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Guy fucking Charu didi

I stood staring at the Luftanasa ticket from Delhi to Hamburg. The amount of trouble and money it took to get this great escape from poverty ticket. At the last moment father had been able to find $15,000 US for the greedy travel agent after nearly 26 months of uncertainty. To cut to the chase, […]

Horny babe feeling warmth of brother

It was all started with my mother’s care, for her children. When she passed away, it changed my life for ever. Till then I was a girl, but after that I’m a matured girl. My family consists of three members, actually four. My daddy Amsuman. Brother Naveen, me and a younger sister Pooja. My mother […]

Incestuous adventures of Rolly – II

But that was not the end of the conversation, Didi spoke again, “Achha tu masturbate to karti hai na”? With that she switched off the laptop. I said “haan”, with very less hesitation, as the wall of hesitation was disappearing between us. Keeping laptop aside Meha Didi said, “aa main tujhe masturbate karti hoon, fir […]

Fucking strengthens bond between siblings

I was browsing internet, cellphone rang. Call from Rita, my sister, two years younger than me. “Hallo”- I responded. “Come”-she replied and hanged the phone. “Come” is a very expressive word for us. This is not the first time that she uttered just one word and hanged the phone. I have understood the meaning – […]