room. Once inside he threw her on the bed and came back to the door to close it. I was watching him When he was about to close the door from inside, He said “Don’t worry kid I will take good care of your mother” with a big smile he closed the door shut. Even though he shut the door I could see what was happening through my mind.

Within no time the music of the bed began. That was the beginning of my mom’s second session with him. I went to my room and laid down on my bed, soon there was a text from vinesh.

He texted me on whatsapp and asked me.

Vinesh – Hi bro, what’s Aunty doing?

Me- She is sleeping.

Vinesh – I wish I was there now.

Me – Anyway u r coming tomorrow na.

Vinesh – At what time can i come tomorrow?

Me- Come at 12pm (assuming that Rajeev would be gone by then)

Vinesh – Ok, Im so waiting to come to your home bro.

Me – I know, I hope you are bringing what I want right.

Vinesh – Yes, don’t worry about it. I have a plan for tomorrow.

Me – Plan? What is it?

Vinesh – Tell me at what time Aunty goes to take bath.

Me – She usually takes bath in the evening.

Vinesh – Oh thank god, I will be there when she is taking bath. I will come tomorrow and tell you.

Me – Ok. (I knew this fellow was planning something very naughty but didn’t say anything, I was chatting with him all the time while Rajeev was banging mom)

Then we said good night to each other and ended the conversation. I knew there was no point in waiting whole night for Rajeev to come out of mom’s room. So I decided to sleep now and wakeup early. So I kept alarm for the early morning and slept. I couldn’t sleep due to the rhythmic sound of bed coming from the next room I had to try hard for 1 hour to sleep. Ultimately I slept imagining what all I could do when he goes out.

Then It was Morning, I had intermittent sleep (not slept continuously). The time was 7am. I had slept past the alarm. I went to see if Rajeev was gone. I was hoping he would be gone since it was the same time he had gone last time. But no, the door was still locked from inside. I wondered whether his thirst for mom would never be quenched.

I waited and waited for the bastard to come out but even after 8 am there was no sound from inside. I had no clue as to what the hell was happening. I was having such an anxiety with each passing minute that mom may awake with him on her side. I knocked on the door and there was no reply. I knew what was happening. I thought this son of a bitch must have slept deeply like my mom. I thought of going near the window and try to wake him up. But the window was closed. I was acting desperate to find a solution to get him out of the room. Then I peeped through the door from the little keyhole. I hadn’t thought of looking through it all this time, I thought stupid of myself. Then I saw through it. My doubt was confirmed. That bastard was asleep as I had guessed. But I also got a mesmerizing view. My mom was sleeping on her stomach with her Saree pulled up till her waist, He was sleeping on top of my mom. He was pant less and nude below his waist just like my mom. His hung dick was resting right above her asshole. There was a deposit of cum over the hole. Then I figured that he had anal sex with her and after Cumming inside her he slept over her due to exhaustion. He was motionless. I kept watching him what he might do but he still remained motion less in the same position for many minutes. Then I noticed his mobile phone right next to him. I immediately brought my phone and began calling him while I kept an eye through the hole. He didn’t seem to respond to the call. Luckily after 5-6 calls he started moving. Then I started knocking the door, and sat up by the side of his bed and scratched his head. He took his phone and was seeing something in it. I knocked it again, then the shameless man came and opened the door without even wearing his pants.

Me – You need to leave immediately.

Rajeev – No way, I only enjoyed her for 1 hour and slept all night. Wait outside I will come back in 10 minutes.

Then He went inside and closed the door. I waited the longest 10 minutes in my life. Luckily he came in ten minutes as he promised after finishing one more round with her.He came outside and said “I couldn’t enjoy as i wanted to, I will be back in 3 days again, keep her ready for me” and left.

I was so angry with him, not only because he made everything late and

was so worried that my mom may wakeup anytime, but also that I can’t enjoy anything with my mom now since its already late. I had to dress her up as quickly as possibly. But that bastard did one thing good, he hadn’t made her completely nude. He had only lifted her Saree till her waist. I went near and took a quick glance at her beautiful ass. Her pink panty was lying in the corner of the bed,took it put it on her , before I did that I took a quick grope of her ass. And pulled the Saree down. And did rest of the thing to eliminate every possible clue (including pain killer and contraceptive pills) After making her look like she had just been to bed, I went to bathroom to take bath. The only pleasure I could get was through masturbating to the image of her nude ass over her Saree.

