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The Anu Aunt In Chennai Part 2

Within a min all the hooks were removed and she raised her hands to take off the blouse, suddenly my eyes fallen on her armpits they were shaved well seeing that my cock raised to its peek. And i felt happy for that. I quickly moved for armpits to lick and smell they smelt nicely […]

The Anu Aunt In Chennai Part 1

This is was happened two yrs back, my aunt Anu Radha with 36-28-38 looks like an angel . My uncle Rajiv works as asst manager in cooperative bank, she had no children. Whenever i face her in the mornings she just talks like a friend. Asks about my career ,friends and about movies. She used […]

Fucking My Twin Sister at her Wedding

Vasundhara and I were born about ten minutes apart. While we were twins, most people thought we wouldn’t be as close as fraternal twins often are, what with being different genders and all. They were wrong, though, because we were inseparable as we grew up. Even when most twins of opposite sex were separated – […]

My Wife’s Surprise Birthday Gift

My wife gave me the best birthday gift ever when I was 10,000 miles away from her. And it was a total surprise. For me. For her too, it was partly surprising. Let me explain. I was in Atlanta for a short term project. She was in Bombay. We were on Skype that day like […]

Finding Excitement With My Wife Again

“Another drink, Urvi darling?” I asked, stroking my wife’s half exposed thigh under her pleated skirt, throwing a furtive glance at the middle-aged couple seated about fifty feet away from us across the balcony seating area of the restaurant we were at overlooking a deep valley. “Noooooo, Rishi.” Urvashi shook her head with her eyes […]

Half brother gets fed up

Jon gets fed up of his half sister Cassie and her friends. So he decides to teach Cassie a lesson. Jon was about 21 when he came back home after college. He was stressed out from the work, and his little step sister Cassie, who was only 18 didn’t help. She was pretty sexy having […]

Sex with sexy sister

Hai mera naam venkat hai. mein andhra ka rehne wala hoon. yeh meri dusri kahani hai jo mein aapko batane ja raha hoo.first of all thanks to all jinhone meri story padhkar mujhe reply kiya. agar aapko meri yeh bi kahani pasnad aaye toh pls mujhe reply karna bhuliye mat. yeh aaj se char mahine […]

My daughter and I Part 2

Gentle I needed her tit moving my hand from one to the other nipping her dark nipples between my fingers slowly twisting them as I pulled on them, I pulled my mouth away from her and she was looking up at me with such loving eyes and said Oh Dad that is so wonderful and […]

My daughter and I Part 1

Kirsty pulled away from our kissing just long enough to say my god dad your cock is so fat and long A couple of years ago my wife was going away on a business trip and would be away for the week leaving on the Monday and not returning until the Sunday evening she had […]