Manish having sex with cousin sisters – III

Next morning from the first moment I got up. I was waiting for the day to end, I was feeling confident and now I was not afraid of Gunjita didi. Finally after spending whole day I came back with 3 small packs of condoms having 3 pieces in each pack of different brands and type. I met Gunjita didi on dinner table and she was behaving as she use to with me in the past,

means no conversation because her mother was sitting with us and after some time Shobha aunty (Gunjita didi’s mother) got up and went inside kitchen, Gunjita didi looked at me and quickly said “11:30 ke baad” I just said ok in a very low voice in reply. I came to my room and waited till Gunjita didi came, it was just few minutes passed to 12 and I was really getting eager to get her.

I asked her, “kya hua aap late ho gaye” she came in and bolted the door, and said “ye Chhaya na pagal hai, mujhe aane hi nahi de rahi thi”. “phir” I asked further, “phir kya, akeli baithi hai room main darrpok, maine to kaha tha, dekhne ke liye chal par wo mujhe hi rokk rahi thi”.

Gunjita didi was wearing tight slacks and t-shirt and her body was looking awesome and I was getting harder and harder while looking at her. By this time Gunjita didi was sitting on bed and her tone was friendly with me for the first time. “kal kya Chhaya didi ko ye sab dekhna achha nahi lagga” I asked Gunjita didi while taking out pack of condom from my handbag.

She raised hand to get packs and said “Ussko achha lagga, dekha nahi kaise masturbate kar rahi thi, par bahut darpok hai aur bahut ideal banne ki koshish karti hai, husband ke sath hi karna chahiye aur wagerah wagerah”, I smiled on that and came on bed, Gunjita didi took out one condom of her choice and got laid putting rest of them on the other side of the bed,

and I came on her, again we started from the kiss. I was laying on Gunjita didi and we were kissing each other nicely. I was squeezing her big melons while brushing my lips allover her face and neck and puffing in passion, Gunjita didi was caressing my back and squeezing my hip while moaning as my pelvis was resting between her folded spread legs, precisely on her hot fuck hole.

“Abb tujhe main achhi lagti hoon hmmm…”? Gunjita didi asked me in pleasurable tone while caressing my hairs. “haan bahut achhe lagte ho..”I replied in puffing tone while rubbing my lips on her neck and closer to ear. “pahle achhi nahi lagti thi naa”? Her tone seemed as she knew my reply. I said, “pahle aapse darr lagta tha” while looking into her eyes, laying on top of her.

She smiled and said “gharwalon ke saamne mere se jyada baat nahi karna, jaise main thi waise hi rahungi, samjha..kisi ko patta na chal jaaye”. I said ok. She smiled and kissed me laying under me and again asked, “aur jo main ganda ganda bollti hoon, wo tujhe achha lagta hai”? “haan achha lagta hai” I accepted the truth with smile. “tu bhi bola karr wo sab, mujhe bhi achha lagta hai”.

I smiled and said ok and again we started kissing and caressing each other. “tujhe wapis jaana, ya yahin rahega hamaare paas, hmmm…”? Gunjita didi asked me, “ abb to main yahin rahna chahta hoon, par dada ji se kya kahoonga”? I answered. “ tu unnse boll, tujhe yahin pe admission karwa denge, correspondence course mein, main tujhe padha doongi,

aur yahin rah ja, mere paas, hum bahut sex karenge, jitnaa choddna ho choddiyo mujhe hmmm…” and again she smiled in lust, we were caressing one another and rubbing our body with each other. “tujhe meri choot chusne main koi problem to nahi hai na”, Gunjita didi asked me, I replied “nahi, shuru main ek do minute ajeeb lagga tha, phir achhaa lagne lagga”,

“haan uske binna kaam nahi chalega, meri choot to tujhe choosni padegi, tujhe agar clean shaved chahiye to main daily shave kar loongi, par uske binna kaam nahi chalega”. I smiled on her statement and said “mujhe clean shaved hi pasand hai”, Gunjita didi was getting free and friendly with me and I could see lust coming out from her, which was buried inside her from a long time.

