Manish having sex with cousin sisters – IV

And next moment Chhaya did appeared on the door of toilet. “chall Chhaya aaker apne haath se isska pajama khol, ye tadap raha hai tere liye”. Chhaya didi looked at me in shy gesture, I got up and went closer to her and held her face in my hands and said, “pahle main apni bahan ko pyar to karr loon”, with that I placed my lips on her lips and we started kissing nicely.

I was rubbing her body with my hands and we both were turning on in sexual desire. “Didi aap mujhse shaadi kar lo, main aapko bahut khush rakhunga”, I spoke in puffing voice while playing with her body. I squeezed Chhaya didi’s luscious tits and rubbed her hip nicely with my hands, wow what a moment that was when Chhaya didi was melting in my hands.

Finally when we parted, Gunjita didi spoke softly from behind, “Chhaya isska pajama khol, shuru karte hain”. Chhaya didi pulled thread of my pajama and I got harder. Soon I was sitting on the bed naked from the lower half and both of my sisters were sitting on floor on there knees and sucking my cock. Chhaya didi started and took it in her mouth slowly.

She was looking gorgeous holding my cock between her rosy lips and that view hardened me more and my rod grew in her mouth. Slowly Chhaya didi started moving her head up and down without sucking. “Didi use more saliva aur saath saath suck karo” I spoke and moaned in pleasure, “Chhaya suck bhi karr aur ander bahar bhi kar”. Gunjita didi tried to explain Chhaya didi.

Chhaya didi did not like at all what she was doing in the beginning and it could be seen from her way of doing it. Gunjita didi took my rod from her and said, “dekh kaise karna hai”, with that Gunjita didi took my rod in her mouth and showed Chhaya didi the way by using more of her saliva.

After stroking my rod in her mouth for three four times again Gunjita didi tried to explain her sister by saying, “Chhaya binna hesitation ke apna saliva use karke achhe se suck karr, isse ussko pleasure milega aur jab wo pleasure main hoga to ussko dekh ke tujhe pleasure milega”. Chhaya didi started again and it was amazing feeling,

wow Chhaya didi was fucking her beautiful face with my rod and I was looking at her, just looking at her. She was doing better much better though she was still hesitating even then it was the pleasure beyond imagination. “Ahh… Ahh…. Chhaya didi bahut mazzaa aaraha hai, wow you are amazing.”

I held her face and stared at her and again said, “Didi give me a kiss, aage Gunjita didi suck karengi”. I lied down on the center of the bed and Chhaya didi was leaning over me and kissing me and Gunjita didi was sucking my rod with passion. I turned and took Chhaya didi under my body and continued kissing her and moved my hand to explore her body,

her luscious tits and juicy cunt, stopping Gunjita didi automatically from sucking my rod. Gunjita didi came beside us and started caressing Chhaya didi’s hairs, I loved Chhaya didi over her clothes for few more minutes and made her moan in pleasure and finally spoke while looking into her eyes, “Didi mere saath sex karoge,….. aapne mujhe pagal karr diya hai,

hmmm… karoge bollo main bahut pyar se karoonga”. Chhaya didi looked into my eyes without yes or no and kept on looking for few seconds and then into Gunjita didi’s eyes who was laying beside us, without a word and again she looked at me, and seemed confused. I started kissing and brushing Chhaya didi’s neck and spoke in a murmuring voice, “please didi,

I love you so much, main aapko force nahi karr raha par main merr jaaounga aapke bina”. With that accidentally my lips went closer to her ears and Chhaya didi moaned nicely, I continued brushing my lips there and sucked her ears while pressing her breast and Didi went crazy in pleasure. “abhi to Gunjita didi karengi na” Chhaya didi spoke in puffing sound.

