Waseem the behenchod

Dear readers, you must have read many incest stories till date but I am sure you must have never come across a sister fucker cousin, like ours. Just read it and then give your comments.

Actually, we belong to eastern Uttar Pradesh and live in a joint family. It may sound strange but we were 3 sisters,myself being youngest. After lot of prayers my youngest Uncle was blessed with a boy. My father and other uncles must have been inspired by this feat and thinking the fortunes will turn in their favor now, the next few years witnessed adding up 3 sisters, each thinking he will be lucky to have son.

Being the only son in the family, Waseem was the most spoilt child as he grew up. His all unforgiveable actions were overlooked. One by one my elder sisters were married and I became the eldest among the siblings living in that house.

The construction of house was such that, we all sisters were staying in first floor hall type room which was accessible only to female members and Waseem. While we also used to go to school but it was Waseem only who used to get tutions. I was good in literature but very poor in science subjects and that led to Waseem getting senior to me in school. Waseem aspired to become a Doctor and worked hard for it.


The incident started unfolding when Waseem used to come to our room and would show off his skills in science subjects. All of us were very appreciative of his knowledge. He was able to help me and guide other sisters but the only thing which irritated me was that he used to ask for favors in return.

Initially these were innocous but when I had my mensuration, my mother taught me lot of things. My younger sisters were diehard fan of Waseem and could do anything for him. As time passed, I understood asking for kiss as return favor by Waseem was not appropriate. I was in class X and Waseem in XI, when remaining two sister had faced mensuration and I was asked to guide them. Of Roohi, youngest and Nagma, I was close to Nagma.

I also liked Waseem but having little knowledge about sex made me feel afraid of him. Myself, Nagma used to discuss it in hushed tones as to what class mates used to say and sometimes shared our fantasies as well. We knew about intercourse but were deprived of knowledge and opportunities that girls of metros get.

Then one day all elders except our old grandfather went to visit one of our cousin who had delivered a boy. Waseem managed to stay back and after we had our lunch and our grandfather was taking his afternoon nap, Waseem came to us. My heart skipped a beat because I saw lust in his eyes and he even whispered to me, nazar utaar le apni Shabnam, kya khil ke aaye hai jaawani tujh par .

I ignored his comments. Waseem talked with us about studies and I knew he skillfully turned it to reproductive system. While he explained it, all of a sudden he asked Roohi(the youngest one) if she knew how she was born. Roohi, innocently told him that her parents had prayed and her parents got her from dargah. He heartily laughed and said nahin re, baat kuch aur hai .

Myself and Nagma knew about sex partially and kept mum but felt strange all over our body as Waseem openly discussed reproductive system . He then increased the curosity very cleverly and Roohi demanded to him to educate. He then all of a sudden said tauba, tum logo ne agar abba ko bol diya ki maine sikhya hai to mera halak kat denge .

But by this time he had cleverly built up enough anxiety (even me) among us and my heart beat was racing up. Nagma pressed my hands and we looked into each others eyes trying to assure each other. Our younger sibling went all out and started babbling pls pls bhai jaan . Waseem pointed towards us and said unse pooch lo, unko bhi toh maloom hoga and I blurted out denying any knowledge.

Waseem then meaning fully looked at Nagma and said bhai agar tum teeno meri kasam utho ki yeh baat isse kumre mein rahegi aur jaisa mai bolunga tum sab karoge toh hi bolunga . My two younger ones agreed and I felt Nagma was very eager and her voice was wavering.

Waseem then held Nagmas hand drawing her near him from my side asked whispering loud enough to be heard by me Nagma, tu bhi toh jawaan ho gayi kya tera dil nahi karta sab kuch jaan lene ko, kuch mazaa lene ko . Nagma kept mum and he took her away from me to bed holding her waist.

He then incited the Roohi by saying that till I agree to terms he will not speak a word. He caressed Nagmas cheek and shudders of Nagma was visible to me. I was feeling strange and my breathing was erratic and thought of running away but the way he and Nagma were interacting made me long for him.

Waseem sat on bed with Nagma keeping his hands over her thighs and caressing it and asked her bol Nagma tu raazi hai ki nahi . I was not surprised to find her nodding in agreement. He then asked her toh ab tera kaam hai ki Shabnam ki razaamandi le. Nagma softly with excitement in her voice said maan bhi jaiye, dekhte hai kya maloom hai .

I also desired caresses of Waseem but was afraid of what my mother had told me. But finally I gave in. Waseem then ordered me to be in bed with them. I joined them there. He positioned himself such that on his one side Nagma and on other side I was there. He kept his hands over our shoulder and started describing sex subtly.

After a while he asked Roohi, malum hai tere aur Nagma,Shabnam mein kya fark hai . He then asked us to remove the kurta which we denied in unison. He asked kyon, sab to tai ho gaya hai . Roohi spoke on our behalf and said, sharm aati hai, naa . He laughed and said tum sab ka maasik hone par jaroor aami ne bahut kuch bola hoga . Roohi replied in affirmative.

He said maalum, woh sab isliye manaa karte hai kyon ki isme bahut mazaa hai . I took courage and said jo bataana hai aisay hi bolo . He ignored me and told Roohi isme itna mazaa aata hai ki ammi ko dar lagta hai ki hum log ko malum na pad jaaye ki woh abba ke saath kitna mazaa leti hain .

This time perhaps Nagma also got scared of all this and said bhai jaan, Shabnam theek bolti hai, jo kuch seekhana hai bina kapde utare boliyay . He ignored Nagma also and said chalo Roohi, ek saath utarte hai, kissi ko bura nahi lagega and removed his kurta in one stroke. Roohi was in doldrums. Waseem lovingly held her and asked her to touch him and caress his nipples.