As far as I was concerned, I had a very active sex drive but somehow it was buried somewhere in deep and Gunjita didi was the one who took out my animal from inside and in last few days I was not at all one I use to, and slowly I was getting confident and that unknown threat was disappearing.

I was eager to say something, I wanted to see Chhaya didi naked at least, I was quite free with Gunjita didi now though I was not sure whether she will help me in that or not, finally I spoke, starting from somewhere else, “didi aap aur Chhaya didi bhi karte ho kya”? She slapped me lightly, “pagal hai kya, tujhe hum lesbian lagte hain kya”?

I smiled on her reply, and again started with bit of hassle “didi please aap mind matt karna, mujhe aapse kuch kahna hai.” “haan boll” she immediately replied casually. “Didi mujhe Chhaya didi ko nanga dekhna hai, aap unnko meri taraf se request karo na.” “kya… sirf nanga dekhna hai, choddna nahi hai? maine to socha tu bolega mujhe usse bhi choddna hai”?

Gunjita didi asked me with bit of amazement. I said, “wo ho jaaye to kya baat hai, par at least agar apne kapde uttar ke dikha den to mazza aajayega”. She smiled and slapped me lightly and said “tu bahut badda bhenchodd hai, koshish karti hoon, time lag sakta hai.” I said ok Just after a minute or so somebody knocked the door softly, and I got bit scared.

Gunjita didi got up and whispered in bit of frustration, “Chhaya hi hogi, pagal” but because we were not sure so Gunjita didi went inside bathroom and I opened the door, Gunjita didi was right it was Chhaya didi and as I opened the door, she walked in and looked for her sister and asked me by staring at me.

She was wearing same sort of nighty, but today she was not wearing salwar underneath. I pointed my finger towards bathroom and knocked the door. Gunjita didi opened the door and came out. “kya hua” she asked Chhaya, “kuch nahi tum chalo, mujhe darr lagg raha hai, kisi ko patta chall jayega”, Chhaya didi tried to convince her sister again.

“pagal hai kya, sabb so rahe hain, meri mummy sleeping pills lekar soti hai, aur dada dadi itni raat ko yahan kyon aayenge, tu jaa main aati hoon thodi der main” Gunjita didi replied with bit of anger, “nahi tum chalo bahut ho gaya” Chhaya didi tried again, “pagal abhi shuru bhi nahi kiya,…. tu yahin baith jaa abhi chalte hain”.

Chhaya didi looked at me as Gunjita didi told her to sit there only, as if she was asking me from her gesture if she can sit and watch. Gunjita didi held her hand pulled her further in the room and said, “usse kya problem hai, kal tere saamne hee chodda hai ussne mujhe, aur abb idhar chup chap baith aur dekh, disturb matt karna, tunne already late kar diya hai”.

I think this is exactly what she needed, Chhaya didi wanted to see us fucking again and that is why she came down to my room. Finally I and Gunjita didi again came on bed and started loving each other and took off our clothes immediately. I was heavily aroused and erect as Gunjita didi was wet and dripping.

I wanted to speak erotic words for my sister rather for both of my sisters, I was looking at Chhaya didi’s body, her body was much more attractive than Gunjita didi’s body and I wanted to fuck her too and to arouse both of them while jerking my cock, I said “Didi aaj main aapko bahut choddunga, chodd chodd ke aapki choot lal kar doonga, dekhna Chhaya didi aaj aapki bahan kitni buri tarah chudegi mujhse”.