“tune karna hai to karr le, main baad main kar loongi.” Gunjita didi spoke softly. “nahi please.. mujhe dard hoga”. Chhaya didi replied in confusion. “Dard hoga to hoga, wo to hona hi hai ek din, aaj kya aur shaadi ke baad kya, tujhe abhi complete sexual pleasure chahiye to boll”, then with a pause she continued “ye tere pichhe pagal ho chukka hai, tujhe jyada pain nahi karega,

tere husband ki meri koi guarantee nahi hai”. Chhaya didi was thinking laying under me and I was laying almost on her top half naked, and again I started kissing her face and brushing my lips on her face and neck. my hands were on her breasts and I was rubbing them gently, Chhaya didi again started moaning as I rubbed my lips near her ears.

“didi karna hai, bollo hmmm…” again Chhaya didi looked at Gunjita didi, she was somewhat asking her sister whether she should do it or not, Gunjita didi moved her head in yes and said “kar le kuch nahi hoga, ek nayaa experience hai, tujhe achha lagega,” then again with a pause Gunjita didi asked Chhaya didi, “boll shuru kare,…. karna hai”.

Finally Chhaya didi said yes and I came in movement. I got up and lifted her nighty up to her waist and undid thread of her salwar and took it off from her bottom and Chhaya didi lifted her lower half so that I can take it off, she was confused and little afraid, I repeated same with her panty and made her naked from her lower half,

though Chhaya didi was already wet down to her cunt but Gunjita didi told me to suck her more to make her juices flow more fluently. And again placed my lips on her pussy and started sucking it to arouse her more and to make her even wetter, my both hands were on her thighs and I parted her legs further apart. I was kissing her all over, enjoying every part of it.

After a while I opened her pussy with my fingers and I started licking her, licking her pinkness. Moving my tongue from the end to the top, Chhaya didi started moaning and moving again in sucking pleasure and Gunjita didi was caressing her hairs while murmuring sensual words like, “Chhaya samajh le aaj teri suhagraat hai aur ye tera bhai nahi patti hai, Chhaya ye tujhe bahut pyar karta hai,

tu aaram se late ke enjoy kar aur samajh teri shaadi ho chuki hai hmm… relax ….just relax panic matt karna ek do minute thoda sa pain hoga aur usske baad pleasure milega”. Chhaya didi was listening her sister while puffing and enjoying her cunt getting sucked by me; moreover I got heavily aroused with Gunjita didi’s words and got even harder.

Chhaya didi was tight I could see, as from last two days I was fucking Gunjita didi and I could see the difference between a virgin cunt and already ragged fuckhole, and I knew the entry will be painful, so I was trying my best to make her wetter and wetter. With every lick of my tongue I could hear Chhaya didi’s hmmm….

She had both her hands on my head and for some time she closed her legs and my face was struck between her thighs. We were on the top of the world and the feeling was ecstatic I was sucking my lovely sister and her juices were flowing free and I was swallowing it all but it was still getting sloppy.

I placed my lips on her vaginal lips and my tongue was trying to get deeper and licking anything coming out. She again closed her legs on my face, this time it was tighter and her hands pressing me towards her pussy, I think Gunjita didi sensed that her sister was getting closer to orgasm, so she stopped me.

I got up and sat between Chhaya didi’s legs and asked for a condom from Gunjita didi, as it was kept on the other corner of the bed. “nahi ye safe hai, tu bina condom ke kar, isska pahli baar hai, pahli bar skin se skin touch honi chaahiye tabhi real feel aati hai, ….kuch nahi hoga issko ye safe hai main dekh loongi”.

At that time I didn’t knew what does she meant by safe, so I asked her again, “didi pakka aisse hi daal doon” “haan haan tu daal, pahle achhe se rub kar ussko isski entrance pe”, I followed Gunjita didi’s instruction and rubbed tip of my rod on Chhaya didi’s wet fuck hole opening and seriously guys, Gunjita didi was dame experienced, what a feeling that was,

we just went crazy in pleasure and moaned nicely while that gentile rubbing and Chhaya didi streamed out lot more juices in those few seconds. She was laying and puffing in pleasure, waiting for getting stuffed with a real thing, I could see light shivering on her belly, Chhaya didi’s cunt was twitching for penetration.