Mom- Last night I blurry remember sitting in this couch, but cant remember when I went to my room and slept.

Me- (I got nervous at this question.This situation was unexpected. I knew she remembers sitting with me and chatting with me last night. So I told her half truth. Then I babbled something that came to my mind.) Yes mom You were so sleepy last night and u slept right here on the couch when we were sitting here. Then I didn’t want to disturb you so I carried you to your room.

Mom- Oh, You carried me? You have grown strong then.. Yes, I was very tired last night due to lot of work. Good that you didn’t wake me up. But I still feel little nauseated since I woke up.

Me- Then you must take have some more sleep mom.

Mom- No son, I cant sleep any longer. Its already getting late, You said Vinesh was coming right? I need to prepare food na.. What time is he coming again?

Me- He said he will be here at 12 mom.

Mom- Alright I will prepare some delicious food for my boys then.

And she left to get fresh and to work in the kitchen.

I went to my room waiting for vinesh. I knew he had some plans in his mind and I was curious to know it.

It was 12.10 and the door bell rang. We knew who was at the door. My mom answered and vinesh came inside and touched her feet with both hands. My mom welcomed him and hurried back to kitchen as she kept something on the stove. He kept staring at her bouncing mountains from behind and came to my room. We chitchatted and he gave me 2 more pills. I kept it in my drawer.

Vinesh- Bro I will admit 1 thing to you. Although it is difficult for me to obtain these Im not doing this for you. Im doing this for the colorful thing in your house.

Me- I know. Thats why I gave you this deal right.

Vinesh- Yeah, but the chemist is getting suspicious day by day.

Me- u have to handle him bro.

Vinesh- yeah I will try bro. Tell me at what time aunty goes to bath?

Me- Usually evening bro. Why do u ask?

Vinesh- Simply bro. (He was hiding something)

Then it was time for lunch. We ate the food and he loved th jamoon she had prepared. He was looking at my mom like he wants to eat her too. Then we all sat in the hall and talked till late afternoon.. Vinesh was ogling at my mom all the time, I was hoping that she wouldn’t notice his perverted views. Then I and vinesh went to my room. He said I was really lucky to have a mom like that. I said I knew. At that time he got a phone call from somebody and he started speaking over the phone. He kept talking for several minutes about his work related topic. I was laying on my bed, I was feeling really bored when he was talking on the phone. The last night’s sleeplessness got me and I was fast asleep. I think I must have slept of an hour. Vinesh also didn’t bother to wake me up. After waking up I searched for vinesh in home and found him in the most unexpected place. He was sitting near the bathroom door and was watching my mom take bath. He was watching her through a small hole. But I didnt remember any hole being in that door. But anyway he watching through it with is lusty eyes with mouth open. He was not even aware of my presence. I didnt know how to react to this situation. But it was me who allowed him. But did he cross the line this time? I was wondering. Then I asked him in a silent tone.

Me- What r u doing bro?

Vinesh- Watching ur mom take bath bro (he said without hesitating)

I kept silent not knowing what to say to this bastard.

He continued- Bro, you only said that I can watch anything I want in this house, remember?

Me- But… (I stumbled not knowing what to say)

Vinesh- Dont worry, come have a look at this, you will thank me later.

I hesitantly went near the door (although I was curious to see I didn’t want to show it to him). There was a tiny circular hole in the corner of the door which I don’t remember seeing before. Without much analyzing it I bent down to take a peek. It was an awe striking moment. My mom completely nude from head to toe with her wet body. She was taking bath in standing position. The view of water flowing over her juicy breasts and ass was very provoking. Never had I seen her nude when she was conscious and moving. I kept watching for over a minute, then vinesh pushed me aside as he wanted to see. I gave him way for him to see without saying anything. I watched him watching my nude mom. Yet I kept mum because I had so much to gain from it too. I silently thanked him in my mind for this opportunity but didn’t let him know. I knew we had taken the thing to a new level but didn’t know if it was going to stop there.

We were hypnotized with the view. Within a matter of seconds our mouths dried like we were in a desert. Then he said to me

Vinesh – Bro, I’m feeling desperate to go inside.. I want to lie down under her and drink her bath water…

His idea provoked me too… But I didn’t say anything.. Our under wears were wet with pre-cum.. He started to masturbate over his jeans right there in front of me to my own mother. Just by rubbing from outside he ejaculated right inside his underwear.. By the same time mom was also finished. Then he took something from his pocket which looked like mud and pasted it to the hole. And we hurried to our room.