“Abbey pahle choos ussko baad main daaliyo apna lund, aur aap aap chhod aur tu karke baat kar, samajh le main randi hoon” Gunjita didi replied in same lustful fashion. I laid down between her legs and widened her legs holding her thick fleshy thighs apart and said, “tu randi nahi hai, tu meri jaan hai, tujhe main bahut choddunga,

tu dekhna kaise teri chut ko khod khod ke paani nikalta hoon main tera”, didi smiled in lust with my response as these erotic words were arousing her and I was getting confident. I started sucking Gunjita didi’s cunt and next moment Gunjita didi started enjoying and stared moving her butt slowly up and down as I was digging her cunt with joy and pleasure.

Soon didi stopped me and took my rod in her mouth. I was standing on the bed and Gunjita didi was sitting on her knees and sucking my cock. I was holding her head and making to and fro motion moving my cock in and out of her warm moist mouth. “hmmmm… choos achhe se choos, meri badi behan hai na tu,…. apne bhai ka lund choos aur achhe se choos.”

I hissed in pleasure while murmuring erotic words. Through out our sucking session, Chhaya didi was changing her location to see us clearly doing all that, and she was rubbing her cunt and her presence was making me hornier and in a way I was speaking erotic words for her. We both Gunjita didi and me smiled many times while looking at her, and she somewhat responded to our smiles.

Chhaya didi was liking everything happening between me and Gunjita didi and we could see lust rising further in her overall nature, she was masturbating and finger fucking herself. Once again Gunjita didi teased Chhaya didi by saying, “tu apni choot apne patti ke se hi khulwaiyo, pagal pata nahi kis kis ko chodd ke wo tujhse shadi karega, par tu sirf ussi se chudwaiyo, aur tabb tak aise oongli hi daal apne choot main”.

Finally I penetrated Gunjita didi’s cunt again in missionary position, after covering my rod with a rubber and fucked her like anything with erotic and vulgar comments and Gunjita didi was responding to those comments very well, like I said while fucking her “Gunjita tu randi nahi hai, tu meri randi hai sirf meri, tujhe sirf main choddunga, tujhe sirf tera bhai choddega,

aur koi nahi, main tujhse shaadi nahi karoonga, tu meri rakhail ban ke rahegi, boll banegi meri rakhail, chudwayegi mujhse, sirf mujhse”? She replied “haan, chodd mujhe aur chodd bhenchodd, dekhti hoon kitna choddta hai mujhe,…. dekhti hoon kitna paani hai tere ander meri choot main chhodne ke liye, saale tujhe main maar daalungi chodd chodd ke,

bhenchodd tu marr jayega meri chut main, chodd kitna choddega you bastard fuck me… fuck me hard like a bitch, kutia hoon main aur tu kutta hai chodd mujhe”. I was fucking Gunjita didi furiously and we were getting mad in that passion, moreover our erotic words were taking us to the heaven again and finally I exploded with a deepest stroke and Gunjita didi also shivered in orgasm and we cummed once again.

Finally after few minutes we got up and wore our clothes. From Chhaya didi’s gesture it was clear that she had cummed and she also seemed satisfied. While wearing our clothes we were looking at Chhaya didi, and once again Gunjita didi said, “Chhaya tera kuch nahi ho sakta, tu bahut darti hai, aur ye sab jo dignity ki baaten hain na ye bekar hain, tunne dekha na mere saath kya hua,

wo saala Himanshu (Gunjita didi’s ex-boyfriend who cheated her in the past) jab tak ussne mujhe chodda nahi tha, tabb tak kitna pyar dikhatta tha, aur kuch dinn choddne ke baad mujhe chhod diya”. I knew this fact of her life, Chhaya didi told me, just a day before. I think Chhaya didi didn’t like Gunjita didi’s teaching of unethical lesson and she responded bit angrily,

“tumne kar liya na, jo karna tha, abb chalo yahan se”. Finally both of my sisters moved out of my room and just before leaving Gunjita didi said, “Abb Saturday night ko karenge, late night tak kam se kam do baar karenge aur Sunday ko derr takk soyenge, tuu thoda achhe se khana khaya kar, bahut choddna hai tune mujhe” and smiled and Chhaya didi too smiled with her and walked out before Gunjita didi,

and as Gunjita didi turned to go out, I grabbed her hip and squeezed it nicely and said, “aggli baar ghodi banna ke choddunga tujhe, chutadd bahut mast hain tere” and again we smiled naughtily, and while climbing stairs Chhaya didi also heard that and smiled and continued going upstairs.