I was confused, I wanted to hurt her as less as possible, I asked Gunjita didi again, “didi abb daal doon” Gunjita didi was laying beside Chhaya didi, she got up to see her sister’s fuck hole and touched her opening to see the level of wetness and lubrication and said, “abhi ruk” and Gunjita didi got up to get something from the bathroom and in a fraction

she came with a coconut oil and poured lot of oil on Chhaya didi’s love hole and rubbed it nicely, to make her tunnel more lubricated, and then took some oil on her hand and rubbed it on my rod and made my cock dripping with oil, and herself placed my rod on Chhaya didi’s fuck hole opening by parting her pussy lips with her finger and finally said,

“haan, abb aage se dabba ke dheere dheere daal aur ander hi daalna, jab tak aadha andar na challa jaye tab tak wapis bahar matt nikalna”. I pushed my cock slowly squeezing my cock head and started journey of entering inside my other sister Chhaya. Wow what a tight fuck hole she had, it was very less painful for me almost nil to enter inside such a tight tunnel and a lot painful for Chhaya didi,

though there was lot of lubrication on her fuck tunnel. I could see expressions of pain on her face and she was trying her best to tolerate, she knew that she can not scream, for that she was holding her lips tight with closed eyes, her one hand was holding Gunjita didi’s wrist very tight and other hand was holding corner of the pillow.

Finally Chhaya didi opened her mouth released her breath as she was holding it to bear the pain, and moaned with lot of control like, “Ahhh…. Ahhhh…. Please stop…”. Gunjita didi was rubbing upper portion of Chhaya didi’s cunt and squeezing her melons gently and spoke, “bass abb almost ho gayaa, bass ek minute ki aur baat hai”.

I was half inside Chhaya didi, and she was so wet and hot inside that I felt as if my dick is still growing in size inside my instinct guided me and I took out my rod and pushed again with bit of force and went bit deeper in Chhaya didi’s fuck hole and Chhaya didi went out of breath and spoke with difficult, “bass aur nahi karna, please yahin pe ruk jaao, please don’t move.”

Gunjita didi instructed me to stop any movement by raising her hand; she was continuously caressing her sister’s hair and was trying to cheer her up. I was sitting between Chhaya didi’s spread legs, with half of my dick inside her love pot, and looking at Chhaya didi’s facial expressions, I looked down to my rod, very thin stream of blood mixed with a oil and our juices was flowing down to sheet.

I saw Gunjita didi’s face and took her attention to that, she placed my jocky under that and instructed me to keep silence by putting her finger on her lips. After a minute of no movement, Gunjita didi asked her, “abb pain kuch kam hai, hmm….” Chhaya didi said yes by humming and moving her head. Gunjita didi looked at me and told me to start slowly just by her lip movement.

I started fucking Chhaya didi with very slow strokes and she seemed still in pain. Gunjita didi asked her sister again, “dard ho raha hai”? Chhaya didi said yes, “haan ho raha hai” “pahle se kam hai” Gunjita didi asked her again, “hmmm…” Chhaya didi just hummed to say yes. “Bass abhi pain gayab ho jayega” Gunjita didi assured her sister.

My movements gradually increased and my rod was moving with some ease. Oil was dripping down from Chhaya didi’s cunt and I was fucking her with slow in and out movements. She was still in pain but I think it was bearable now, Chhaya didi was between pleasure and pain and pleasure was overtaking the pain. I was still left with half of my dick, or may be just less then that.

Gunjita didi instructed me to lean on her sister with hand and told me to go further deep with one push, she guided me without speaking a word rather just by her lip movements, what she said with her lips was “uppar late kar, ek baar main pura daal de” I leaned over Chhaya didi further and Gunjita didi spoke to make Chhaya didi listen, “chal abb pyar kar issko, tune bahut pain kiya hai”.

I started loving my sister by kissing her lips and neck and caressing her hairs, my chest was pressing her boobs, “Didi I am sorry, aapko meri wajah se itna pain hua, main aapko bahut pyar karta hun” she held my back with her both hands and spoke somehow, “bass, please aur pain matt karna”. “didi bass thoda sa aur hai wo bhi lelo apne ander” I spoke.