IN the room we came and sat quietly for a minute without talking which was awkward. Then he said-

Vinesh- I think u might have not liked me doing this Bro I know I have gone a step further but I couldn’t help bro. Aunty’s image comes before me all the time, I cant sleep properly because of her. But plz don’t tell me u didn’t like what you saw.

This fellow was telling me the same dialogue I told him. But there was no denying of the truth that I did like what I saw. But Didn’t want to admit it before him. At the same time I didn’t want to let him down and risk getting his favors anymore. Obviously vinesh was taking me very lightly because I let him ogle my own mother and he took it to a further level. Clearly it was my mistake so I didn’t want to blame him.

Me- (I didn’t want to address his question hence I diverted by asking him) How did You know there was a hole in the bathroom door?

Vinesh- Bro, there was no hole in the first place. I had brought along a device to drill a tiny hole in the corner of the door.

And showed the screwdriver like tool which is used to drill through wood.

Vinesh continued- I drilled in the corner of the door because its hard to notice. And also I had brought brown clay to cover the hole when its not in use making it impossible to notice the hole in the door. Because the door is also brown and the clay which is covering the hole is also brown.

I was pretty amazed by his plan and precautions.

Vinesh- Whenever we want to use the hole we can remove the clay with the help of a pen refill and when we are finished we can cover it up with clay.

I must admit that I was impressed with his idea. I knew he was planning something but didn’t know this. That’s why he was so inquisitive about mom going to bath. Because he gave me an opportunity to watch her and masturbate.

Then the only thing I had to tell him was – plz don’t tell anybody bro.

Vinesh- Yeah bro, She is my aunty also na. Dont worry about it bro.

Just then mom came into the room to give us tea. Now she was fully dressed in a blue homely saree.

Mom- What are you boys doing (with a smile)

Vinesh- Nothing aunty, we were discussing about you only.

I was stunned when he said that

Mom- oh is it? What is it about?

Vinesh- I was telling him how lucky Nikhil is to have a mom like u. You take care of us so nicely and u r a delicious cook too.

Mom- don’t joke vini, Im not extraordinary, don’t exaggerate (she said laughingly)

Vinesh- Only we know how extraordinary u are aunty (he turned and winked at me)

Mom- anyway if u think so Im grateful vini. (and she left)

The way he turned the topic proved him very intelligent. I was nervous for a second. And as we drank the tea, he asked me

Vinesh- when can i come next.

Me- I will let you know.

Vinesh- I will come tomorrow also, plz bro.

Me- I told you no, I will let you know.

Vinesh- ok. One thing bro, your mom is sexy whether dressed or not.

In few minutes he drank up his tea and went to my mom and touched her feet again. My mom touched his head and said

Mom- God bless you son, Keep visiting

Vinesh- Sure aunty, I will. (giving a smile at me)

Then he left. Irony is that mom herself inviting him to see her naked. My mom blessed the boy who just saw her in complete nudeness. Thats how Innocent my mom was. Then I got back to my room and jerked off thinking about my juicy moms wet body. In the night I came out of my room to have dinner. When I saw her serving food to me, I couldn’t stop imaging her in nudity. Even though she was fully dressed I stripped her naked in my mind. Thats how powerful the bathroom scene was. Thats the effect of seeing her naked when she was bathing. I was waiting for her to enter the bathroom again. When she was having her food I imagined how awesomely sexy it would be if she was sitting at the dining table naked and having her food, how her tits might shake when she did that. I finished my dinner in those provoking thoughts. Later, we sat together on the sofa like last night and were watching a TV serial. A scene came where a rich family was spending a nice time in a resort happily. I observed mom sink in her thought. I asked what was it.

Mom- I don’t understand why god is so cruel towards us. Ever since I was a child god has taken everything from me and left us in poverty. The never ending debt, the life long hard work to pay it off all these makes me worry a lot. I cant even be like normal people having a little luxury. Sometimes I wonder whether there is happiness in my life or not.

Tears started rolling down her eyes over her cheeks and the fell on her cleavage. I don’t know why, but I found the scene of her crying sexy. It was giving me a hard on. She was looking sexy with her wet eyes. I wanted to lick it off but controlled and concentrated on what she was telling. In my mind I wanted to use the tablets so that I could use her for tonight all for myself, but it was too late.

But on the other side I felt sorry for her and told her

Me- Everything will be fine mom. I will make sure of it.