Gunjita didi slapped me with love on my cheek and moved to her room and I closed my door and came to my bed. Wow, what a wonderful time that was, full of sex and lot of fucking. I remember it was Thursday night and our next encounter was fixed on Saturday and I had to prepare myself for long and multiple fuck.

I knew I will be able to do it, Gunjita didi was so arousing with her words and truly speaking that I have not written many of her Hindi phrases, to cut this experience into short, though I know it is much longer than what we generally read on this site. Anyway I was waiting for Saturday to come and I was more interested to see my other sister naked,

thought I wanted to fuck Chhaya didi but after seeing her control on herself I was not expecting that. Finally Saturday night came and again we three gathered in my room around 12, Chhaya didi was wearing her typical nighty and salwar underneath and Gunjita didi was also in two piece night suit, Pajama and top and soon me and Gunjita didi kissed while standing close to the bed,

and I squeezed her ass mounds nicely to give her more pleasure, Chhaya didi was standing bit away from us and looking at our love making. We came on bed and I was laying on top of Gunjita didi and started making love to her and while kissing and brushing my lips on Gunjita didi’s neck I asked her in a very low voice, “aapne Chhaya didi se baat ki thi”?

“Kiss baare main”, she asked me back, “wohi, naked hone ke liye” I replied in same fashion. Gunjita didi tried to get up and said, “abhi karr leti hoon”, “Chhaya tera bhai tujhe sirf nanga dekhna chahta hai”. Chhaya didi smiled and Gunjita didi slapped me on my cheek softly, and said, “teri bahan tere saath oral sex karne tak ke liye ready hai”.

It was unexpected for me and I smiled on my good fortune, Gunjita didi was much cleverer than my expectation. For the whole Friday Gunjita didi aroused Chhaya didi by speaking up erotic stuff and explaining, her sexual experience with me and finally made her ready up to an extend. I smiled looking at Chhaya didi and she also smiled with bit of shyness and then walked in the toilet silently.

Gunjita did looked at me and said, “aaram se, koi jaldi matt karna, ye meri tarah nai hai, isski poori body ko achhe se kiss karna, sexy baaten karna, dekhna ye pagal ho jaayegi, aur sex karne ke liye force matt karna”. Gunjita didi guided me for Chhaya didi, I said ok to her and in the mean time Chhaya didi came out and stood there only near toilet.

Gunjita didi got up from the bed and took Chhaya didi to bed and made her sit beside me and said, “ek tarah se aaj teri suhag raat hai” I looked at Chhaya didi’s face, she was looking very nervous and feeling shy, and those expressions were turning me on. I grabbed her waist and started kissing her and she responded to my kiss and we lie down on bed and I came on her and proper love making started.

I kissed my lovely sister and brushed around her neck and ear lob. Chhaya was moaning and puffing in new sensation and I liked her pleasure voice and body movements, Chhaya didi was trembling under my body and she was perfect match for me as Gunjita didi was bit huge in size as compared to me.

She was so beautiful and slender, wow her breasts were so good, perfect in size neither big nor too small, just perfect in size to get squeezed by me, and I squeezed then nicely to pleasure her and she moaned nicely. “Chhaya didi aapne mujhe pagal kar diya hai, aap nahi milte to main tadap tadap ke marr jaata” I whispered while kissing her neck,

I was trying to arouse her through my romantic lustful verses and she was turning on, slowly she held me and started caressing my body and we were completely drowned in the river of lust. I got up, Gunjita didi was sitting on bed, but on the other side and as I saw her, she smiled and I responded with a smile.