“please nahi karna, bahut mushkil se pain kam hua hai, please aise he karo, aur ander matt dallna.” Chhaya didi requested me. Gunjita didi smacked me on my head for not following her instruction, as she wanted me to give a sudden push inside Chhaya didi’s fuck hole and that is without her knowledge, she spoke to her sister

“Chhaya thoda sa hai, ek baar main challa jayega, apne legs ko isske around wrap kar, abb jyada pain nahi hoga”, “nahi please” Chhaya didi requested again in scared tone, “Tujhe kuch nahi hoga, jo hona tha ho chukka hai abb to bleeding bhi band ho gayi hai” and instead of waiting for Chhaya didi to move her legs,

Gunjita didi herself wrapped Chhaya didi’s legs around my waist and again smacked me to say go ahead with a push, “ I Love you Chhaya didi, I love you so much”. I whispered in my sister’s ear and kept my head beside her face, facing bed and before Chhaya didi would have understood the upcoming pain,

I pulled my rod out a bit and pushed myself with a sudden jerk and made two more jerks in continuity in a same fashion and spoke I love you with every thrust. Chhaya didi reacted with painful moans like “Ahhhh…. Ahhhhh… Ahhhhhh…” with every plunge and finally I touched deepest corner of her cunt with my rod. I was fully inside her tunnel and it was tightly fitted around my cock.

I wanted to feel her, I wanted to pleasure her too and for that I started rubbing and squeezing her breast over her nighty, keeping whole my rod inside her fuck hole and started kissing Chhaya didi passionately, though Chhaya didi was not responding to my kiss in the beginning but when I continued kissing her lips and sucked them for a minute,

she responded and then I started moving my rod in and out of her tunnel very slowly. Chhaya didi was still in pain and was not enjoying as I could see her expressions while moving in and out, her eyes were closed and she was holding her breath, few drops of tears flowed down from her closed eyes. Certainly I was fortunate that Gunjita didi was sitting beside me to help.

Gunjita didi used her old, best and flawless way to get a success and started speaking erotic words. “Chhaya aaj teri seal khul gayi, chodd hi diya issne tujhe, dekh kaise teri taange khol ke teri choot main apna lund dall ke chodd raha hai tujhe, aur tu jo bolti thi, ki sirf husband se chudwaungi, aaj chudwa hi liya tune bhi, hmmm… meri bahan finally aaj chud hi gayi wo bhi apne bhai se….

Chhaya tu aaj ladki se aurat bann gayi hai, aaj teri choot fatt gayi hmmmm….sun rahi hai meri baat tu abb kuwanri nahi hai, abb Chhaya chudd chuki hai”, Gunjita didi’s words were working and my speed increased as I was aroused with her words, and I could see that Chhaya didi was also getting there every second.

Then with a pause Gunjita didi started again, this time with me, “chodd isse, achhe se chodd, tu pagal ho raha tha na isse choddne ke liye, chodd abb, jittna chodna hai chodd, ye chudwayegi tujhse bahut chudwayegi, aur jabb bhi ye kahegi tujhe isse choddna padega, boll chodega na boll bhenchod, main Chhaya didi ko roz raat ko chodunga boll nahi to maar khayega”

with that she pulled my hairs in excitement. What a slut Gunjita didi was, she knew each and every fucking way, her words did magic again and Chhaya didi got aroused and opened her eyes to see me, she was puffing in pleasure now and herself she tightened her legs around my waist and started puffing nicely.

I just went mad in pleasure as I saw Chhaya didi enjoying and my speed increased and now my rod was moving smooth in her fuckhole, in and out to and fro. I puffed while speaking, “haan Chhaya didi main aapko bahut chodunga, roz chodunga, jab aap kahoge tabb aapki choot main apna lund daal ke aapko chodunga,

aap bass ek baar bulana main aapke saamne nanga hoke pahunch jaaoonga aapki choot kholke aapko chodne ke liye”. I was moving reasonably fast and we both were in heaven and each dip of my hard cock inside Chhaya didi’s fuck hole was ecstatic and the feeling was just out of the world.

