Preeto getting fucked by Harjeet

Dear reader, this incident was narrated to me by one of my collegues this summer only. She joined some 6 months prior to that and both of us are sharing the company provided flat. To introduce myself, I think saying that I am 25 years girl born and bought up in Lucknow and my partner, Preeto is from Haryana would suffice.

Our background is so different that when I was called by VP (HR) and was told that Preeto would be sharing the flat with me, I could not welcome her from heart. She was more of village types and I wondered how she could manage a job in such a high flying company. I took her to flat and provided her with one set of keys and returned back to work.

Slowly but surely I started to like her and could succeed in getting her to wear even Indian clothes more gracefully and managed to change her hair style. I observed she disliked guys and was afraid to interact with them. She disapproved visits of my steady boyfriend and when I explained that we spend the weekends together and enjoy everything, her reaction was to lock herself in her room.

In nutshell, I succeeded in changing her appearance but not her thought process. But still I liked her and she was a bindaas type when in female company. She is tall, must be around 5 7″, fair skinned and a figure which I envy, a 36 – 26- 36. My boyfriend had once commented that she is perhaps lesbo, and I said if she is then she did’nt try on me.


Anyways, everything was cool till her cousin arrived one weekend in May. He, too, had natural beauty and to my amazement, Preeto’s dislike for men extended to him as well. I saw her tense and as there were only 2 bedrooms with A.C and living room was devoid of any cooling arrangement and it was obvious that he had to be accommodated with Preeto only.

She hid the truth that Rajesh is my boyfriend and said he was my husband and comes to me every weekend and lives in Meerut. Both of us were amazed at this unnecessary lie but kept our mouth shut.

After her cousin left, that evening I casually asked her about her attitude. She surprised me when she asked me for a drink (I keep Bacardi strawberry for weekends). I made a cocktail for us and settled down in her room. She gulped the drink and I could see she was gathering courage. I kept mum and after a while she started ( for my ease I will write in first person only ).

I belong to a traditional family where males dominate. In our joint family I have 8 sisters and Harjeet is the only son born to my chacha. Actually, he and I are just same age. All our family members including my parents are very fond of him and since childhood he has been treated like a king.

Of the 9 girls, only I was excellent in studies and still had to struggle to keep my studies going. After I did my class XII, I faced stiff resistance to continue with my studies even after I got admission in one of the reputed colleges in Chandigarh and Harjeet could not. During that summer vaccation when we were awaiting results one thing happened which changed my attitude in life.

Myself and two of my sisters were sleeping in one room. I was having sound sleep and like any other girl must have been dreaming about Hrithik when I felt something poking my ass. It did not hurt me and felt strange. After a while, I felt as if someone was lifting my nightie and that my ass is bare. I woke up to find Harjeet on my bed with a big tent in his pyjama and lifting my nightie.

I was shocked and afraid. I pushed him and whispered kya kar rahe ho, jao bhago nahin to mai sabko bol dungi ki tum kya kar rahe the. He left but not before barking teri baat koi nahi manega, isliye chupchaap rehne me hi teri khair hai. I could not sleep that night and did’nt dare to tell the incident even to my mother. I could not sleep next night also out of fear and he too did’nt come.

Then gradually I relaxed thinking he will not dare again. That night my sister took cough syrup and I too took the syrup. Out of Harjeets fear I had started wearing salwar while sleeping. I was sleeping soundly partially due to medicine and partly because he did’nt try again. I felt strange sensations all over my body. I really liked them and in sleep cuddled.

I felt someone trying to hug me and thinking it was my sick younger sis I too hugged and slept. After a while, I felt hands roaming all over my back and hot tongue over my lips. I fully woke up and found Harjeet hugging me and sucking my lips. I tried to push him but he did’nt budge.

Then his hands roamed over my breast, I was hit by strange sensation and for few moments could not react and when I realised I managed to move out of his grip making no noise for fear of waking up my sisters. I tried to scold him but that sister fucker had the audacity to pull down his pyjama and expose his erect pennis to me.

My jaw dropped, I had never seen a fully developed male pennis till that day. He whispered, dekh to le tu kya miss kar rahi hai, aur jo kaam shaadi ke bad karegi woh mai kar deta hoon, teri jawaani aur nikhar jayegi, aa jaa Preeto, nakhre mat kar. I was shocked and could not speak and he grabbed my hands and I had to struggle again to make myself free.

Finally he gave up and barked bina maal jaadhe nahi jaunga and started jerking his pennis. Soon he ejaculated and he pointed it towards me and it fell on my salwar. Finally he got up and said pehele waali baat yaad rakhna, muh band rakhna samajhi. I cleaned my salwar weeping and for the first time smelled a man’s cum. I felt so helpless and was terrified.

The status of females in our household was that to obey males and males are never at fault. My mother must have realised the next morning after seeing my red eyes and asked me to sleep with her. I was greatly releived but then Harjeet started to forcefully kiss me and squeeze my breast whenever he found me alone.

Then one day he trapped me. Our elders had to go to Rasmi di’s (married sister ) village for a function. We all the sisters (4, including me ) and Harjeet had to stay back. I tried my level best to go with parents but could not. I heaved a sigh of relief when Harjeet said he would be going to friends house. I stayed upstairs and asked my younger sister to lock the door.