I lifted Chhaya didi’s nighty till her waist and rubbed her thighs over her salwar, Chhaya didi got mad in pleasure and moaned nicely, holding her pillow very tight. Slowly I pulled string of her salwar and drifted her salwar down, wow what a lovely thighs she had, I rubbed her bare thighs and squeezed her flesh nicely and spoke, “didi you are beautiful, kitna lucky hoga wo jisse aap shadi karoge, jo aapko pahli baar fuck karega.”

“fuck kya hota hai, boll jo aapko pahli baar chodega”. Gunjita didi spoke in between to make my statement more erotic. “Haan kitna lucky hoga wo jo aapko pahli baar chodega,” I corrected myself. Chhaya didi smiled bit and continued enjoying my touch on her thighs. She moaned nicely as I started kissing her legs in passion with my wet lips and moved up quickly while

brushing her entire leg and reached till her thighs and took some of her inner thighs flesh in my mouth and sucked it nicely, Chhaya didi was puffing very high and going crazy and I was loving her moans as they were turning me on, I was at my full size and my dick was somewhat arching, didi was breathing with difficulty and holding pillow in her hands very tight.

Again I got up to take off her nighty completely and Chhaya didi helped to do that and sat and next moment, she was just in bra and panty. I remember, it was white color bra of a very good brand. Chhaya didi was looking gorgeous in that bra it was fitting tight on her melons and her cleavage was deep and nicely curved.

Again I started kissing her and moved my hand to her back and didi shivered in excitement. I tried to open hook of her bra while kissing but it seemed difficult, because bra was bit tight to her and her boobs were jutting out of it. Gunjita didi moved from her place and unhooked her sister’s bra from behind and slowly I took it off from her body.

Wow, what a view that was, Chhaya didi’s boobs were really amazing, most beautiful thing ever created by god on this earth. They were just bigger then medium size breasts and really very milky and seemed succulent. Her nipples were not big, neither too small, were light brown in color and at that time both of them were fully erect in sexual excitement.

I chewed both of them after making her lie down on her back and sucked her luscious fruits properly. Chhaya didi was going mad and moaning sexily, and slowly she was getting out of her control I was wet down in my jockey, though erect but not fully and lot of precum was coming out of my rod.

Slowly I moved down to her navel and sucked her belly button for few seconds; didi started shivering and gasped nicely. I moved further down and again kissed her thighs close to her virgin cunt, wow she smelled so erotic. There was a flood of juices inside her panty and her love hole was oozing out endless stream of her love nectar.

Gunjita didi was smiling continuously on Chhaya didi’s condition and showed me her up raising thumb to say well done, as Chhaya didi was out of her senses and moaning and breathing heavy, it was real test of my patience that for how long I can control my animal, and I was proving myself a good lover,

I realized that I had lost my erection a lot as my cock has released some of his juices but I was still horny and Chhaya didi was making me passionate. I turned Chhaya didi and held both of her hips over panty and rubbed them nicely “didi you are amazing, aap mujhe pagal kar doge, aap shaadi matt karna, main hoon na aapke pass aapki sewa karne ke liye”.

I spoke in passion while rubbing my sisters mounds over panty and Chhaya didi continued enjoying her first manly treatment and my arousing words, I kissed her entire back with wet lips and left lot of my saliva on her body and Chhaya didi shivered again like a fish. I came down and slowly pulled her last cloth down and her bare hips were reveled to me and they were so beautiful.