I kept on fucking Chhaya didi further with steady moves for a minute or two, she was so hot, so much wet and so tight in there that I knew I couldn’t hold on for long, Gunjita didi was watching us having pleasure and sensing my condition and spoke, “issko neeche se uthaa ke, ander tak daal”.

My burst was building up I tried to slow it down but our whole body was in state of immense erotic pleasure and it was impossible for me to slow down, my body was not in my control. Once again I followed Gunjita didi’s instruction and garbed Chhaya didi from her beautiful round bottoms with my both hands for my last few pushes and I was deeper inside her,

Chhaya didi moaned strangely with that and just then I felt like bursting and finally I released my load deep inside her. Chhaya didi also shivered with pleasure and cummed nicely. We both were exhausted and everything was so wet and messy. We rested for some time and by the time we got up Gunjita didi

was finished with a cleaning every mess and finally both of my sisters moved out after removing every mark of there presence in this room. I was delighted with this love making session, especially with the one which I had with Chhaya didi. I slept tight and got up very late as it was Sunday. We didn’t had a plan for that night, but I was restless for the whole day.

Both Chhaya and Gunjita didi was moving around in the house, some times in the drawing room in front of television and sometimes in the lobby while getting in and out of kitchen. I was unable to stop myself looking at both of my sisters and somewhere both of them were also enjoying my staring at her.

After spending whole Sunday just like that, finally I came to my room and tried to sleep, but it was really difficult for me to sleep soon. To my surprise after 11 again my door got knocked, I opened the door and it was again Gunjita and Chhaya didi and on the door itself she said, “mujhe ghoddi banna ke nahi choddna” and both of them smiled.

Our condition was just like newly wedded people and we were eager to do it again and again. Gunjita didi told me that she did not had a plan but because Chhaya didi was very restless so they came, and there only Gunjita didi spoke to Chhaya didi, “Chhaya apne muh se boll ki main tujhse chudwane aai hoon, chodd mujhe”.

Chhaya didi smiled, “boll na, kal issne promise kiya tha, ki jabb tu kahegi ye nanga hokar aa jayega, tere pass tujhe choddne ke liye.” Chhaya didi smiled a lot and after insisting finally she spoke, “please aaj phir mujhe choddo, mujhe neend nahi aarahi”. I spoke to Gunjita didi that if she can leave us alone, I want to fuck Chhaya didi assuming that she is my wife.

Gunjita didi laughed on my stupid request and said, “tum logg kahin ek dusre se pyar matt karne lagna, main bhi hoon yahan chudwane ke liye line main” and then she spoke to me “tujhe jabb se Chhaya milli hai, tu mujhe bhool hi gaya hai, main chodd chodd ke tujhe maar daalungi” and finally after laughing she said that

“tum logg enjoy karo main next shift main neeche aati hoon” and then Gunjita didi spoke to Chhaya didi “tu pura matt choos liyo issko, mere liye bhi chhodna, tere wapis aane ke baad main yahan aaoongi.” Finally Gunjita didi left and I bolted door from inside and made love to Chhaya didi like a true lover.

I licked every single inch of her body and left my saliva on that, Chhaya didi also sucked me and now she was less hesitant to take my rod between her lips and fuck her mouth, and finally I fucked my dearest sister Chhaya didi with patience and made her cum twice during whole love making. It was an act, an act of sheer love and pleasure.

After Chhaya didi’s exit Gunjita didi appeared and I fucked her in doggy style by holding and squeezing her healthy ass mounds with my hands and then literally she raped me by sitting on my top in friendly anger after getting fucked in doggy style for few minutes. Such days of sucking, licking and fucking with both, Chhaya didi and Gunjita didi lasted in my life for quite long time.

For some reasons my grandfather provided me a separate flat for living and that really helped us more to get along with each other freely for fucking. I took admission there only in a correspondence course and both of my sisters mainly Chhaya didi made me graduate while working because Gunjita didi got married after a year and flew to states with her husband.

I and Chhaya didi continued our love making in my flat and I kept on informing Gunjita didi about my fucking sessions with her sister. Once I asked her about her about her sex life by writing “ Didi aapki sex life kaisi chall rahi hai, aapka husband aapko theek se choddta hai ya main appne visa ke liye apply karoon, aur aapko wahan aaker choddun”?