Roohi obeyed and he said jab mazaa aata hai na toh yeh sakht ho jaata hai ,and he removed her kurti. Waseem said dekh isko chuchi kehte hai, teri abhi bahut choti hai and fondled her small boobs. He held her from waist and twisted his neck and licked her nipples. Roohi shivered and I felt as if he was licking my nipples. Nagma hissed and gulped and her hand reached her boobs.

Roohi was evidently enjoying it and even moaned aahhh bhaijaaaan bahuut ajeeeb lag raha hai. Waseem said aur mazaa lena hai tujhe. Roohi was escatic and said ummmmm bhai jaaan oooohhhhh aaaaahhh jo karnaaaa haii karoooo bahuuuttt eeeiiiiiiisssssss ufffffffffff ummmmm .

My hands were now rubbing my pussy and Nagma had dared to remove her kurta and bra and was massaging her nipples. Waseem deftly removed Roohis remaining clothes and was totally naked. He sucked her nipples and rubbed her choot. He said Roohi teri to itni tight hai ki do ungli bhi nahi jaa rahi, tu mera kaise legi . He put her on bed and buried his face into Roohis crotch.

He commented dekh paniyaa gayi tu and licked her pussy . Roohi exclaimed ufffffff aaahhhhh bhaijaaaaaaaaannnnn haaaaannnn chatooooo naaaaa hmmmmmmm, aapaaaaa jaaannn yehhhhh kaissssssaaaaa mazaaaaaaa hmmmmm ooohhhh Roohi kept on moaning loudly which made both Nagma and myself horny.

Then suddenly she shreiked and I found Roohi squeezing her legs on waseems neck and jerking her ass feverishly and finally grunting and licking her own lips fell silent. Waseems face was wet and he asked Roohi bol mazaa aaya ki nahi . Roohi nodded and gathering her breath said mujhe lagaa ki mai jannat ki sair par thi .

Waseem turned his attention towards me and grabbed me. Waseem fondled my boobs playfully and said kyun darti hai . He put his hands inside my kurta speaking to Roohi said dekh kitna darti hai, par main utar deta hun and fondled my boobs and from over the bra tweaked my erect nipples. It sent strange pleasure I wanted him to do it again and again.

He unknowingly obliged me repeatedly and with my resistance waning out he removed my kurta and bra effortlessly. He then looked towards Nagma and commented masha allah tum dono ki chuchiyan kissi ko bhi dewanaa bana de, soch ke aaya tha ki Shabbo ko hi chodunga par tujhe chode begair chain nahi milega jaaneman .

He stretched himself on bed grabbing my chuchi and ordered aacha Nagma tu mujhe nanga kar aur Roohi ke saath mikar mera lund choos and licked my nipples. Nagma sprang into action and removed Waseems pyjama. He was wearing a tight jockey with a huge bulge. He tweaked my nipples to make it hard and then sucked it.

I closed my eyes in pleasure and my juices were flowing freely. Then I heard Roohi excatic voice uffffff yeh to kitna bada aur motaa hai . I craned my neck and lust hit me hard making me shiver with joy. It was about 6 to 7 ” long and stood majestically and both Roohi and Nagma were licking it one by one. I saw Nagma also brushing her chuchi on Waseems legs.

Waseem stopped them and said are meri randiyon, ab choosna band karo, itni tight choot chodnay ke liye thoda tel laga do ab . Roohi brought badaam oil and lovingly applied it on it and Nagma licked his balls. He then commanded Shabbo pair phailaa . He positioned his lund and started rubbing it on my choot. It gave me immense pleasure and he jerked.

I felt something hot entering my body and it felt good. It was stretching my walls and after a brief period of pain it was pleasure all the way. He asked Nagma dekh jaaneman puraa ghus ki nahi, iske baad teri hi baari hai . Nagma said bhai jaan puraa aandar hai . He slowly jerked and said shabbo tu sabko bataa ki kitna mazaa aa raha hai . But I was speechless in pleasure.

It felt so good that I can not explain and I said waseem karta reh aaahhhh ufffffff karrrr . He said toh bol ki aaj se tu meri raand hai . Nagma giggled as I just gave him return jerk gobbling up his lund. He laughed and said manti hai ki kitni lajeej cheej se ab tak mahroom thi .

I nodded and pulled his head over my nipples and said choos inko, khel aaah waseeem mera jar raa jarraa tera haiii ummmm Naggmaaaaaa bahutttt mazaaaaaa ummm pelllll waseeeemmmm eeeeeeeeeee hmmmmmmm aaaaahhhhhh . Waseem sucked and licked and then thrust his tongue inside my mouth and we played with each other.

My eyelids were so heavy with pleasure that I closed my eyes and matched waseems thrust with mine. Waseem had started fucking me at rapid pace and I felt his sweat trickling down on me with his hot breath. I opened my eyes to see that he was sweating profusely. I licked his face and tasted his salty sweat. He liked it and fucked me like a mad man.

Out of excitement, I bit his shoulder and moaned loudly uuuuummmmm ufffffffffffff ooohhhhh aaahhhhhhhh eiiiieeiei hmmmmmmmmm waseeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmm and it seemed some volcano erupted inside me. I held him tightly and squeezed my anus to facilitate pleasure which had erupted. My contractions proved enough for him and I felt his lund throbbing and mixing his hot cum with mine.

Both Nagma and Roohi were watching the action with open mouth. Waseem was panting badly. He said uff kya mazaa aaya . He looked at Nagma and said ghabra mat, tujhe bhi chodunga, par pehele tum tino mujhe chaat chaat kar saaf karo

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