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Musafir fucking Maami

Hi readers, this is Musafir again. In my last story I told you about how my maami came to visit and she ended up giving me a lovely handjob and I got to see her tits and panty covered crotch. She promised that we would fuck sometime before she left again, however I knew at […]

Mumbai sex goddess

Again life started like machine. I visited their place but couldn’t make a night. After six months after my probation period I was transfered to the head office in Mumbai. Mumbaiiiii dream city……New place new friends all was magical. latenight parties easy girls 3 years passed like anything. And now I was not a virgin […]

Musafir getting handjob from Mami

Hi Readers, my name is Musafir and I am a great fan of your site. I always wished for some of the wonderful sexy things that happen to some readers to happen to me until finally just a few days ago it happened. One of my aunts (maamie) called and asked if she can visit. […]

Horny guy fucking Mami

I married my cousin Yasmeen, last year. Yasmin is very beautiful and I married her because she is good person and I have known my uncle (Mom’s elder bro) and his wife Shamshad, ever since I was a kid. My mami, now my mother in law (MIL), is a very conservative woman and was known […]

Sex with hot Mami

Hi, I am Raju from bangalore. I am 25 now and working and living alone in BANGALORE now. I was 23 when this happened at my native place. I am going to share with you my experience that happened. It was the marriage of my elder brother and we had many relatives gathered at our […]

Hard fucking of Mami

Hi friends. actually I dont like sharing my and reading others’ personal sex encounter but I will tell u the reason for posting this story at the end of this story. This marathon story began in 1991. I remember the month and date also but to maintain privacy of the characters of this story I […]

Fucking younger Mami-in-law

Hello dear readers this is Amit again with another hot incident of mine. Thanks for the comment on the last one with my hot & sexy sister-in-law Nobu. This incident happened within a month or so I couldn’t remember the accurate time. Let me start the story. At that time I was working in a […]

Fucking sexy Rashmi mami

Hey guys, this is a story about my first ever sexual experience with a female. It was my beautiful and very hot Rashmi mami. She is 38 years old and for her age has an unbelievable figure. 36DD-25-38 she has a fair complexion and long black hair. I was to be in Delhi for a […]

Fucking hot Mamiji

Hello to all the lovers…. I am Avisnash. I am going to explain you one and the only one my True story, but before that I want to express myself – I am 23 m, fair, 5’10, HYDERABAD. I belong to one of respectful families and my family is well settled, I am less talkative, […]

Sex with hot Mami

Hello friends, This is my mami who took my virginity. She is a very sexy woman. In any cloths, you can see her figure coming out from the cloths. Tight boobs, sexy ass and wonderful pussy makes me still crazy when I think about her when she took my virginity that night. It was special […]