Mom- You are my only luxury right now son (and she hugged me)

I felt provoked with her warm breath towards my neck. I just enjoyed her touch for a second before she let me go. Then we both went to our rooms and slept. I kept thinking of a way to make my mom happy who is doing so much for me (without her knowledge)

When I woke up in the morning I realized Rajeev was coming today. Because of Vinesh now every day had become a great day for me because everyday I could peep into mom when she is taking bath. Got fresh and went to college as usual. In the college I was thinking about the double action Im going to get today. 1st is Seeing my mom nude in the bathroom 2nd is seeing mom in action with Rajeev. And also if i get lucky I could do something with mom after Rajeev had left. After the college was over I came as fast as possible in my cycle hoping that mom had not already taken bath. I just got lucky that when she opened the door she told me that she was just about to go to take bath. When she went inside I also followed till the door. And using the trick Vinesh had taught me I began to see the show. Her nudeness covered my eyes in no time. I was going crazy at the look of her fleshy tits and ass. So far these were touched by Rajeev and my dad. I was hoping the next person to fuck her body would be me. When I saw her nude wet ass moving while taking the bath, I thought Rajeev was very lucky to have that ass. Also I was thinking when I see my mom take bath tomorrow I would see bite marks on her ass. The whole time I was seeing her nude body just ran like the time was on speed motion. What was about 15 minutes seemed only like 15 seconds. My mom had finished her bath in no time it appeared. I came back to my room and had a nice masturbation, thanking vinesh in my mind. Some how time passed.As the time went by, I was expecting Rajeev’s call. It was 7pm still no call from him. Usually he would be so punctual for this and used to call me if I have made preparations and all. But today he hasn’t called me yet, so I waited for some more time. It was 9.30 and mom was calling for dinner. This made me anxious. Because I needed to put my mom to sleep but there is no call from Rajeev. Thus I had to make a call to him inevitably. I was thinking- Im calling the person I hate whether or not he is going to come to my house to fuck my own mother.

I called him. After a long ring His teenage Son Mohan received the call. He is 18.I have met Mohan on few occasions. He is an asshole and he is proud of being rich. He tries to show off all the time. The most annoying and irritating person I know.

Mohan- Who is this?

I knew it was Mohan’s voice,I didn’t know what to say, after a second of thinking I told him-

Me- Hi Mohan, this is Nikhil. Can I speak to ur dad?

Mohan- We are in hospital man. My dad suffered a mild heart attack yesterday. He is in ICU since. Whats the matter?

After hearing this I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. I simply told a lie to him-

Me- About the interest I had to pay to ur dad for the loan taken from him. Just wanted to ask him when I could come.

Mohan- How much is it?

I didn’t give much thought about what I was saying and simply replied “5000”

Mohan- Oh its good that you called. I will only come and collect it tomorrow to your home. We need to pay medical bills here. I have lost my ATM card and I don’t know the pin to my dad’s ATM. And also I don’t like to borrow it from others na.

It seemed that The lie I told him wasn’t enough to get rid of him. Instead It back fired to me. I knew Mohan was a big lier, telling stories that he needed money for the hospital charges. His father is an influential person. There could not be any such problem. Mohan is such an ass hole and money minded person just like his father that he wants to grab anything as soon as possible within his reach. Now I realized the trouble Im in. When he comes tomorrow I cannot say I don’t have 5000 rs with me. Because that will cause suspicion. After thinking about this I replied-

Me- yeah sure sure. U can come tomorrow.

Mohan- Ok I will come tomorrow evening. bye (then we hung up)

I was in a shit load of trouble if I couldn’t arrange that money by tomorrow. By that time mom called me for dinner again. I went for the dinner and whole time i was worried about the next day. Mom noticed my worry and asked my what was wrong. I wanted to ask her of she had that much amount but she would get suspicious from that hence I kept quite and said everything was okay. After the dinner I even thought of putting get to sleep and use this wonderful opportunity all to myself, but i didn’t want to. My mood was completely on something else. Hence I went to sleep thinking about it. The only person who came to my mind was Vinesh. Since it was late I didn’t want to call him and disturb him. So I decided to give him a call the following morning. And then I finally went to bed.

The first thing I did in the morning was calling Vinesh. Called Vinesh over phone and asked him as to what time he could come home. He was very excited about this. He told me that he would take half day leave and come in the afternoon and would spend till evening in our house. That day I also didn’t have any class post afternoon. By the time I came home door was pushed forward but not locked. Noticed Vinesh’s footwear outside and realized he was already here and I went inside. My mom was watching TV and Vinesh was sitting by her side and watching her side boobs. I didn’t care much about it. When my mom saw me she said..