I rubbed her ass mounds and took flesh of her mounds in my mouth and sucked it nicely and then held both of them together and again parted them to see the depth of her crack. Chhaya didi moaned again in pleasure as her hips got stretched, I repeated this for fewer times and saw her tiny asshole and slowly rubbed my finger on her tiny asshole,

wow Chhaya didi shivered so sexily and tighten her legs together immediately, and turned on her back to see me. I smiled and she responded to it and closed her eyes again, so that I can continue. Now it was her juicy cunt’s turn, I looked down, wow, what a moist fuck hole she had, Chhaya didi’s fuck hole was totally clean shaven,

she was not having even a single hair between her legs, it was so soft and beautiful, I could not move my eye from her love tunnel, it was untouched till now by any male species. Gunjita didi spoke, “Aaj evening main issne specially tere liye shave kari hai, tujhe chikni choot pasand hai na”. I smiled looking at Gunjita didi’s face.

Chhaya didi was laying on her back and I tried to drift her into the middle of the double bed and Gunjita didi helped me in that by pulling her sister from her arms. I went closer to her mouth and kissed her on her lips and said, “Chhaya didi, main aapki choot choosne wala hoon, aap enjoy karo aur jo ho raha ho hone dena”.

I went down closer to her nice milky thighs, Chhaya didi’s legs were held almost together, I parted them bit and leaned on her cunt and touched it with my tongue. It was her first manly touch on her love spot and that is of tongue, some type of current passed through her body and she again brought her legs together and squeezed her cunt between her thighs.

I tried to part them, but Chhaya didi was holding them bit tight, “didi taango ko kholo” while rubbing her thighs I requested her, didi was puffing and breathing heavy. “Chhaya taange khol, chusne de usse, tera bhai teri choot chusega, achhe se chusswa apni choot ko, aur isske munh main paani chhod, tera bhai teri choot ka paani peeyega” Gunjita didi was also fully aroused now and speaking erotic words.

I parted Chhaya didi’s legs and lied down on my stomach and started licking her cunt like a dog for some time, and Chhaya didi’s moaning were rising nicely, she was holding Gunjita didi’s hands tightly and moving in sexual pleasure randomly. I held Chhaya didi’s thighs tight to control her movement.

Gunjita didi was holding her hands and humming in pleasure while watching her sister getting licked, “Chhaya mazzaa aaraha hai na, boll, meri bahan boll mazzaa aaraha hai na,” Gunjita didi was asking her sister whether she is liking it or not in passion as Gunjita didi herself was aroused. Chhaya didi spoke while puffing, “ haan, bahut Ahhhh… ahhhhh.. bahut mazzzaa aaraha hai, please… please..bass karo stop”.

I thought about stopping and halted for a fraction, Gunjita didi spoke in passion, “nahi, abhi choos, jab tak ye paani na chhod de, choosta rah isski choot, acche se khol ke ander apni jeebh dal aur isska paani pee” and I continued sucking, and parted Chhaya didi’s rosy pussy lips and entered my tongue in her love tunnel and tried to take out her entire nectar.

Chhaya didi went mad and started shivering and moving violently, I was holding her thighs tight and Gunjita didi was holding her arms now to control her violent movement, and murmuring “ye hamara achha bhai hai, ye daily teri choot chusega, tu daily isske muh main aapna pani chhodiyo, boll chhodegi na.. boll Chhaya chhodegi na.. boll” “haan… haan.. please please…

stop….. stop… ruk jaao please…” by this time Chhaya didi was unstoppable and almost crying in pleasure, her movements were wild and she could not breath properly, she wanted to cum desperately, I sucked her forcibly for few more seconds and finally me and Gunjita didi released her and she exploded in a first shattering orgasm and started shivering in pleasure in a fantastic way.

Through out my life I cannot forget that scene, the way Chhaya didi was trembling, some kind of waves or electric current was passing through her body and she was cumming with jerks and sudden movements of her belly and pelvis. Gunjita didi seemed happy to see Chhaya didi in extreme pleasure and spoke, “aaj issne pahli baar achhe se paani chhoda hai, mujhe maloom hai ye pahle kya karti thi”.

