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Mother teaching sex to adoloscent son

This incident relates to the time when I was an adoloscent. We were a family of three brothers, three sisters, mother & father. All the sisters were married and were at their respective homes. The three brothers, mother & father lived in a 5 bedroom 2nd Floor flat in the family building in the suburbs […]

Fucking Sexy Step Mother

I was 12 when my mother died and my family was shattered, my father went into depression and lost interest in life, many people consoled us and at one point my father treated in the hospital for nervous breakdown, there were lot of relatives who proposed a second marriage for my father, but I was […]

Rinku with girlfriend and mother

My name is Rinku,my petname is raja. While my father calls me raja my mother calls me rinku. My mother’s name is sushma while my father calls her rukmini for some strange reasons. I was studying in an college about a little far away from home in a big town. I was 19 at the […]

First incest experience with Mom

I want to share my first experience of lesbianism-cum-incest with my mom (though there are few more in my bag which i’ll share later on). We are four family members My father, my mother, my younger brother & my self. We live in a house of 600 sq. yards in posh locality of Rawalpindi Cantt. […]

First experience with step mom

Hello!!! This is SOMU with a very erotic story of my own experience with my Step Mom! Yes My own step Mom….The Day when I first look her on my fathers wedding after the sepration of my parents, I decided to fuck her and always looking to get a chance to fuck her as she […]

Sexy with hot mom

My Name is Rishi. I am 20 years old now. This happened to me when I was 18. That time I was in Mumbai and studying B.Com in a college. I was staying with my Mom alone. As My Dad is in London. My Mom is 43 years old. She is really beautiful and sexy. […]

Hot Bengali mom – son story – II

The next day, Shujan looked for Utpal to tell about his mother-fucking. But Utpal had his story too. Utpal started, “Remember Shujan, I told you yesterday that my mom, Rupa is far sexier than my sister, Uttora. I was thinking how to fuck mom. And you know what happened. I finally fucked my own sexy […]

Hot Bengali mom – son story – I

Everybody in the Ganguli family is very happy today; their eldest daughter, sexy Uttora has passed her M.A. in Economics. Not just passed, she became first class first among thousands. Tushar Ganguli threw a gala party to celebrate. All prominent citizens of Calcutta were invited there. Tushar Ganguli is a big film producer and his […]

Seduction of my hot mother I

My mother Lalitha is a 45 year old Widow. My father died of Cirrosis last year. My mother is a beautiful woman with a full body. She has a curvaveous breasts and I have had a chance to see her nipples which were dark in color. Her hips are curved and her stomach is bulging […]

My stunning sexy Mom

I am Arnav, 20 years old young lad. I have been enjoying a good fuck with my mother. Let me share my nautral real experince with all of you. It all started when I was 14 years old. I was just getting to know about the wonderful word ‘fuck’. Before I proceed I should explain […]