Mom- Oh, we were waiting for you to come so that all of us could have lunch together.

Then we sat for lunch. Vinesh stuck around mom all the time. He was helping her in the kitchen, in serving food and all. He even sat by her side while having lunch and I sat opposite to them. He continually gazed at her side boobs as and when he found chance. He used to see her boobs and give occasional smile to me. I too smiled like I didn’t care. I finished my lunch first and went to kitchen to wash my hands. By the time I returned I saw him secretively taking pictures of my mom’s side boobs. He saw me that I noticed him so he kept his mobile in his pocket. I didn’t like him taking pictures. Anyway I didn’t say anything to him at that point. Later on I and Vinesh went to our room.

Vinesh- Bro thanks for inviting me bro. I didn’t expect you to call me so early. Thank u I was really desperate.

Me- Thats not the reason why I called you to my home bro. There is one thing I need to say. And I told him what had happened and that I needed money. You know my mom is a hardworking woman. Dont you think that she deserves a little bit of luxury in her life?

The Irony Here is that I was telling my problem to the person who is more interested in my mom’s nudity than my problems.

Vinesh- True bro. Sexy angel like your mom should not deserve this pathetic life. But Money wont come easy bro. Something needs to be done.

Me- Thats why I asked you to come here bro. To suggest me something. I feel guilty to use my mom like this and not keeping her happy. Besides I want 5000rs urgently.

Vinesh- Bro then I would like to suggest you one thing. But you should receive it with open mind.

Me- Ok, let me hear it.

Vinesh- Bro once again plz don’t mind me saying this (and he continued). Your mom is a beautiful woman. The only asset she has is her beautiful well proportioned body. Thats the only wealth she got. Maybe she has a great figure to make a wealth out of it. Its not like she has been deprived of everything.

Me- yeah thats true. But what are you suggesting actually?

Vinesh- Your mom is a noted figure in our locality. Every man from teenage boy to an old man sees ur mom in a different way, There are many men who are into voyeurism (to see women doing private things secretly). They will be willing to pay nice money for it too. Anyway we have a perfect scenario to watch ur mom when she is bathing. If u are willing to accept I can bring people to ur home. I know you will feel bad about all these things but imagine how happy you can make her with the money, you are doing this for your mom, to keep her happy.

His argument made a great impact on me. I was also thinking mere seeing cant hurt anyone, besides Im doing this for her only. And also this is not bad as what Im doing (with Rajeev) plus its better than sleeping with someone for no benefit. He did a pretty good job in convincing me. And also on the darker side of me it entertained me, the idea of allowing other men to see my moms beautiful naked wet body. The desperate situation to get the money for Mohan also persuaded me to agree.

I didn’t tell him anything about Rajeev. I wanted to keep that matter a secret. Because the more people know about it, the more would be willing to participate (fuck my mom). And this becomes a big problem of management. Besides There may be a tremendous risk of matter leaking to my mom. Plus if he knows that Im allowing Rajeev to sleep with my mom he may degrade me. For all these reasons I didn’t want Viinesh to know about Rajeev. Besides if I had told him that he would have definitely asked me to make my mom a prostitute.

Vinesh- (He continued) If u agree I can bring a good friend of mine. He will keep the matter discreet. What do you say bro?

To which I only said “hmm” as if I was hesitant.

Vinesh- Thats alright then, don’t worry bro. It will be ok. U will trust him.

Me- I hope so bro. And could u show me the pictures u were taking of my mom?

He wasn’t expecting me to raise that topic. But I did. He uncomfortably took out his mobile and opened the pics and showed them to me. The amazing view of her side boobs gave us an instant boner. Before I could say anything there was a sound from the bathroom door closing. We knew what it was. We ran towards the bathroom door and it was locked from inside. we knew mom was inside and was about to take bath. He took out his pen from his pocket and removed its refill. He then used the refill to clear that clay from the tiny peep hole. Then we got a clear view of the inside of the bathroom. By that time my mom had already removed her Saree and was in blouse and petticoat. She had turned the tap on to the bucket. We both were struggling to get the view because only one person can watch at a time. But we somehow saw her stripping her every cloth on her body. It was an awe striking moment. Then she started pouring hot water over head. The water flowing from her head to toe was like a porn shoot. I felt this like a commercial product, just like Vinesh had told. My mom did have a great body like that of a porn actress. Our dicks were rock hard already and We both nearly came when we saw her handing juicy melons as she bent over to wash her thighs. to this view Vinesh told me.