Watching Chhaya didi trembling in orgasm I just got mad and opened string of my lower and took out my cock by taking off my innerwear in a fraction, I was hard but not enough so I was jerking it to make it harder and looking at Chhaya didi laying on bed. I looked at Gunjita didi and spoke, “Didi I want to fuck you, mujhe aapko chodna hai, kapde uttaro jaldi”.

Gunjita didi reacted immediately and got up from the bed and took off her lower and panty together and in a fraction made her upper half naked too and lie down on bed with a parted legs and called me by saying, “aaja mere bhai, chod mujhe, main hoon na tere liye”. I came on bed immediately, and straight away took my rod to her mouth and said,

“pahle isse choos ke pura khada kar do” Gunjita didi took my rod in her mouth and I sat on her mouth on my knees, keeping them around her face and started jerking in and out of her mouth. Wow what a feeling that was, fucking Gunjita didi’s mouth while sitting around her face. Gunjita didi was doing it well, and my whole rod was drenched with her saliva and it got fully hard in her mouth.

By this time Chhaya didi was somewhat in senses and she was looking at us, her hairs were spread and she seemed satisfied after meeting her real orgasm. I was getting mad looking at her and I spoke, “dekho Chhaya didi, main Gunjita didi ke muh ko chod raha hoon, abb innki choot ki baari hai”.

Just after that I took out my rod from her mouth and tried to pick up the condom from the corner of the bed. Gunjita didi was also heavely aroused and she spoke in hurry, “abbey dall na jaldi, kuch nahi hoga mujhe, main dekh loongi”. I immediately came between her spread legs and inserted my rod without condom in Gunjita didi’s fuck hole.

She was so wet that it just slipped in and I started fucking her rapidly. It was an amazing feeling; we both were bizarre and moaning in lust. My sister was again on my bed; her legs were spread apart and stretched I was laying over her on my forearms and knees, my legs were also splayed wide to widen her legs further broad to get deeper and deeper.

I was fucking her furiously. My buttocks were flexing and unflexing rapidly, rising and falling, my hips were swinging madly up and down like a machine at full blast. Wow what a fuck that was, though it did not last for long from my side and I reached to my climax lot earlier than Gunjita didi and took out my rod to ejaculate and cummed on the bed.

Gunjita didi was moaning and wanted to continue, though I was bit hard but I was losing, I immediately inserted two of my fingers in her cunt holding her one leg in my left hand and stretching it to the maximum keeping my knee on the other, pressing against bed, and started fisting her rapidly and inserted another finger knowing need of her hot fuck hole and continued finger fucking her vigorously.

Gunjita didi continued enjoying and closed her eyes, and murmuring in passion, “kar aur tez kar, haan aur tez aur tez don’t stop…. Please don’t stop…” she was getting mad in pleasure as I was fucking her with my fingers nonstop and her words got abusive as I asked her “didi mazzaa aaraha hai, bollo hmmm… mazzzaa aaraha hai….” “tez kar bhenchod aur tez kar,

saale tere jaise do chahiya mujhe, aur tezz kar Ahhhh… Ahhh….” Gunjita didi was almost on her peek and I had to arouse her more through my words, I looked at Chhaya didi she was wearing panty and her boobs were uncovered and hanging sexily, as Gunjita didi was laying on her bra and she had to wait, she was watching her elder sister in hell of pleasure and seemed bit excited.

I spoke looking at her “Chhaya didi dekho aapki bahen ka kya haal hai, ye marr jayegi chudwa chudwa ke, phir bhi isska kuch nahi hoga, shadi ke baad maar daalegi ye apne patti ko chodd ke, saali raand.” I was going wild and wild through my words and hand together. Suddenly Gunjita didi felt like bursting and screamed

“bass kar stop…. Stop… stop… please stop… Ahhhhh…ruk jaa kutte ruk jaa aaah… o shit” and tried to bring her legs together, but I held them apart and continued fisting her with a same speed and murmured “kyon lee aur lee…. Pura haath hi choot ke ander daal deta hoon”. And just after that I withdrew my hand so that she can cum.