What she wrote in answer was really amazing and arousing, her reply word to word was, “ Abey, wo tujhse badda choddu hai, tu to meri choot main lund daal ke ucchalta tha, uss saale ne meri gaand bhi thokk di hai, aur mahine main do teen baar to gaand maar hi detta hai. Gaand maar maar ke gaand ka chhed hi motaa karr diya hai to soch meri choot ka kya haal hoga,

bechari subah usske office jaane se pahle thookti hai aur phir evening main usske office se aana ke baad thookti hai, kabhi kabhi tyar karke long drive pe le jaata hai aur outskirts main lejja ke car ki back seat pe chodd dalta hai, ghar ka koi kona nahi bachha hai jahan pe mujhe ussne chodda na ho,

kitchen, garage aur storeroom main bhi khadda karke peeche se chodd chukka hai aur ek baar andhere main terrace pe lejja ke sardi main pura nanga karke mujhe thokk chukka hai, Sunday ko hum apne swimming pool main nange swimming karte hain aur wo kabhi mujhe wahin pool ke kinare letta ke choddta hai, aur kabhi adha paani main khadda karke meri peechhe se maarta hai,

kai baar blue film ki tarah choddne ke baad mere muh ke ander paani chhodta hai jo mujhe peena paddta hai, tu abhi bachha hai tujhe to maine choddna sikhaya hai, wo mera bhi baap hai, tu wahan Chhaya ko hi chodd wohi tere bass main hai yahan aane ki matt sochiyo varna mujhe satisfy karne ke chakkar main dobaara Chhaya ko bhi nahi chodd payega,

jittna tu ek mahine main Chhaya ko choddta hoga uss se jyada wo mujhe ek hafte main choddta hai”. I don’t know whatever she wrote was true or exaggeration but It was a fact that her husband was really passionate for sex and fucks her a lot because she told this to Chhaya didi too (not this much of detail) with little more detail that her husband loves her a lot too,

and even he was also experienced with a fucking before marriage, and Gunjita didi also confessed that she was also in love with somebody and he ditched her after fucking her few times (she never confessed about her relation with me, thank god). Anyways Gunjita didi’s words took my senses and I thought about myself fucking Chhaya didi in her asshole.

And now I use to stare at her tiny ass hole while fucking her from behind in doggy style and sometimes use to part her hips to see it when she use to take rest after a fuck. Couple of times we talked about Gunjita didi’s sex life, that she has got perfect match as her husband is equally passionate for fucking as she was.

Once I made Chhaya didi read that complete mail which she wrote to me by taking out the printout of that. She laughed reading that line and looked into my eyes bit consciously, because now she could make out that why I use to see her asshole when she use to take rest after a fuck and why I use to part her hips from behind while fucking her in doggy style.

Next time when we got together for fuck I asked Chhaya didi that if we can do anal sex by asking, “Didi wahan pe karna hai”? She looked into my eyes, though she knew that what I am asking, even then she asked me “kahan pe”? I said “wahan jahan Gunjita didi ka husband unnko thokkta hai, gaand main”

intentionally I spoke erotic words of Hindi language instead of saying it in English to follow Gunjita didi’s way of arousing. “pagal ho kya….? mujhe maloom tha tumhare deemag main yehi chall raha hoga, ussne karwa liya main nahi karwa paaoongi, it’s very painful”. That day we had normal virginal sex but I followed Gunjita didi’s way and continued speaking and making

erotic statements in Hindi while fucking Chhaya didi about anal sex, like, “didi main achhe se oil daal ke dheere dheere aapki gaand maarunga, please jabbse Gunjita didi ka mail padda hai main daily raat ko aapki gaand maarne ki soch ke masturbate karta hoon”. Like that days passed and we continued getting along normal sex,

and with that I continued expressing my desire to fuck her asshole to Chhaya didi. At that time I didn’t knew that Chhaya didi talked to Gunjita didi about the mail she has sent to me and asked her about anal sex, without letting her know that I am insisting Chhaya didi for anal fucking.