Vinesh- Bro imagine we both are under her juicy hanging tits and sucking each tits, like two calfs sucking milk from the cow. Your mom is like cow bro because she is so soft and innocent with big milky jugs. Whoever drinks from those melons is a lucky man (he whispered silently) Im imagining as a bull humping her from behind.

He was speaking more comfortably and freely to me about my mom since he was so horny, he didn’t care he was talking about my mom. He was talking about her as if she was some whore. We both had already taken our hardened tools out and we were rubbing. These tempting comments along with the live scene made me come within an instant. Sooner, he came too. We patched up the hole and went back to my room. We relaxed for a moment as our hearts were still beating fast from the powerful ejaculation. My mom came from the bathroom, and went to prepare us some evening tea. Vinesh noticed it and followed my mom to the kitchen in the pretense of helping her. Although mom resisted his help he was persistent. In the kitchen he was standing too close to her and while handing things to her he was purposefully touching her hands. I knew he was trying to get physical with her. But my innocent mom couldn’t notice it. Later as we sat on the sofa while drinking tea, he slid his hand on my moms hand and kept it there. My mom noticed it and just gave a motherly smile without knowing his perverted intentions. Feeling my mom’s hand surely gave him a new kick. But I noticed the problem. With each passing day things were only escalating to new levels and there was no stopping it. After getting one thing he wanted another. If this continued one day he will also want to bed with my mom. Thats why I decided to confront him about his extra activities with my mom.

After a while mom went inside the kitchen. Then Vinesh took out the the phone and called someone and went into my room.I was watching it from the hall. After few minutes he came out and told me

Vinesh- I need to go, I have some small work bro. Since You need the money urgently I will go get it in half an hour from my friend who is willing to pay the amount in advance. After half hour I will bring the money and u can collect it. But he wants an appointment tomorrow itself. And he wants to see for 5 days (5 times)

Then he left. I felt satisfied to some extent. Then I figured that he was talking to his friend about the money. I had to agree to this I knew had no choice.

After Vinesh left As usual the drama began- my mom appreciating him how good he is, saying that he is such a nice kid helping her in the kitchen and all. I was thinking – mom if u allow him, he will even help himself to lift ur saree and fuck ur ass. Then I came back to my room. Just after half hour his phone came. I picked it up. He asked me to come outside the house as he was outside our house. I went outside and he was sitting on his bike near the gate. I approached him and he handed a bundle of money and said there was 5000 in it and he had to go on some work and went away. I brought the money home and kept it under my bed and kept waiting for Mohan. I wanted to make sure that mom shouldn’t know about me giving money to Mohan. So I took the money and waited at the gate for him to come. In no time I saw him coming towards our house. I wanted to give him the money and send him away as soon as possible. As he approached me I gave him the money, which he kept it inside after counting. Just for formality sake I asked him How his father (Rajeev was doing). To which he answered that there was still no improvement and was kept in observation. At this time my mom came out calling me from inside, she was standing at the door. Mohan saw my mom with his hungry eyes and Im certain that he glanced at her boob and ass part. H gave a smile and my mom recognized him and she also returned a casual smile. Before my mom started a conversation with him, I hurried up and sent him by saying that I had some urgent work and went inside and came inside. He went away and mom also came in. I thought I had handled it well although got little worried if he suspected anything. Mom asked

Mom- Wasn’t that Mohan? Why was he here?

Me- Yes mom. He was just passing by when I was standing at the gate.

He told me that his father had suffered a heart attack and is in ICU.

Mom- Oh god. Is he going to be alright? I hope he is going to be alright. Poor Rajeev has family and a son of ur age to take care.

She said worryingly and caringly. . She is praying for the wellbeing of the man who has raped her several times in her sleep. And for the kid who just ogled at her. Such was the innocence of my mom. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Me- Mohan said he is being treated in a good hospital mom. I think he will be okay. (at least of another session with you, I thought in my mind)

Then I came back to my room and rested on my bed thinking what all things unfolded in a single day. And there is going to be a new male who is going to be introduced in my mom’s life and also in mine. How is this new experience going to be with him? and is he going to be trust worthy? Answers to all these things were going to be found out tomorrow when Vinesh brings this person.


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