Gunjita didi cummed nicely after squeezing her cunt in her thick fleshy thighs and shivered in pleasure for a minute. After a minute or two got up and looked at me with a satisfactory smile and said while puffing “teen din main tu ladki chodne main expert ho gaya hai,…. Good bahut mazza aaya”.

I smiled on compliment, and said “kahan mazza aaya, mera to pahle hi chhoot gaya, aur baad main aapko masturbate karna padda”. “koi baat nahi, tu abhi bahut naya hai aur as compared to first timers you are good, tunne Chhaya ke saath bahut achhe se kiya, dekh kar apna first time yaad aagaya”. Gunjita didi was still breathing bit heavy but well in control.

Chhaya didi was almost back in her clothes and we both got up to wear clothes and while wearing clothes Gunjita didi said, “abhi show over nahi hua hai, let’s have a cup of coffee first”. Chhaya didi smiled with hesitation and I too looking at her gesture. My desire of fucking Chhaya didi was rising and rising, her beauty, her facial expressions and hesitant gesture was arousing me.

Chhaya and Gunjita didi went to the kitchen and started making coffee and I remained in my room by bolting it from inside. Gunjita didi was really good planner and she had real sharp brain, before leaving she told me that kitchen is closer to their grand parents room and if anyone from her Grand parents will get up and they will feel that it’s risky to come back in this room

then they will go back to their room and if not then they will come back with a cup of coffee and will have it together, as it was there regular practice to sleep very late on Saturdays, after watching late night movies. Fortunately nobody got up and both of my sisters came with cups of coffee and few readymade snacks to eat. We had really good chat while having coffee and snacks.

From the beginning I was watching Chhaya didi, she was blushing while looking into my eyes and her gesture was arousing me, and Gunjita didi was sensing my state and teased me by saying, “tuu usse kya ghoor rahaa hai, wo nahi chuddwayegi, main chuddwaongi. Tunne hi kahha tha ki tuu mujhe ghoddi banna ke choddega.

Chhaya didi smiled and I too with her while looking into her eyes. Again Gunjita didi said, “Achhe se kha, aggle ek ghante main tera sara tel nikalne wala hai”. Though I wanted to fuck Gunjita didi but more than that I was interested spending time with Chhaya didi, and I spoke, “didi mujhe nahi lagta main aur kar paaunga, usske liye erection bhi to honi chaahiye”.

“wo to main choos ke kar dungi” Gunjita didi replied, I said “patta nahi phir bhi hoggi ya nahi try karlo”. Gunjita didi was watching me continuously as I was looking at Chhaya didi and her thought was making me horny. “Agar Chhaya choosegi tab to erection ho jaayegi na”? Gunjita didi asked me in such a tone as if she was sure about it.

Immediately Chhaya didi looked at Gunjita didi in surprise. Gunjita didi smiled and said, “choos de issne bhi to teri choosi thee na” not a single word came out of Chhaya didi’s mouth, she was just looking at us and seemed confused and finally spoke, “mujhe nahi aata kaise karte hain” Gunjita didi smiled and said,

“sift suck karna hai, aur dheere dheere ander bahar karna hai, main tere saath main karoongi, shuru kar achha nahi lagega to matt karrna, simple”. Wow what an arousing that moment that was, I was already bit hard with a thought that Chhaya didi is going to suck my cock. By this time we were over with our coffee and almost ready for further action.

Chhaya didi got up and went to the toilet; I looked at Gunjita didi and spoke softly, “didi mujhe Chhaya didi ko fuck karna hai”. Gunjita didi smiled and replied in same fashion “abbey jo mill raha hai chup chap le le try karenge arouse karne ki, agar haan karegi to karna, jyada force matt karna, abhi tak usski seal nahi khuli hai, kahin row na padde”.

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