My sisters played around and then settled for T.V in ground floor. I stayed in first floor itself inside the room. I went to take bath and the hell broke loose when I returned. I returned wearing only a towel thinking that I am safe because Harjeet is not around. As I stood in front of mirror, I was horified to find Harjeet standing totally nude with his erect pennis.

He smiled lewedly at me and said dekh preeto, tu chillaygi to baki sab upar aa jayenge aur dekh lenge, mai to keh dunga ki tune hi mujhe phuslaya hai. He waited for my reaction and when he found me to be afraid he said chal , mai kuch nahi karunga bus tujhe thoda mere lund to choosna hoga aur thoda upar upar haath pherne dena hoga.

He came near me and I begged Harjeet, pls yeh sab mat kar. He produced choclate and said Preeto, yeh le choclate muh me dal le, maine dekh pure jhant bhi kat rakhe hai aur sabun say dho bhi liya hai, tu bus jitna kaha hai kar de phir mai chalaa jaunga. He then forced the choclate and forced me down on my knees.

He had already locked the door and his pennis was inches from my face. I started crying then he hissed mujhe gussa mat dila nahi to zabardasti chod dunga, phir roti rehna. He brushed his pennis against my lips and groaned aaahhh Preeto muh me le mazza mat kharab kar mera and menancingly started pressing his pennis on my lips.

I was very terrified and took a part of his penis in my mouth but still he was not satisfied. He spoke softly now,hmmm, jeebh say chaat toppa ko. I did as he said and hated him more for the way he moaned, aaahhh Preeto, ummmmm mazaaa aa rahaaa haiiii ufffff aaahhhh ummmm bus thoda aur bheetar tak le aur mazaa aayega ummmmm le naa ummm lele meri jaan ummm.

He held my wet hairs and started to jerk to put his pennis deep inside my mouth. I was feeling gagged due to this and he showed little mercy when he pulled out a little and said, chal bed par chalte hai. He dragged me to bed and removed my towel. It was humiliating and embarrassing to stand full nude in front of him.

He pushed me on bed and started caressing my body saying, eesss kya chuchi hai Preeto, mast ummmmm jee chahta hai choom lu and he kissed my breast and started licking my nipples. It felt strange as his wet tongue with warm saliva continuously tickled my nipples. He continued doing it on both the nipples and would play with my nipples with fingers and lick the other one.

I got afraid as I was finding it difficult to breathe and had stopped breathing. Then as I inhaled I made a strange sound. Harjeet then started to suck my lips making it wet with his saliva and his hands roamed freely all over my breast and stomach. I had squeezed both my legs and as his hands tried to reach my vagina, I shook off his hands.

He then asked me to again suck his cock in such a way so that my head remains at his pennis and my vagina towards his head. I was apprehensive that he would do something and I protested. He slapped me hard and barked, chupchaap kar jaisa bolta hu. I did as he said and a strange pleasure hit me and I again felt his tongue on my vagina.

I felt his tongue penetrating and he started jerking his pennis and sucked my vagina. Very shortly, I felt something hot in my mouth and spitted. It was his cum and I felt like vommitting but my body got taught due to that strange feeling and I squeezed my ass with all my might and I felt something flowing out continuously giving me shudders.

I jumped out of bed once it stopped and Harjeet commanded, jo mere upar thooka hai use saaf kar apne towel say. I did it and said ab toh jao. His pennis was semi erect and he said pehele ek baar phir choos kar dikha’. To get rid of him I did it again and in no time it was again fully erect. He then said, bus ek baar tere jism ki har jagah par apna lund ragad lu and made me asked me to come back.

I did it also. He started rubbing his pennis from my head to toe. Then he asked me to spread my legs and said bus teri choot par ragad lu phir tu apne raaste mai apne raaste. I apprehensively did it. He raised my legs and started rubbing over my vagina. Then before I could react, I felt my alley getting stretched by some iron hot rod, giving me strange pleasure mixed pain.

I forgot to exhale as Harjeet kept on stretching my alley deeper and deeper till my anus felt something rubbing against it. He smiled and talked deliriously while pumping me gently, aaah preeto, by god mazaa aa gaya, kya tight choot hai, ummmm aaaah, tu bus aisay hi mujhse chudwati reh aur tu jo bolegi main karunga aaah.

He then started to play with my nipples and I just was trying to accomodate me feelings. He kept on gently pumping me till I came across the same feeling, something bursting inside me causing unstoppable flow of juices, and instinctively I again squeezed my anus.

This time I felt the difference, as I squeezed I felt his pennis from inside and sensing this Harjeet started pumping me at furious pace. His mouth was wide open and his saliva fell on my breast. Then he held my ass and gave me jerks that shook the hell out of me and I felt his hot cum inside me.

He then licked his saliva and rested on top of me and I felt his iron hot rod shrinking and moving out of my passage at a fast pace. He mumbled dekh kitna mazaa aaya, bematlab nakhre karti thi. I kept mum lying still and strangely liked his body weight on me.

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