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Sister became his wife-2

She was so excited to see it and once it was over, I asked her to do exactly like in the video. She was shy again and agreed. I played the video again. This time she studied it carefully… every movement of the actors… then she asked me to wait for a few minutes and […]

Sister became his wife-1

Hi, this is between me and my loving sister who is now my wife. We are from India. Many might think this story not only as incest but also something very sick. But let me tell you that this is my real life story and I am not only living with it, rather enjoying every […]

Amina fucks her cousin Basheer

Shamla, 20, beautiful with right sized boobs and all curves, graduated in commerce and was waiting for marriage or for further studies. Her parents old fashioned wanted her to go for marriage and raise a family. Her brother, Basheer did not do well in academics and after failing three times in matric, stopped his studies […]

Shamla fucks her brother Basheer

One day Amina was talking to her cousin Shamla, sister of Basheer. Shamla was narrating all her woes, not getting married and her youth getting spoiled etc. She said her fingers have worn out due to constant masturbating. Amina laughed and said she will give her solution and asked Shamla to come to her house […]

Sex with Pavithra aunty

Hi now am write my own story first time in this blog….. this is real story my name is venky from Chennai and my aunty also in chennai only…One fine day in my home all went 2 my relative place tat day I buy (bf) cd and watching in my home without closing door really […]

Surya fucking sexy Aunt

I am back with my second story fucking my aunt her name is divya aged 20 she was sexy big boobs and she was white coming to the story for every summer holidays I goes to her house and she comes to our house one day I planned to fuck her but I had a […]

Sasank making love to sister Arushi

Hi, This is Sasank. This is a true story. It’s about me and my elder cousin sister Arushi. This happened in Jan ’14 when she came over to my place. First of all let me tell you about myself, I am 24 years old, handsome, single, working in Delhi, where I live alone. Arushi is […]