I don’t know what Gunjita didi said and explained to Chhaya didi about anal sex and how many times Chhaya didi asked her about that, I just know that after around a month from my first pursue, Chhaya didi got ready to do it with certain conditions like, I had to do it very slowly with lot of lubrication and with a rubber covered rod and I have to stop immediately if she will say to stop,

and I will never insist her again and again if she will not like it. Finally the day came and again we got together, it was a Sunday and Chhaya didi took a leave from her house for her friend’s house and came to my house somewhere in the afternoon and I fucked Chhaya didi’s asshole by speaking erotic stuff in the beginning of the encounter, like “Chhaya didi aaj main aapki gaand maarunga.

Jabb mera lund aapki gaand ke tight chhed main jaayega na dekhna aapko kitna mazza aayega.” And to my surprise Chhaya didi responded in same fashion by saying, “haan maar de aaj meri gaand, taaki shaadi ke baad agar mera patti meri gaand maare to mujhe jyada dard na ho, achhe se tel daalke maario, Gunjita kah rahi thi ki baad main mazzaa bahut aata hai,

lekin jabb pahli baar gaand fatt ti hai na to jaan nikal jaati hai”. It was really a most erotic line which Chhaya didi spoke ever with me, though she use to speak such stuff, but use to speak very less erotic words in whole statement. Finally that day I made it and Chhaya didi’s anus got stuffed with my rod from behind,

I parted her hips and squeezed tip of my cock in her butt hole and entered after applying lot of oil and pumped Chhaya didi’s ass for few minutes before releasing my cum from my cock, though it pained her a lot and she always seemed reluctant to get stuffed there after that, but even then I fucked her butt fewer more times on different occasions,

like when it was my birthday and I asked her anus as my gift, by saying “didi aaj mujhe apne birthday pe aapki gaand gift chaahiye” and when I scored good marks in second year and final year of my graduation and got degree. After fucking Chhaya didi’s asshole first time I wrote Gunjita didi that I have fucked her sister in her butt in Hindi again in full fledge desi language,

“didi aapne wahan US main jaakar shaadi ke baad apni gaand marrwani shuru ki thi, yahan aapki bahan ne India main rahkar shaadi se pahle hi apni gaand main mera lund le liya hai, didi puchho matt kitna mazza aaya, jab maine Sunday ko char bajje aapki bahan Chhaya ki gaand thokki, abb unnka koi chhed nahi bachha jiss main maine apna lund na daala ho aur abb

thodde dino main aapki tarah aapki bahan ki gaand ka chhed bhi motta ho jayega”. Gunjita didi’s response started from the word, “bhenchodd kuch to usske patti ke liye chhod deta, tunne usski gaand bhi maar di, wo pagal mujhese poochh to rahi thi isske baare main, lekin mujhe ye nahi bataya ki wo tujhse marwaane waali hai, mujhe detail likh ke bhej kaise chodda

tune apni bahan ko usski gaand main aur ussko kaisa lagga dard hua ya mazzaa aaya”. Gunjita didi asked me to write my anal sexual experience with Chhaya didi and I wrote clarifying each and every moment, when Chhaya didi got ragged in her butt and Gunjita didi enjoyed a lot. Well that is altogether another experience which I may write in future.

So friends that was my sex experience which believe me, cannot be written completely because lot more things happened in those three years and I cannot write all of them. I was somewhat in love with Chhaya didi and she was also very comfortable with me but we both knew that we cannot get along with each other through out life,

so we just enjoyed life sexually in every style and position. Finally few months after completion of my graduation Chhaya didi got fixed with a real good guy and I took a leave from that city for my masters. Even today we are in touch through mail and remember those pleasure days and write down about our sex lives in Hindi and arouse each other,

I wish none of them gets to this site, because if somehow they will, then definitely Gunjita didi will fly all the way to India to chop off my balls, more than me I think that will be more tragic for my girl friend.

Bye and do write comments if you enjoyed and also even if you didn’t because of lengthy write up, but keep this thing in mind that I have worked hard to write it down and that deserves comments, no matter good or bad, just write.

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